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The top 10 places for a bachelor party in Toronto

Organizing a bachelor party in Toronto doesn't mean you need to default to strip clubs or getting hammered on $3 drink specials. There are plenty of other things to do that are entertaining, exciting and out of the ordinary. Whether the groom is into playing games, has an appreciation for whisky or an appetite for extreme adventure, Toronto has great options for a truly unforgettable time.

Here are my picks for the top places for a bachelor party in Toronto.

Play an escape room game
What better way to introduce a groom to the confines of marriage than an escape room? This is the perfect option for the husband-to-be who wants an exciting mental workout before the exhausting emotional workout of a wedding. There are a growing number of venues for these games in Toronto but my top pick is the one at Casa Loma.

Take a cocktail workshop
Learning about cocktails is a great way to have some highbrow fun before the messy party gets started. While there are plenty of places in Toronto where you can learn to be a better bartender, plan a visit to Bartender One which puts together customized workshops where you and your buddies can learn to impress the bridesmaids with your newly learned mojito and martini making skills.

Get a room at a local restaurant .
If you're looking to have a first-class meal complete with a private space and a customizable menu, treat yo' self (and, I guess, the groom) with some private dining. There are lots of great restaurants that offer this in Toronto. My top picks include the basement wine cellars at Gusto 101 and Enoteca Sociale.

Wage an epic archery tag battle.
Archery Tag is the perfect activity for the potential-husband who wants to have some physical fun before the wedding night. With large arenas that accommodate lots of players, this is ideal for a large scale bachelor party with lots of participants. At Battle Sports, you can also pair the experience with some smashing fun at their rage room.

Go on a bar crawl
There's no better way to welcome a gentleman into the institution of marriage than by making him consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol. Since you won't have time to visit a bar near every Toronto subway stop I recommend starting the evening at Bellwoods Brewery (craft beer), followed by Get Well (pinball) and finally Track and Field (lawn games). Or, you could do a tour of Toronto's top theme bars.

Attend a whisky tasting
Whisky tasting is relaxed, refined and ideal for the groom-to-be who is more Don Draper than Donnie Wahlberg. While there are plenty of whisky bars in Toronto, I recommend a visit to the Toronto Distillery Co. for their Whisky Grain Exploration Experience. You and your friends will learn the finer points of distillation and get to taste a variety of whisky fresh off the still.

Throw some axes
Toronto's original axe throwing venue, BATL, is a seasoned veteran of bachelor parties, and for good reason: it combines throwing axes and booze. If your groom is a lumberjack or just likes drinking and sharp objects, BATL is a good choice. Can't get into BATL? Bad Axe Throwing does this too.

Grill some meat at a BBQ class
Nothing says boys night out like some grilled meat. For the carnivore bachelor parties, classes at the Weber Grill Academy include three hours of instruction that conclude with the consumption of your hopefully delicious creation. Combine this with the cocktail workshop and you've just acquired all the hosting skills you'll ever need.

Live your GI Joe fantasies
Axe throwing and archery tag not manly enough for you? The Stryke target range in Brampton offers these as well as knife throwing in an environment suitable for large parties complete with snacks and drinks. If you want to pretend you're in Texas there's also Target Sports where you and your unlicensed friends will be fully supervised while shooting the firearms of your choice.

Go skydiving
For something even more extreme, skydiving is guaranteed to excite, thrill, and determine whether the groom is actually ready to make a life-long commitment as his life flashes before his eyes. There are many places to jump out of a plane in the Toronto area including this popular spot in Cookstown. For the risk-averse bachelors, simulated skydiving is also a good option.

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