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Drake's restaurant Pick 6ix has permanently shut down

Pick 6ix, the Financial District sports bar and restaurant co-owned by Drake, has just removed all exterior signage and branding, confirming that it's shutting down for good amid swirling rumours of financial woes.

The eatery at Yonge and Wellington first encountered some trouble in August 2017 when it completely flooded soon after opening and was forced to close for months to repair the damage.

It then re-opened as a swanky sports bar with a redesigned menu and interior last March, only to shutter again in November, once again for alleged flooding — a story that Pick 6ix stuck with despite a notice in its window that publicly stated proprietors had defaulted on nearly $70,000 in rent and that the landlord had consequently taken over the property.

The statement, which was addressed to the Pick 6ix owners and dated November 18, 2019, said the landlord had terminated the restaurant's lease and that everything on the premises would be seized if not collected within 10 days.

Pick 6ix issued a statement shortly thereafter, calling the notice both "unnecessary" and "inaccurate" and adding that it "plan[ned] to continue to work with the landlord to resolve any misunderstanding and get back to repairing the restaurant from the water damage" and that owners "hope to reopen again in the new year."

But, the establishment's social media channels have been silent for months and its phone mailbox is full. With the recent removal of the signs, it appears that the landlord is dismantling the final remaining parts of the sports bar, making it go the way of Drake's first restaurant, Fring's.

Pick 6ix says that due to the extensive flooding damage and some subsequent insurance issues, the lease at 33 Yonge Street has in fact been terminated. But, the eatery is "receiving legal advice with respect to the insurance company's actions" and is looking for another location in which to re-open and resume operations.

The establishment was owned by Drake and OVOer Nessel "Chubbs" Beezer, among others, but wasn't exactly known for the best reasons during its tenure between the fatal shooting that took place just outside and its famously ugly bathroom

It did apparently have some pretty decent sushi, but got rid of that when it rebranded after its lengthy 2018-2019 facelift.

Some residents note that the bar's high prices and Financial District location may not have been ideal for business, calling the corner "tough" and even "doomed."

Also inarguably bad for business? Not paying your rent on time (or at all).

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Maurie Sherman

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