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The top 35 burgers in Toronto by neighbourhood

Burgers in Toronto run the gamut from old school to over-the-top but sometimes the best option is simply the one that's closest. Luckily, Toronto is a city where burgers are prevalent in almost every neighbourhood.

Here are my picks for the top burgers in Toronto by neighbourhood.


Aunty Lucy's is a burger joint that can be found inside The Annex Hotel on Brunswick. Order up the Kumasi Burger which is a single patty or go big with the double patty the Accra.


It's no contest which burger outfit rules the Beaches. The original Burger's Priest on Queen East is the one that spurred a citywide obsession.


Single, double or triple stacked burgers are what's on the menu at Tallboys. Regardless of which one it's best washed down with an ice-cold beer. 

Bloordale Village

Brock Sandwich was almost lost forever, but thankfully it bounced back better than ever following a devastating fire. Among all the sandwiches on the menu is their simple cheeseburger that never disappoints. 

Brockton Village

The cheeseburger at The Mutt is the thing to get. It's the same one the chef previously served at now-shuttered Drift. All the elements are made from scratch and perfectly balance one another

Toronto Burgers

Allen's on the Danforth serves up a heaty burger. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


The most popular burger on the Danforth is easily Allen's, where they butcher and grind their own meat. The hand-formed patties find their way into basic burgers or cheeseburgers topped with aged Ontario cheddar, swiss or Danish blue.

Danforth East

The Wren serves up some pretty epic burgers including their Uncle Buck Burger. A flat-topped patty gets topped with onion rings, bacon, white cheddar, thousand island dressing, chipotle barbecue sauce, pickles and lettuce.

Don Mills

While some may know The Good Son for their pizza it's their burger offering that shouldn't be overlooked. A loose house ground chuck and brisket patty gets topped cheese, zesty Russian dressing and fresh, crispy, thickly-sliced burger toppings.

Dundas West

The name Extra Burger is a bit of a pun seeing as there’s not much “extra” on their menu. The burger joint keeps things simple and tasty with just a single or double on offer. 

Entertainment District

This neighbourhood was delighted when Rudy finally entered the area on Duncan. It might be the closest thing you'll get to Shake Shack in Toronto.

Toronto Burgers

Jumbo Burgers serves up the classics. Photo by Jesse Milns.


Neon signage lights the way to Apache Burger, where the kitsched-out institution is locally — and rightly famous for greasy old-school-style cheeseburgers bursting with charbroiled flavour.

Financial District

The Stn. Burger at Richmond Station is the way to go when dining in this neighbourhood. Sure, it's $19, but it's also about as gourmet as burgers get. Organic and grass-fed beef gets topped with garlic aioli, beet chutney, pickled onions, aged cheddar and iceberg lettuce.

Harbord Village

The Food Dudes' Rasa is home to the Rasa Burger. A perfect burger containing beef cheek, provolone, gochujang mayo, pickles and scrapchi.


Jumbo Burgers has been a late night, old school burger destination in Toronto for decades. It seriously looks like something out of a postcard.

Junction Triangle

If you find yourself in the area during lunch make sure to drop by TuckShop Kitchen and order yourself a Tuck Royale that comes complete with house-smoked bacon and jalapenos. 

Toronto Burgers

You can get a burger topped with pastrami at Happy Burger. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Kensington Market

The arsenal of burgers at Ozzy's Burgers on Nassau run the gamut of classic to crazy.

King West

The John’s Burger at Marben is a must-try for any burger lover. It comes with a beef patty topped with braised brisket, aged cheddar and branston on a beef fat brioche bun


The cheeseburger with American cheese and dill relish is the thing to get at Maple Leaf Tavern. It's so darn good they even offer it as a meal kit to make at home.

Liberty Village

The delicious smash burger pop-up Burger Drops has opened up a permanent storefront on Atlantic dubbed the Drop Shop

Little Italy

This neighbourhood has welcomed some great new burger joints over the last couple of years and one of the tastiest to enter the area is smash burger spot Happy Burger

Toronto Burgers

Cherry Street Bar-B-Que doesn't mess around when it comes to burgers. Photo by Jesse Milns.

North York

Burgers Park near Consumers Road and Yorkland Boulevard takes a cue from Shake ShackFive Guys, and other international fast-casual concepts and does a few things well.


Burgers n’ Fries Forever is an Ottawa-based burger and fry chain focused on scratch house cooking. Their offerings are insanely Instagrammable too. 


Matt's Burger Lab is a Toronto destination for over-the-top halal burgers. Make sure you're extra hungry before visiting. 

Port Lands

Cherry Street Bar-B-Que may specialize in Southern-style BBQ but they're also doing burgers justice. Their Double Stack Cherry Mac Burger is essentially a Big Mac on steroids.

Queen West

There are multiple solid contenders in this neighbourhood but Aloette takes top spot with its delectable Aloette Burger with Beaufort cheese, onion, lettuce and pickles.

Toronto Burgers

The Telway Burger at Gold Standard never disappoints. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


The Comrade is a longstanding hangout and watering hole that also happens to serve up some of the most amazing prime rib burgers in its neighbourhood.

Roncesvalles Village

Beyond breakfast sandwiches, the Gold Standard takeout window on Roncey slings Detroit-style burgers.


Johnny's charbroiled cheeseburgers on smooshy white buns slapped with American cheese are worth every cent of their budget-friendly price tag.

St. Clair West

The Stockyards on St. Clair can seemingly do no wrong — every item on its menu is among the best in class. The griddle-smashed burgers are deserving of all the praise, especially their green chili pimento cheeseburger.

West Queen West

The Drake Hotel is more than just another boutique hotel. They're also home to one of the best burgers in the city. The Drake Burger is a signature item that’s fairly worth the price tag. It's made with beef from Cumbrae’s and served with aged cheddar and Russian dressing.

Toronto Burgers

The burgers at Cabano's Comfort Food are almost too pretty to eat. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Yonge & Bloor

Cabano’s Comfort Food on St. Nicholas serves high quality but no-frills burgers. The Cabano Burger is the real star here. It's made with two all-beef patties that are smashed on the flat top, American cheese on the bottom and house-pickled deep-fried jalapenos.

Yonge & Dundas

The hand chopped cheeseburger and chips at British pub Queen and Beaver should not be missed. 

Yonge & Eglinton

Burger Shack has been serving up homemade burgers and unreal onion rings for over 30 years.

Yonge & Lawrence

The main focus of Stack Restaurant is Southern-style barbecue but they're also serving up a menu of burgers that will surely satisfy. They run from classic cheeseburgers to the Smokehouse Burger with bbq pulled pork as a topping. 

Yonge & St. Clair

Holy Chuck Burgers offers 30 different burgers like the house double cheeseburger that comes loaded with bacon and caramelized onions might be the one to get.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at Aunty Lucy's

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