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Here's what people think of the new Tim Hortons coffee flavoured cereal

It's been about a month since Tim Hortons launched their coffee-flavoured breakfast cereal in Canada, and so far, it seems like people approve of the hybrid.

If they could combine Timbits and cereal before, why not try another mashup, this time with two things that are made for the morning anyways?

The flavour is called Cafe Mocha, and most people seem to be fans so far, saying it "slaps" and is "yummy."

Others called it "one of the best breakfast combinations" or said they're "in love."

However, if you're not a die-hard coffee drinker, you might find the coffee flavour to be a bit unappealing. One person said "although I love the marshmallow edition to this mix, the mocha flavour was too overpowering leaving an aftertaste that lasted for several hours."

Another person commented that it doesn't really seem to matter how good or bad Tim Hortons products are, because their brand recognition and cult-like following in Canada will earn them sales no matter what.

Someone else simply wrote "No" with no further explanation. Not a morning person, maybe?

Now that Timmies has come out with a Timbits cereal and a Cafe Mocha cereal, what could be next? Maybe an Iced Capp or a Double Double cereal? Whatever their next gimmick is, Canadians will definitely have an opinion on it.

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