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Toronto shocked after suspect shoots and kills police dog in line of duty

Toronto police are grieving a very rare type of officer-involved shooting this week that residents are finding especially heinous.

While responding to reports of gunshots in Etobicoke on Tuesday night, a member of the force was shot and killed while looking for a suspect on foot — not a human member, though, but a K9 officer named Bingo.

The public has been widely sharing the news and offering an outpouring of condolences to authorities, especially to the police dog's human partner, with which he had a particularly special bond.

Responses to a tweet about the incident posted by Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw just nine hours ago at the time of publication are already well into the hundreds, with people saying it takes a particular brand of cruelty to shoot and kill an animal.

It is also especially sad because, though thoroughly trained, these officers of course do not volunteer for nor understand the dangers of their job.

"Bingo, one of our K9s, was killed in the line of duty by gunfire tonight. Thank you for keeping our members safe and thank you for your service." Demkiw wrote late last night along with a picture of the pup, a handsome German Shepherd.

"My deepest condolences to his partner and to all of our @TPSK9 unit."

PSD Bingo was only two years old and had just joined the TPS with his partner, 24-year veteran Sergeant Brandon Smith, in December.

"They plan to hit 2023's ground running. Wish them a ton of fun and safe adventures as they proudly serve our communities," the city's K9 Unit wrote on Instagram at the time.

Everyone is commenting on Bingo's loyalty and bravery in very likely saving the life of his human partner, calling the news particularly devastating and heartbreaking since we often perceive the critters close to us to be far more innocent, unknowing and impervious to the evils of the world than people.

Many are also wondering if the doggo will receive the same police send-off as any officer, and also if his killer will face the same degree of punishment as if his crime was committed against a human cop.

Some are already suggesting life with no parole and hoping the perpetrator was caught, while others have gone as far as offering pet bereavement services and potential replacement dogs to the force.

"This is how Toronto continues to die. As a city, province, country, we continue to welcome, tolerate, and enable the people who would kill police dogs. Living amongst us is a monster with a gun who’d kill a police dog and think nothing of it," one person wrote

"You can kill as many drug dealers and gang bangers as you choose. But killing a police dog should get you life in prison or worse!" another said.

The unidentified suspect was also injured during the interaction, and is in local hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

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