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Tim Hortons is now selling its own maple syrup and candy

From Justin Bieber-branded tote bags to flatbread pizza, Tim Hortons has strayed far from its original business model of serving coffee and donuts to sleepy-eyed Canadians.

The brand took its "what if we just sold everything?" strategy a step further on Monday, revealing a new line that will give your teeth the most Canadian cavities around.

The fast-food giant announced the return of its fall line full of pumpkin spice whatever on Monday morning, alongside some new and unexpected Tims offerings that will satisfy your sweet tooth while moving the Tim Hortons brand even further from its simple origins.

Tims has grown to become Canada's most trusted brand, and it is doubling down on this identity of Canadiana with the addition of signature north-of-the-border treats derived from the tree that inspired everything from red and white flags to cursed hockey franchises.

Maple syrup.

The new limited-edition Tim Hortons Maple Collection brings three new additions to the ever-expanding menu, partnering with Quebec maple syrup producer Brien Maple Sweets Inc. to add maple syrup, maple butter, and maple candy to participating locations across Canada.

The products include 100ml bottles of Grade-A maple syrup, 160-gram jars of churned maple butter, and even cute little candies made with pure maple syrup.

Earlier this summer, Tims similarly launched a somewhat more brand-appropriate line of maple bacon breakfast sandwiches.

Maple products are sold practically everywhere in Canada, including just about every souvenir shop nationwide. Still, their presence in Tim Hortons locations is a notable step in the chain's march away from standard coffee shop fare.

In the last few years, Tim Hortons has expanded its offerings with in-restaurant options like bowls and wraps, while also appearing on grocery store shelves with coffee pods, ice cream, and even Tims-branded breakfast cereals.

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