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Pursuit OCR

Pursuit OCR is an indoor obstacle course boasting features like a massive ball pit, epic Tron-like lighting, and a one-of-a-kind track for tricycle racing. 

Since moving from its original location on Dufferin the course has expanded to three times the size, going from 9,300 square-feet to a whopping 33,000 space.

pursuit ocr torontoIt's officially the largest obstacle course in Canada, but you'd never know it from the unassuming facade of its building off Albion Road. 

pursuit ocr torontoYou'll have to sign up at the front desk and sign an extensive waiver on an iPad before heading into the main area. There are no reservations here; it's all drop-in, and it costs $20 per person for all-day play.

pursuit ocr torontoOnce you've done all that, you'll be permitted to enter—past the free arcade section with games like Skee-Ball—to the sprawling course decked out with a plethora of glowing neon light structures and over 22 obstacles to explore. 

pursuit ocr torontoAside from the fact that all the obstacles here look incredible, the great thing about OCR is that it's completely accessible and can be fun for people of all physical skill levels.

pursuit ocr torontoOwner Wil McLean has dreamt up a crazy playground that, despite being an 18+ space, is perfect for large numbers of friends, families, and corporate groups who would rather eschew the usual activities like drinking for healthier ways of having fun. 

pursuit ocr torontoCollaborating with a team of builders and lighting engineers, the entire course was completed in just six months.

The esthetic is more futuristic than the original rendition, and visitors can spend as much time hanging out in the photogenic place as they do scaling the course. 

pursuit ocr torontoYou'll find the usual American Ninja Warrior-style courses like ramps and hanging rings suspending over pits of foam blocks to soften any fall, giving your forearms the most intense workout you'll get of your life. 

pursuit ocr torontoThere's no necessary sequence to complete the obstacles in, though there is a natural order you can follow to get through the whole thing.

pursuit ocr torontoIt can take over two hours to complete the course at a leisurely pace, unless you're trying to finish the whole thing in record time, which currently stands at just two minutes and 39 seconds.

pursuit ocr torontoYou'll feel like a big kid running climbing through the Die Hard-inspired Nakatomi Plaza tube or falling down the 20-foot giant slide covered in fluorescent paint. 

pursuit ocr torontoAnd you'll have to channel your best Catherine Zeta Jones a la Entrapment to manoeuvre through the laser maze (a room strung with neon ropes) or bring out your competitive side while racing through the 1,500-pound forest of punching bags.

pursuit ocr torontoOCR Pursuit is home to one of the biggest ball pits to date: at four and a half feet deep, it's a real workout to make it out of the depths of over 100,000 balls.

pursuit ocr torontoIt's safe to swan dive into, just make sure not to lose your shoes.

pursuit ocr torontoBut the best part about the entire place is the drift tricycle race track, a Mario Kart-esque track that stretched three football fields from end to end and runs underneath the obstacle course. 

pursuit ocr torontoYou can race your friends on these little pedal-powered tricycles, which you won't be able to find anywhere else in the world, according to McLean. 

Easily one of the most entertaining places in the city, Pursuit OCR is a must-visit for those who want to feel like a kid again. 

pursuit ocr toronto

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Pursuit OCR

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