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Tim Hortons is now serving pizza and here's what people think so far

Tim Hortons has introduced a new flatbread pizza to their menu in the latest move for the brand in expanding way outside their coffee shop fare of donuts and sandwiches.

The chain has tried out other options like burgers before, but their pizza is really blowing up on social media since people found out they've started serving it.

"On any given day, there are Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada running test markets to trial new ideas and menu items that we think our guests will love," a Tim Hortons spokesperson tells blogTO. 

"It's early days, hours in fact, for this test market for flatbread pizzas."

Like most things at fast food restaurants, it didn't take long for people to catch on to the new item.

One particular TikTok video of someone trying it went viral, and has become one of the main ways people are learning about the latest offering.

Based on the TikTok, it looks like there are pepperoni and chicken parmesan varieties for $7.99, and a cheese variety for $6.99.

They got the pepperoni, writing in the caption, "The pizza was pretty good! I hope it's here to stay!"

Many people are commenting that they're surprised at the unexpected new addition.

Others wonder why Tim Hortons is continuing to branch way outside its comfort zone.

Some have even said Tim Hortons has been going through an "identity crisis."

Some are still on the McDonald's Pizza bandwagon, taking the opportunity to once again say it should be brought back.

When it comes to bringing things back, there are also many people out there who wish Tim Hortons would bring back some beloved old items instead of introducing new ones.

Another person wondered if they'd be able to keep up the quality of the pizzas, as it often seems to suffer with other items at Tim Hortons.

Someone else said that this wasn't exactly what they were picturing when it came to having more vegetarian options at Timmies (the cheese pizza is vegetarian).

Some are saying they'll flat out refuse to try the pizza at all.

Tim Hortons is currently testing the pizza at 20 locations in the GTA though they would not share with blogTO specifically which ones.

However, the comment section of the viral TikTok video reveals it's definitely being served in Mississauga at the Dixie and Dundas location.

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