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People are already reselling their expensive Timbiebs merch for hundreds of dollars

Tim Hortons' new promotion with Justin Bieber — aptly titled Timbiebs — just launched on Monday, and includes a menu of new Timbit flavours, as well as some pretty cool merch that serves as a throwback to Timmie's original signage and brown-and-yellow colourway.

Fans of both brands were predictably extremely excited for the exclusive drop, eager to get their hands on the birthday cake waffle, sour cream chocolate chip and chocolate white fudge donutholes, and to cop a Timbiebs toque, tote bag or fanny pack.

Unfortunately, though elated at their new purchases, some found the items a little pricier than expected — and were quick to complain about it online.

The toque runs customers $29, while the tote and fanny pack are $33 apiece.

Of course, resale listings are already abounding online with such limited quantities available, as they likewise did for the BTS meal at McDonald's earlier this year.

Facebook Marketplace currently has the toques going for as much as $250and the whole set going for as high as $350, though most items are listed for somewhere between $60 and $90.

Meanwhile, beliebers have filmed themselves pulling up to Tim Hortons drive-thrus across the country blasting the singer's music, saying things like "I think you know what I'm here for," to viral fame.

And, most have seemed happy to drop their cash on the food and merch, if only to be a part of the trend.

Thus far, the reviews of the actual donuts have been resoundingly "meh," with people noting that they are not at all life-changing and kind of just taste like regular old Timbits.

But when a celebrity worth $285 million and a brand worth a cool $4.5 billion get together to charge exorbitant prices for basic but rare goods, you know the people have got to jump on it.

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