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Stats show Toronto is actually the safest it's been in years though no one would believe it

Though hardly anyone living in Toronto would believe it, the city is actually in somewhat of a crime lull compared to recent years, at least according to Toronto Police Service data.

Numbers from the force show that there have been fewer shootings and firearm discharges thus far in 2023 compared to each of the four years prior — 176 total with 58 injuries and 16 deaths as a result, marking a 23 per cent drop since last year by this time, and the lowest number of shootings within the first seven months of the year since 2015.

This is compared to 238 total events, 70 injuries and 26 deaths by the same time in 2022; 227 events, 75 injuries and 20 deaths by this time in 2021; 265 events, 85 injuries and 24 deaths by the end of July 2020; and 236 events, 85 injuries and 17 deaths up to the same point in 2019.

Unfortunately, multiple daytime shootings — one in which a random bystander was killed — and continued attacks and other safety concerns on the TTC have people calling T.O. "Gotham City" and worrying about the metropolis' perceived decline.

Whether it's unsuspected babies getting randomly shot with fireworks, transitgoers having to deal with someone smoking crack on the bus beside them or someone possessing the depravity to kill a police dog, the city has had a lot of bad going on lately, and many are not confident that our new mayor will be willing and able to clean things up.

Certainly not helping things are the pressures of deteriorating public services; housing, homelessness, mental health and addiction crises; unreasonably high costs for groceries, rent, mortgages and life in general that are only getting more ludicrous under inflation; and demand shock due to the biggest influx of immigrants on record.

But, these new stats from the authorities are a bit promising, as is a documented decrease in safety and security incidents on public transit.

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