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People upset and disappointed after McDonald's Canada reveals new menu item

Canada will have to keep waiting for a treasured retro fast-food offering to return after McDonald's deflated the hopes of an entire nation.

 When the international burger titan made the cryptic announcement "THE THING U HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR ARRIVES," hopes were high that we would finally see the return of the discontinued McPizza menu item, a fond memory for Canadians growing up in the 1990s.

What else could Canada have been asking for?

The top response to this tweet was an early clue that McDonald's was unintentionally tapping into some serious nostalgia and building up hopes in the process.

It appears the McDonald's Canada's social media team realized they might have stepped on a millennial nostalgia landmine.

This barrage of McPizza tweets may have been the point where Mickey D's realized their error in hyping up this mystery product reveal.

Capitalizing on the Twitter trend, McDonald's played with all of our minds one more time, posting a customized Canada Heritage Moment featuring McPizza. An entire country held its breath.

The company then clarified — to the disappointment of practically everyone — that McPizza was not the much-hyped announcement.

Some did not handle the news well.

Speculation continued, with plenty of voices weighing in on what they'd like to see announced. Even the Toronto Zoo openly pondered what was coming.

Others made it clear that they weren't going to settle for anything less than McPizza.

Well, it turns out at least some of us were asking for Spicy Chicken McNuggets? This item was discontinued much more recently and didn’t seem to resonate with Canadians on anywhere near the same level McPizza did.

The news is still very fresh, but it seems the reception to this menu item has been mixed so far.

Some feel like the announcement's wording shows a disconnect between the social media team and actual customers. Others had never even heard of Spicy McNuggets before today.

McDonald's is now serving their Spicy Chicken McNuggets at participating locations across the country.

To this day, one McDonald's franchise continues to sell the legendary McPizza. Unfortunately for Canada, this location is in Orlando, Florida. There are more than 1,400 McDonald's locations across Canada, none serving pizza.

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