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Here's the honest review of the pizza at Tim Hortons

Pizza is now available at select Tim Hortons and if you're thinking of trying it you might want to watch this first.

The ubiquitous coffee chain seemed to take everyone by surprise this past week when certain locations started serving flatbread pizza as part of an initial market test of the new menu item.

While there are no known Tim Hortons locations in Toronto currently serving pizza, you don't need to venture far outside the city's borders to find a slice.

One of the chain's locations at 1327 Dundas St. East in Mississauga has the pizza on the menu in three different flavours: cheese, pepperoni and Parmesan chicken. 

The cheese option sells for $6.99 while the other two are both $7.99.

The verdict? The pizza is edible but don't expect any award-winning pies here. 

"The crust is like biting into a cracker," claimed one of our intrepid reviewers. 

"Kind of gives me the Chuck E. Cheese pizza kind of vibe," said another.

"It just seems like a place that has no business having pizza has pizza," another taste-tester concluded.

Tim Hortons says it's currently testing the pizza at 20 different locations in the GTA but no additional info has been provided by the company.

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