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You can buy pancakes and burgers from Tim Hortons in the U.K. and Toronto is jealous

The Timmie's menu in Canada is pretty standard across the board; You got your donuts, double-doubles, timbits and breakfast sandwiches.

But a viral TikTok showcasing food options from a Tim Hortons menu in the United Kingdom has local customers surprisingly shocked, and a little bit jealous.

Let's start off with a classic; the iced capp, the perfect drink for a humid day in Toronto. But the ones sold in the U.K. seem way better with flavours like coconut, a supreme (topped with a whipped cream and chocolate drizzle) and even a light version.

Staying with the drinks theme, the U.K. menu also has lemonade refreshers, a sherbet lemon cooler, and milkshakes.

Yes, you can get a Tim Hortons strawberry, chocolate or maple shake in London.

Moving on to breakfast; the British menu offers maple bacon pancakes, Nutella pancakes, something called a bacon roll and even toast with jam.

I think pancakes would sell exceptionally well here in Canada, especially with our maple syrup.

But the madness does not stop there.

Did you know you can buy burgers and hotdogs from the U.K. menu? And not just a plain burger with ketchup, we're talking nacho chill cheese, smokey maple and crispy chicken sandwiches.

You can also gobble down a tuna melt, grilled cheese, waffle fries, chicken tenders or nacho hot dog too.

The U.K. Tims' baked section is pretty similar to ours, with the exception for some wild-flavoured donuts like lemon meringue. This section also offers Oreo or white chocolate maple caramel pancakes, seemingly different from their breakfast stacks.

The British are not missing out on one of the most-loved Tim Hortons item; the honey crueller, which is the last option on their bakery menu.

Some people in Toronto are not sure how to handle this news, and I must admit, I'm totally jealous for this variety.

Comments on the TikTok video seem to echo our thoughts as well. 

Bring pancakes to Canada, Tim Hortons. Please.

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