Everlea Is Living The Dream

Justin Dube and I met at my favourite Annex interview spot, the Green Room. It didn't feel right though. It was daytime, so the sun streaming through the one window ruined the dark seclusion and intimacy that the student cafe usually offers me. Normally I would have ordered a beer, but it just felt wrong. I got a coffee instead. 3pm on a Monday is too early to start drinking.

I suppose it was suiting. The band Everlea do not really possess a dark sound void of sunlight. They are not an indie band either; in 2007 they were signed to Glassnote Records and their first full-length album is being distributed by Universal Canada.

You can tell that Justin is in the middle of a winter national tour. He's got a cold, long underwear, and he's bought a serious pair of winter boots.

"I figured we're crossing Canada in the winter, so I better get some boots. So, I went out and bought some hardcore boots. I could be a chairlift operator. I love them so much!"

This is Everlea's first tour out west and they've been very pleased with the crowds and reception they've received.

"We've never played in any of those cities before, but we were on a good tour as well. Playing with Meg and Dia and Secondhand Serenade was a good way to go out west. Next time we head out, people will hopefully know us and come back. Winnipeg was definitely one of my favourite shows that I have ever played... like ever. It was so good. And our van didn't breakdown. The engine light's on, but it still runs..."

Oh the traveling musician. Everlea is a band that is on the verge of breaking mainstream. So what are Justin's goals?

"My dream is to see the world. To get to the point where we're touring and seeing new places. It was a great feeling to get to see Vancouver - I've never been and wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for the band. The mountains and the Pacific Ocean are right there. It was especially cool because we drove right over the Rocky Mountains. Just to see how big our country is. I love that. That's kind of my goal and now it's finally happening."

Everlea play the Mod Club Theatre tomorrow night.

Photo by Brooks Reynolds.

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