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Bordering and enveloping Toronto's most prestigious university, The Annex is a student-friendly neighbourhood sporting easy-on-the-wallet pizza joints, sushi restaurants, pubs and cafes. Bloor Street is the main drag with institutions like Honest Ed's, The Bloor Cinema and Sonic Boom anchored conveniently near the Bathurst subway stop. Further south on Harbord, new-ish restos like Tati and the Harbord Room bring in the 30 plus crowd to a stretch that is quickly becoming a dining destination.

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918 Bathurst / Galleries

918 Bathurst 416.538.0868 Website
918 Bathurst

918 Bathurst is an eclectic community centre located at--you guessed it--918 Bathurst Street, just a few blocks north of Bloor. Though to some it may be a well-kept secret, the...

A Different Booklist / Bookstores

746 Bathurst Street 416.921.6787 Website
A Different Booklist

A Different Booklist promotes literature from across the African diaspora, the Caribbean, Asia and Latin America....

a la Carte at the Gardiner Bistro / Restaurants

111 Queen's Park 416.362.1957 Website
a la Carte at the Gardiner Bistro

a la Carte at the Gardiner Bistro is located on the top of the Gardner Museum. Reasonably priced, some popular dishes include the pasta of the day and the salad...

A Nerd's World / Galleries

986 Bathurst Street 647.726.2020 Website
A Nerd's World

A Nerd's World has brought an eye-catching storefront to Bathurst St. south of Dupont. With a massive shelf of retro cameras bookended by walls of black and white portrait photography,...

Abokichi / Restaurants

258 Dupont St. 416.513.1333 Website

Abokichi, which means, "fortunate avocado" in Japanese, started off as a stall at a couple of farmers' markets a few years ago and has now taken over the tiny space...

About Design Corp / Fashion Stores

1042 Bathurst St. 416.548.8881 Website
About Design Corp

"About Design Corp is about nothing." I thought I was in an old Seinfeld episode when I heard that line. But I let Dean Hutchinson go on. "It's the idea...

AG Macarons (Dupont St.) / Baked Goods

647 Dupont St. 647.977.3124 Website
AG Macarons (Dupont St.)

AG Macarons is a retail outlet on Dupont devoted to -- surprise! -- macarons. It's a boutique branch of the Etobicoke bakery owned by Anet Gesualdi, a hobbyist turned professional...

Ahimsa Yoga / Fitness Clubs

440 Bloor St. West 416.922.9642 Website
Ahimsa Yoga

Ahimsa Yoga is a yoga studio on the second floor near Bloor and Borden. The studio offers three streams of practice including sukha, sthira and virya. ...

Aka Teppan / Restaurants

394 Bloor St. West 905.604.4880 Website
Aka Teppan

Aka Teppan brings DIY teppanyaki to the Annex. Meats come sizzling on an extremely hot teppan plate, and your task is to mix it with rice, vegetables and a selection...

Akai Sushi / Restaurants

168 Major St 647.340.3558
Akai Sushi

Akai Sushi opened in the Annex two months ago. In an area with all too many sushi joints as it is, I was initially skeptical whether another was needed, but...

Ali Baba's (Annex) / Restaurants

561 Bloor St. West 416.532.8785 Website
Ali Baba's (Annex)

Ali Baba's in the Annex has cheap meal deals every day of the week, making it a favourite among students and Annex weekend partiers. Most options on the menu are...

Almond Butterfly / Baked Goods

100 Harbord St. 416.792.7994 Website
Almond Butterfly

Almond Butterfly is only about two weeks old, but it already feels like it's settled in on Harbord as a local neighbourhood staple. On the day I visit, a steady...

Alternative Arts / Design Stores

491 Bloor Street West 416.923.4308
Alternative Arts

Alternative Arts is a well-regarded framing store that also sells a variety of prints, cards and stationary....

Annapurna / Restaurants

1085 Bathurst St 416.537.8513

The atmosphere at Annapurna vegetarian restaurant in the Annex strives for quiet, calm and meditative - just what you'd expect from a resto operated by followers of Hindu meditation guru...

Annex Billiards / Bars

507 Bloor St W 416.972.6588
Annex Billiards

Annex Billiards is a billiards club, so move east to the Brunny if you want to dance, kids. Most patrons here get that, thankfully, and make proper use of the...

Annex Garden Bed and Breakfast / Hotels

445 Euclid St 416.258.1179 Website
Annex Garden Bed and Breakfast

Annex Garden Bed and Breakfast has in-room internet, bathrobes, a fridge, and even a fireplace, for rates from $150 for a single and from $175 for a double. They also...

Annex Pawn / Design Stores

1044 Bathurst St. 647.725.5561 Website
Annex Pawn

Annex Pawn is a sea of pirate's treasure, with contents that span everything from the sartorial to the functional. But everything in the store is sprinkled with a little bit...

Annex Pet Supplies / Services

718 Bathurst Street 416.588.1925
Annex Pet Supplies

Annex Pet Supplies will deliver what your pets need on the weekends, if you're too busy playing fetch to get out to the store. The emphasis here is on local...

Apollo Eleven Restaurant / Restaurants

1093 Bathurst St. 416.532.5675
Apollo Eleven Restaurant

The Apollo Eleven Restaurant is a throwback diner located just south of the better-known Vesta Lunch. Adorned with photographs from the Apollo 11 space mission for reasons that surely escape...

Are & Be / Design Stores

1213 Bathurst St. 416.533.3203 Website
Are & Be

Are & Be specializes in modern floor and wall covering options for commercial and residential spaces. The store sells a collection of wallpapers from Europe, including a line comprised of...

Aroma Espresso Bar / Cafes

500 Bloor St. West 416.536.7750 Website
Aroma Espresso Bar

When the Annex area JJ Muggs/JJ Albany's/Albany's finally bit the dust last year, I wondered what would take its place. The Bloor West & Albany Ave location is a big...

Aroma Wellness Centre and Spa / Fashion Stores

588 Bloor Street West 416.505.5222 Website
Aroma Wellness Centre and Spa

Aroma Wellness Centre and Spa offers an array of services, from holistic facials and naturopathic medicine, to waxing, to massages and treatments for your hands and feet....

Atelier Ivaan / Fashion Stores

789 Dupont St. 416.593.0811 Website
Atelier Ivaan

Atelier Ivaan is a small jewellery studio and gallery nestled between Vinny's Panini and Universal Grill in the Annex. Dedicated to the memory of Ivaan Kotulsky, an artist who worked...

Avocado Sandwich / Restaurants

284 Dupont Street 416.840.2233 Website
Avocado Sandwich

Avocado Sandwich is a spot for a quick and fresh meal made right in front of you. Located in the Annex, this spot offers salads, bowls, sandwiches and even breakfast....

B Espresso Bar (Bloor St.) / Cafes

273 Bloor Street West 416.506.0001 Website
B Espresso Bar (Bloor St.)

The folks inside the new b Espresso Bar are a classy bunch. Many of them are wearing stylish black outfits, for example. Many of them have really nice hair. They...

Bakka Phoenix / Bookstores

84 Harbord Street 416.963.9993 Website
Bakka Phoenix

Bakka Phoenix Books manager Chris Szego says "science fiction is not just a genre, it's a community." With their new space on Harbord just west of Spadina (which was previously...

Bampot Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games / Cafes

201 Harbord St. 416.537.5959 Website
Bampot Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games

Bampot Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games is a new place to get your Settlers (or hopefully something less cliche) on in the Annex. Run by husband and wife...

Bar Begonia / Restaurants

252 Dupont St. 647.352.3337 Website
Bar Begonia

Bar Begonia has taken over the long-vacant Nite-Caps by the Castle space on Dupont St. in the Annex, its previous sign replaced with a lit-up Lite Brite happy face. Anthony...

Bar Mercurio / Restaurants

270 Bloor Street West 416.960.3877 Website
Bar Mercurio

Bar Mercurio serves simple Italian bistro fare and offers a number of gluten free substitutes for its pizza and pastas....

Barbara Edwards Contemporary / Galleries

1069 Bathurst St. 647.348.5110 Website
Barbara Edwards Contemporary

Barbara Edwards Contemporary is the gallery belonging to local art dealer Barbara Edwards. Inside she features the work of both Canadian and International contemporary artists....

Bateman's Bicycle Company / Services

913 Bathurst St. 416.538.2453 Website
Bateman's Bicycle Company

Bateman's Bicycle Company expanded from their original Barton St. shop in 2012 to this 2,000 sq. ft.location that used to be home to Bathurst Cycle. "We cater to all rider...

Big Crow / Restaurants

176 Dupont St 647.748.3287 Website
Big Crow

Big Crow is the new backyard BBQ joint from Anthony Rose that opened recently behind his still-newish first restaurant, Rose and Sons on Dupont. The outdoor hall, encircled by trees...

Big Fat Burrito (Lee's Palace) / Restaurants

529 Bloor St. West 416.792.4244
Big Fat Burrito (Lee's Palace)

Big Fat Burrito has claimed a coveted space inside Lee's Palace where they dish up tasty burritos to concert-goers as well as hoards of students and Annex residents....

Big Sushi / Restaurants

388 Bloor St. West 416.921.1468
Big Sushi

Walking along in the Annex a couple nights ago, I came face to face with the glowing neon lights of the newest Sushi place to open up on the strip...

Bikechain / Services

563 Spadina Crescent 416.978.6849 Website

Bikechain is a go-to spot for University of Toronto students (who can use all the services for free). This DIY repair shop and bike lending hub is also open to...

Bikram Yoga (Annex) / Fitness Clubs

208 Bloor St. West 416.691.7575 Website
Bikram Yoga (Annex)

Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga studio that has two locations in Toronto including this one in the Annex....

Billy's Dumplings / Restaurants

524 Bloor St. W. 416.792.9291
Billy's Dumplings

Billy's Dumplings is a new resto in the Annex that makes - surprise, surprise - all manner of dumplings. Boiled, pan fried or steamed, choose your filling, add some vinegar,...

Black Devil MMA / Fitness Clubs

570 Bloor St. West 647.352.4568 Website
Black Devil MMA

Black Devil MMA relocated a year ago to its current location on Bloor Street, just west of Bathurst, after outgrowing its first home just slightly to the east. Owner and...

Blast Athletic / Fitness Clubs

374 Dupont St 647.346.7399 Website
Blast Athletic

Blast Athletic is a training facility where, rumour has it, hardcore fitness folks go. Located on Dupont, just west of Spadina, when you walk into Blast, you may wonder if...

BMV Books / Bookstores

471 Bloor Street West 416.967.5757
BMV Books

BMV Books is one of Toronto's most loved independent bookstore chains. The photo above is outside their location in the Annex. ...

Bode Spa / Fashion Stores

154 Bedford Rd. 647.688.0338 Website
Bode Spa

Bode Spa in the Annex is the Ottawa-based spa's second location. The men's only spa tempers its classy, super-sleek atmosphere with a dash of friendly unpretentiousness. Their wide range of...

Body Harmonics / Fitness Clubs

672 Dupont Street, Suite 406 416.537.0714 Website
Body Harmonics

Body Harmonics is one of the larger studios in Toronto with two locations at Dupont and Christie, and Forest Hill. Owner Margot McKinnon opened the studio in 1998, after noticing...

Boulevard Cafe / Restaurants

161 Harbord St. 416.961.7676 Website
Boulevard Cafe

The Boulevard Cafe is a two-story restaurant serving Peruvian cuisine....

Brewhaha / Bars

39 Prince Arthur Ave Website

Brewhaha is a craft beer lounge selling Canadian and US brands on draft and in bottles and cans. They have board games and live music, and host frequent events. Close...

bspoke athletics / Fitness Clubs

374 Dupont Street, 2nd Floor 647.352.6642 Website
bspoke athletics

bspoke athletics is a fitness studio on Dupont that offers cycling, strength training, coaching and aerial yoga....

Burnett / Design Stores

1052 Bathurst Street 647.347.9344 Website

Burnett is a vintage furniture shop run by Gordon and Catherine Runge....

Burrito Bandidos (Annex) / Restaurants

362 Bloor St. W 416.944.9061 Website
Burrito Bandidos (Annex)

Burrito Bandidos arrival in the Annex is sure to bring a smile to the face of many a U of T student. But with Big Fat Burrito setting up shop...

Butler's Pantry (Mirvish Village) / Restaurants

591 Markham Street 416.535.9868 Website
Butler's Pantry (Mirvish Village)

The Butler's Pantry on Markham Street in Mirvish Village is one of two locations for this popular brunch and lunch restaurant....

By The Way Cafe / Restaurants

400 Bloor Street West 416.967.4295 Website
By The Way Cafe

Looking to enjoy this balmy autumn weather, some friends and I stopped into By The Way Cafe's big corner patio for a late brunch. Fast, friendly service along with...

Caffiends / Cafes

91 Charles St W 416.585.4524 Website

Caffiends, located in the Victoria College, is all about fair trade coffee and organic treats. Open to U of T students as well as the public, this is a cute...

Caribbean Roti Palace / Restaurants

744 Bathurst Street 416.533.7466 Website
Caribbean Roti Palace

This low key Annex joint has been cooking up roti and other Caribbean dishes for more than 25 years....

Caversham Booksellers / Bookstores

98 Harbord St. 416.944.0962 Website
Caversham Booksellers

Caversham Booksellers claims to be North America's largest mental health bookstore. If you're looking for books on anything psych-related (psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, psychiatry, get the idea), then this shop that's...

Chabichou / Grocery Stores

196 Borden St 647.430.4942 Website

I happened by Chabichou on a wet and blustery day. It was perfect - full of cheese and comfort foods, with a cooking show quietly playing on the big screen...

Chadwick's / Restaurants

268 Howland Avenue 416.944.1606 Website

Chadwick's, formerly Fanny Chadwick's, is probably best known as a brunch spot, but a name change and revamped interior has given the laid back neighbourhood joint something else to be...

Charlie's Gallery / Bars

112 Harbord Street 416.961.2828
Charlie's Gallery

Charlie's Gallery on Harbord fits in perfectly with the area's mellow vibe - where its line-up of adorable restaurants and bars, but low-key atmosphere, make it feel like an inverse,...

China Garden / Restaurants

200 Bloor Street West 416.927.8888
China Garden

China Garden offers cheap but generous servings of noodle bowls, rice dishes and sizzling hot plates, plus a variety of hakka-style curry dishes (a highlight: the Fung Mei Mein). Follow...

Clay Design / Design Stores

170 Brunswick Avenue 416.964.3330 Website
Clay Design

Clay Design sells mugs, plates and other pottery. They offer pottery classes too....

Coal Miner's Daughter / Fashion Stores

587 Markham St. 647.381.1439 Website
Coal Miner's Daughter

Coal Miner's Daughter is a boutique that specializes mainly in Canadian products. The small shop holds clothing, jewellery, shoes and accessories by designers who are not only Canadian, but many...

Coda / Bars

794 Bathurst St. 416.536.0346 Website

Coda is the spiritual successor to the much loved Footwork, one of Toronto's most best-known dance clubs to cater to a demanding, techno loving audience. But with the steady dismantling...

College Street Q / Restaurants

177 College Street 416.977.1111 Website
College Street Q

College Street Q serves up pub grub in the Annex. On the menu you'll find shareable eats like poutine and deep dish pizza....

Commute Home / Design Stores

367 Dupont 416.861.0521 Website
Commute Home

Commute Home is my perfect design store. There are many design stores to love in this city, but Commute's inventory of constantly fresh products and designs appeal to my short...

Contact Editions / Bookstores

491 Davenport Rd. 416.322.0777 Website
Contact Editions

Contact Editions is one of the finest rare book dealers in Canada, specializing in precious volumes from around 1500 to the mid 2000s. Fancy a whole collection of Virginia Woolf's...

Cora Pizza / Restaurants

656 Spadina Avenue 416.922.1188
Cora Pizza

On Spadina across from UofT, Cora Pizza battles for neighbourhood pizza supremacy with Papa Ceo and Pizza Gigi....

Country Style Hungarian Restaurant / Restaurants

450 Bloor St West 416.536.5966
Country Style Hungarian Restaurant

Having spent the holidays away from home, I missed out on family dinners and all festive platefuls of comfort food that come along with the season. Feeling incomplete, I...

Crafty Coyote / Restaurants

511 Bloor St W 647.748.2338 Website
Crafty Coyote

Crafty Coyote is an Annex pub that has a keen emphasis on craft beer. There's a gigantic dry erase beer board on the wall and each dish on the menu...

Creeds Coffee Bar / Cafes

390 Dupont St. 416.479.0277 Website
Creeds Coffee Bar

Creeds Coffee Bar has taken over the space that used to be Dish Cooking Studio (it moved south to College St.) in the Annex. Creeds, a well-respected dry cleaning company,...

Crepes a GoGo (Annex) / Restaurants

750 Spadina Avenue 416.922.6765 Website
Crepes a GoGo (Annex)

Crepes a GoGo made its return to the Annex last week at Spadina and Bloor, a long awaited move since the restaurant shuttered its Bedford and Bloor location in 2002....

Curbside Cycle / Services

412 Bloor Street West 416.920.4933 Website
Curbside Cycle

Curbside Cycle does indeed have its roots on the curb, when owner Don Watterson first set up shop outside of the Brunswick House over 15 years ago. If this were...

Curl Ambassadors / Fashion Stores

159 Harbord St. 416.922.2888 Website
Curl Ambassadors

Curl Ambassadors is a Victorian-chic Harbord salon, renowned for their dry-cutting techniques and wide selection of curl-boosting products. It's also home to a team of Deva-trained stylists who are adept...

Daddyo's Pasta & Salads / Restaurants

673 Spadina Avenue 416.598.5522 Website
Daddyo's Pasta & Salads

Daddyo's is quick, cheap, and totally mouth-watering--and no, I didn't read that off the back pages of NOW Magazine. Daddyo's on Spadina excels in the form of Spicy Italian Sausage...

Dance Cave / Bars

529 Bloor Street West (2nd Floor) 416.532.1598 Website
Dance Cave

The Dance Cave is a grungy Annex dance club upstairs from Lee's Palace. It's a student favourite and features alt, modern-rock and percussion jams....

Dessert Trends / Baked Goods

154 Harbord Street 416.916.8155 Website
Dessert Trends

Dessert Trends is helmed by a gold medalist in the Culinary Olympics, and features an array of existing and custom design options for wedding cakes, custom cakes, and pastries. They...

Dragonfly Bellydance / Fitness Clubs

559 Bloor St. W. 416.534.0330 Website
Dragonfly Bellydance

Dragonfly Bellydance is a belly dancing school located above Guu SakaBar in the Annex. Its professional instructors offer classes at all levels and types of bellydance, including, believe it or...

DT Bistro / Cafes

154 Harbord Street 416.916.8155 Website
DT Bistro

DT Bistro on Harbord serves up tasty dinners and delectable cakes, pastries and gelato....

Duke of York / Restaurants

39 Prince Arthur Avenue 416.964.2441 Website
Duke of York

The Duke of York is a popular pub in the Annex serving up nachos, wings and other pub favourites....

E Sushi / Restaurants

522 Bloor St. W 416.530.5999 Website
E Sushi

E Sushi is one of the many cheap sushi joints in the Annex. There's not much that distinguishes it from the others but they do offer AYCE sushi daily starting...

East West Futons / Design Stores

464 Bloor Street West 416.588.1391 Website
East West Futons

Trendy and affordable furniture & bedrooms for small space living. Check out the organic & latex mattresses....

El Furniture Warehouse / Restaurants

410 Bloor St. 778.938.7077 Website
El Furniture Warehouse

El Furniture Warehouse in the Annex is the tenth outpost of this Canadawide purveyor of cheap eats, where every item on the menu is priced at just $4.95. Originally from...

El Pocho / Restaurants

2 Follis Ave. 647.794.7115 Website
El Pocho

El Pocho is kind of a dirty word south of the border, but here in Toronto, it's the name of an antojitos bar. Owner Cesar Ramirez has reappropriated the insult...

Elgin Picture and Frame / Design Stores

665 Dupont St. 416.532.7031 Website
Elgin Picture and Frame

Elgin Picture and Frame at vows to frame pretty much anything. A recent addition to their lineup of services, for instance, is resin coating: they'll mount your image on a...

Ewanika / Fashion Stores

1083 Bathurst St. 416.927.9699 Website

Ewanika spent 11 years on College Street before recently heading up the nearby Bathurst Street to its elegant new digs at Dupont, far from the bar denizens of its former...

Ezra's Pound / Cafes

238 Dupont Street 416.929.4400 Website
Ezra's Pound

Ezra's Pound on Dupont does brisk business for its espresso based drinks but there are also plenty of baked goods and sandwiches to fill up on....

Faema / Cafes

672 Dupont 416.535.1555

This was the gorgeous sight set before me last night at Faema cafe (672 Dupont, at Christie). Not for me, but for my mother -- a really picky Tuscan....

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria / Restaurants

386 Bloor St. West 647.748.2333 Website
Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria opened this past week at the corner of Bloor and Dalton, with aspirations of making authentic Naples pizza easily (and quickly) accessible in an elegant setting. Replacing...

Fat Bastard Burrito (College) / Restaurants

187 College Street 647.348.5551 Website
Fat Bastard Burrito (College)

Fat Bastard on College is one of many locations in the city. The restaurant serves up burritos and bowls with all the standard fixings. ...

Fat Pasha / Restaurants

414 Dupont St. 647.340.6142 Website
Fat Pasha

Fat Pasha, Anthony Rose's latest venture with partner Robert Wilder, is now open on Dupont in the corner spot once home to The Indian Rice Factory. The 45-seat dining room by...

Fighting Arts Collective / Fitness Clubs

972 Dupont St 416.892.9529 Website
Fighting Arts Collective

The Fighting Arts Collective is made up of a variety of martial arts group who share the airy space near Dupont and Ossington. For more on the collective, check out...

Flaming Bull / Restaurants

378 Bloor St. W. 647.351.3288 Website
Flaming Bull

Flaming Bull is the first North American outpost for the Taiwanese restaurant chain originating in Taichung City. The restaurant claims it's most popular for its beef noodle soup, but perhaps...

Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen / Restaurants

141 Harbord Street 416.966.6955
Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen

Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen is a cheap but filling Thai restaurant in the Annex. A good spot for neighbourhood Thai takeout or to grab a quick bite to eat....

Flock (Harbord Street) / Restaurants

97 Harbord Street 647.748.7199 Website
Flock (Harbord Street)

Flock on Harbord is the second outpost of Cory Vitiello's fast casual concept devoted to rotisserie chicken and greens. ...

Flor de Sal / Restaurants

501 Davenport Rd. 416.923.2604 Website
Flor de Sal

Flor de Sal opened in November, taking over the Corner House on Davenport between Casa Loma and the Toronto Archives. The new owner, first-time restaurateur Cristina Da Costa, has spared...

Frangipane / Baked Goods

215 Madison Avenue 416.926.0303 Website

The stretch of Dupont that Frangipane Patisserie occupies is a motley collection of businesses, restaurants and chiropractic clinics. The crooked sign looks fresh and bright on the grey street so...

Fresh / Restaurants

326 Bloor Street West 416.531.2635 Website

This is the Green Goddess, one of the many amazing rice bowls served at Fresh. Fresh now has three locations - 326 Bloor Street West in the Annex, 894 Queen...

Future Bakery / Restaurants

483 Bloor Street West 416.922.5875
Future Bakery

More than just a bakery and cafe, "Futures" is an Annex institution serving ready-made hot meals with an Eastern European influence like beef borscht, schnitzel sandwiches and perogies. They also...

Fuzz Wax Bar (Annex) / Fashion Stores

701 Queen St. W. 647.748.3899 Website
Fuzz Wax Bar (Annex)

Fuzz Wax Bar in the Annex is the second location of this hair removal-only operation (as in no manis or pedis). Bigger than the Queen West location, it has more...

George's Deli & BBQ / Restaurants

797 Bathurst Street 416.536.3946
George's Deli & BBQ

George's Deli & BBQ is an Annex stalwart that was packed to the gills on a recent rainy afternoon, and it's no secret why. The window rotisserie unit was jammed...

Ghazale / Restaurants

504 Bloor Street West 416.537.4417

When I moved back to Toronto after spending my college years in Montreal, one thing I couldn't figure out was why this city was relatively deprived of the falafel...

Ghazi Juice & Desserts / Restaurants

508 Bloor St. West 416.537.4417 Website
Ghazi Juice & Desserts

Ghazi Juice & Desserts is a spin off of the popular Ghazale take-out spot a few doors east. The focus of this place is the juice bar. They offer a...

Gigi's House of Frils / Fashion Stores

587 Markham St. 647.748.4444 Website
Gigi's House of Frils

Gigi's House of Frills is a vintage-style lingerie shop located in the heart of the Annex. The shop is locally owned and prides itself on carrying lingerie that is strictly...

Glassbox Barbershop / Fashion Stores

338 Harbord St. 416.516.6237 Website
Glassbox Barbershop

Glassbox Barbershop is where the new school barbershop meets the old school. The bench I'm sitting on while chatting with co-owner and barber, Peter Gosling, for instance, doesn't have any...

Gobo Sushi / Restaurants

256 Christie St. 647.352.6688
Gobo Sushi

Gobo Sushi, just south of Dupont on Christie, makes for a tasty and affordable local sushi option on the fringes of the Annex....

Good For Her / Services

175 Harbord St. 416.588.0900 Website
Good For Her

Good For Her is an 11-year-old Annex hideaway that blends discreetly into its residential surroundings. While the name may suggest female exclusivity, Good For Her opens its doors to everyone,...

Gordo Ex Cafe / Restaurants

1048 Bathurst St. 416.894.7905 Website
Gordo Ex Cafe

Gordo Ex Cafe has been open for over a year on the up-and-coming Dupont and Bathurst strip, which includes the wonderful Annex Pawn and newcomer Sugary Swirls. Perhaps its vaguely...

Grapefruit Moon / Restaurants

968 Bathurst Street 416.534.9056 Website
Grapefruit Moon

Grapefruit Moon is a cozy spot on Bathurst that's best for brunch. But they also have a range of lunch and dinner options....

Greek & Co. (Annex) / Restaurants

366 Bloor St West 416.968.7888 Website
Greek & Co. (Annex)

Greek & Co., formerly It's All GRK, on Bloor is the sister location to the West Queen West gyro shop. This spot continues the original's hip take on Greek takeout....

Green Beanery / Cafes

565 Bloor Street West 416.588.7700 Website
Green Beanery

Green Beanery is part coffee equipment store, part cafe. Walking in through the front doors at Bloor and Bathurst, there's nothing but a sea of bodums, home roasters, espresso machines...

Green Room / Restaurants

296 Brunswick Street (alley entrance) 416.929.3253
Green Room

The Green Room is as hard to find as it is to describe. A two-floor lofty old space in the alley behind Bloor West & Brunswick Ave, this dim-ly...

Greg's Ice Cream / Restaurants

750 Spadina Avenue 416.962.4734 Website
Greg's Ice Cream

I'm an ice cream addict, and Greg Ice Cream has always been the Holy Grail of ice cream shops for me. The place used to be a favourite hangout...

Gussied Up / Fashion Stores

1090 Bathurst St. 647.352.7587 Website
Gussied Up

Gussied Up is a top destination for shoppers looking for classic, stylish pieces and Canadian designs in sizes X-3X. Helpful owner Victoria McGroarty has an eye for stocking wearable, versatile...

Hacher & Krain / Design Stores

256A Dupont St. 647.781.2433 Website
Hacher & Krain

Hacher & Krain is a fine knife shop that pledges allegiance to a variety of forging regions. While there are some stores in Toronto, such as Tosho Knife Arts in...

Hair Place / Fashion Stores

7 Hart House Circle 416.978.2431 Website
Hair Place

The Hair Place opened in 1919 and went co-ed in the 1970s, as did the institution that houses it, University of Toronto's Hart House. While the clientele is mostly UofT...

Harbord Bakery / Baked Goods

115 Harbord Street 416.922.5767
Harbord Bakery

Harbord Bakery is an Annex institution. They make amazing bread (they are well known for their challah), cakes and other baked treats....

Harbord Fish & Chips / Restaurants

147 Harbord Street 416.925.2225
Harbord Fish & Chips

So everyone already knows Chippy's. We've tasted it. It does the trick... if you can get passed the obnoxiously loud music and the servers who "sing" along even louder. These...

Harbord House / Restaurants

150 Harbord Street 647.430.7365 Website
Harbord House

Harbord House is a quaint gastropub that took over the old Rowers Grill spot on Harbord Street many years ago. Located in a charming Victorian house converted into a bar,...

Harbord Room / Restaurants

89 Harbord St. 416.962.8989 Website
Harbord Room

The Harbord Room, 89 Harbord Street, was recently voted the third best new restaurant in Canada by Enroute Magazine (and #2 in Toronto by this site). Toronto critics have raved...

Harvest Kitchen / Restaurants

124 Harbord St. 416.901.5901 Website
Harvest Kitchen

Harvest Kitchen has been open just over a month on Harbord in the charming two storey spot that was until recently home to Tati Bistro. Co-owned by industry veterans Jill...

Her Father's Cider / Restaurants

119 Harbord St. 647.347.7747 Website
Her Father's Cider

Her Father's Cider occupies a prime corner lot in Harbord Village and as its name might suggest, it is Toronto's first bar devoted to craft cider. Owner Josh Mott is...

Herbs & Nutrition / Grocery Stores

572 Bloor St. W 647.348.8064 Website
Herbs & Nutrition

Herbs & Nutrition just opened its newest space in Toronto, and the store is huge. All that room means lots of healthy, organic products, and tons of selection and variety....

Hero Certified Burgers (Bloor and Bathurst) / Restaurants

571 Bloor St. West 416.531.5496 Website
Hero Certified Burgers (Bloor and Bathurst)

Hero Burger at Bloor and Bathurst inside Honest Ed's is a little more revered than some of its sister Toronto locations, acclaimed for cooking its burgers "just right" more often...

Hey Lucy (Annex) / Restaurants

440 Bloor St. West 416.967.9670 Website
Hey Lucy (Annex)

Hey Lucy on Bloor Street is the second outpost of the restaurant that first drew post-theatre crowds for cheap martini nights on King Street. ...

Hollywood Canteen / Services

608 Markham St 416.536.6546 Website
Hollywood Canteen

Hollywood Canteen is a movie memorabilia store that's been around since 1980. Before opening shop in Mirvish Village it had shops in the Beaches and on the Danforth. You'll find...

Ideas Incorporated / Galleries

1081 Bathurst St. 416.806.5931 Website
Ideas Incorporated

Ideas Incorporated, a new gallery space near Dupont and Bathurst, says it has one goal: human expansion into the universe. With this in mind, the art in shows on side...

Indian Kitchen / Restaurants

386 Bloor St. 416.920.0195
Indian Kitchen

The Indian Kitchen has surfaced where Nataraj once stood on Bloor St. in the Annex. Like its predecessor, it has an AYCE lunch buffet ($9.99)....

Insomnia / Restaurants

563 Bloor Street West 416.588.3907 Website

Insomnia serves French and Mediterranean food and have nightly DJ sessions. The above photo is of the avocado chicken with melted brie sandwich, one of their specialties....

Japan Sushi / Restaurants

482 Bloor St West 416.531.5426
Japan Sushi

Japan Sushi just might be the least popular sushi restaurant in the Annex. There's nothing really wrong with it, but without an AYCE offering or the following of New Gen...

Jerk King / Restaurants

522 Bloor St West 647.352.0300 Website
Jerk King

Jerk King offers cheap Caribbean eats near the corner of Bloor and Bathurst. Check it out if you don't mind food that's been sitting under a warming lamp....

John's / Restaurants

1048 Bathurst St. 416.535.2493 Website

John's is the sibling restaurant of John's Italian Caffe in Baldwin Village and John's Classic Pizza in Little Italy....

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery / Galleries

7 Hart House Circle 416.978.8398 Website
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

The Justina M. Barnicke is a continuation of University of Toronto's Art Museum. The gallery showcases mainly contemporary art from both local and international artists. Featured exhibits rotate about every...

Juxtapose / Design Stores

430 Bloor St. W. 416.324.8333 Website

Juxtapose was formerly the Annex location of The Outer Layer. It's still a place to buy quirky, cool greeting cards and gifts, just with a new name. Always good for...

Karma Co-Op / Grocery Stores

739 Palmerston Avenue 416.534.1470 Website
Karma Co-Op

Karma Co-op is a not-for-profit food store tucked away in a residential area on Palmerston Ave. Though it has served as an alternative to commercial grocery stores for nearly 40...

Kensington Natural Bakery and Cafe / Baked Goods

460 Bloor West 416.534.1294
Kensington Natural Bakery and Cafe

One of my favourite spots in the city to pick up wheat and gluten-free goods is the Kensington Natural Bakery and Cafe. Found on Bloor St. West across the street...

Kenzo Ramen (Annex) / Restaurants

372 Bloor St. West 416.921.6787 Website
Kenzo Ramen (Annex)

Kenzo Ramen has expanded beyond its Bay/Dundas location with a new spot in the Annex....

Kilgour's Bar Meets Grill / Restaurants

509 Bloor St. West 416.923.7680
Kilgour's Bar Meets Grill

Kilgour's is a student friendly pub in the Annex serving of reasonably priced beer, nachos and wings....

Kinka Izakaya (Bloor) / Restaurants

559 Bloor St. West 647.343.1101 Website
Kinka Izakaya (Bloor)

Guu SakaBar is the second Toronto location of the Vancouver-based Izakaya franchise. Just like Church Street's Guu Izakaya, Guu SakaBar is a blast from the moment you enter until the...

Kinna Sohna / Fashion Stores

266 Dupont Street 416.545.0583 Website
Kinna Sohna

A gallery of exotic clothing, jewellery, art, textiles and unique gifts directly from master artisans of far away lands....

Kops Records (Annex) / Services

592 Bloor St. W. 647.352.8523 Website
Kops Records (Annex)

Kops Records new Annex location at Bloor and Markham is already bustling on Saturday afternoon just a couple of hours after their official opening last weekend. I stopped in looking...

KOS / Restaurants

1070 Bathurst Street 416.516.6495

All day breakfast, homemade burgers and a large patio. Now with a second location in Kensington Market....

Kula Yoga Studio / Fitness Clubs

304 Brunswick Avenue 416.922.5852 Website
Kula Yoga Studio

Kula Yoga Studio on Brunswick Avenue is winning over Annex yoga devotees with its eco-friendly facilities and range of yoga classes including hot yoga, expanding flow, live music flow, restorative...

L'Espresso Bar Mercurio / Cafes

321 Bloor St. West 416.585.7958 Website
L'Espresso Bar Mercurio

L'Espresso Bar Mercurio is the more casual, coffee-infused sibling of Bar Mercurio just across Bloor street in the Annex. Photo by confusedbee on Flickr....

La Libre / Restaurants

14 Dupont St. 416.929.3911 Website
La Libre

La Libre is the 90-seat backyard patio joining the Playa Cabana family of Mexican cantinas. It's found behind Playa Cabana Hacienda, the two-storey taqueria on Dupont at Avenue, and while...

Labyrinth Comics / Bookstores

386 Bloor St. West 416.840.4506 Website
Labyrinth Comics

Labyrinth Comics in the Annex casts its net wide, past Marvel and DC to the places where comics intersect with cartoons and movies in manga, anime, Pixar and Disney. With...

Labyrinth Lounge / Bars

298 Brunswick Ave 416.925.7775
Labyrinth Lounge

Labyrinth Lounge is a favourite among UofT students with its cheap drinks specials throughout the week. Three is the magic number here, a number that will bring you all sorts...

Le Paradis / Restaurants

166 Bedford Rd. 416.921.0995 Website
Le Paradis

On an appropriately grey Parisian day, we head to Le Paradis to see what all the fuss is about. Luckily, we arrive early enough to be the first ones there...

Lee's Palace / Bars

529 Bloor Street West 416.532.1598 Website
Lee's Palace

Lee's Palace is The Annex's cartoonish rough diamond of a concert venue. It stands out vividly amongst the numerous sushi restaurants, bars, cafes, and more sushi restaurants that line Bloor...

Little Island Comics / Bookstores

742 Bathurst Street 416.901.7489 Website
Little Island Comics

Little Island Comics is a comic store for kids. Some might argue that all comic stores are for kids - but they'd be mistaken. Anyway, the different between most comic...

Little Piggy's / Restaurants

469 Bloor St W 416.972.1674 Website
Little Piggy's

Little Piggy's is a Korean BBQ place in the Annex. It's their second location in Toronto - the original is at Yonge and Steeles. Inside, the restaurant doesn't stray far from...

Live Organic Food Bar (Dupont) / Restaurants

258 Dupont 416.515.2002 Website
Live Organic Food Bar (Dupont)

Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont is the original purveyor of raw food in Toronto. The casual restaurant comes with a colourful interior and vibrant patio along with a long...

Madison Avenue Pub / Bars

14 Madison Avenue 416.927.1722 Website
Madison Avenue Pub

The Madison Avenue Pub is a mega-pub located in the Annex. Famous in Toronto for its party-hard attitude and university crowd, the Madison (as it's generally known) has specials every...

Magic Noodle / Restaurants

93 Harbord St. 647.345.8839 Website
Magic Noodle

Magic Noodle on Harbord is all about fresh, hand pulled noodles served up in soups and stir-fries. This is the third location (the first downtown) from the popular chain of...

ManCave Barbers Lounge / Fashion Stores

476 Bloor St. West 647.340.6448 Website
ManCave Barbers Lounge

ManCave Barbers Lounge is at the intersection of a men's salon and a barbershop, created with the aim of being a cut above the rest. "We wanted to make it different...

Mariko Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

551 Bloor St. West 416.516.3030
Mariko Japanese Restaurant

Mariko has two locations in Toronto - one in the Annex and the other on the Danforth. Both offer a cheap but basic AYCE sushi option....

Marlene's Just Babies / Fashion Stores

631 Dupont Street 416.534.4900
Marlene's Just Babies

Marlene's Just Babies is like an Aladdin's cave of baby gear. The shop is three storefronts wide and stuffed to the brim with everything from strollers and car seats to...

Martino Pizza / Restaurants

178 Dupont St. 416.929.6000
Martino Pizza

Martino Pizza is a tiny take-out pizzeria on Dupont. Surprisingly, they also have an extensive menu of Thai dishes (delivery or take-out only)....

Mayday Malone's / Restaurants

1078 Bathurst St. 416.531.8064
Mayday Malone's

Mayday Malone's is where to go near Bathurst and Dupont when looking for a casual, sports-friendly pub. The menu features pub standards like chicken wings and pizza. There are a...

MeeT You 177 / Cafes

177 College St. 647.346.7158 Website
MeeT You 177

MeeT You 177 is where to go for bubble tea and Chinese food steps from U of T. The bubble teas here aren't the most artisanal, but they get the...

Menchella Gourmet Pizza / Restaurants

454 Bloor St West 416.532.7222 Website
Menchella Gourmet Pizza

Menchella Gourmet Pizza serves up pies, wings and salads in the Annex. The menu includes vegan and gluten-free options, so those with dietary restrictions aren't left out....

Metsa Studio / Fashion Stores

386 Harbord St. 416.930.6090 Website
Metsa Studio

Metsa, an Estonian word meaning "my little house in the forest," is Markus Uran's line of beautifully tailored menswear and accessories. At his Harbord street studio, he crafts streamlined "heritage...

Mi Hermano Barbershop / Fashion Stores

293A Harbord St. 416.534.9938 Website
Mi Hermano Barbershop

Mi Hermano Barbershop is a two-chair shop. Perched beside Sam James Coffee Bar and Speakeasy Tattoo on Harbord, you can now get an espresso, a piece of traditional flash and...

Midoco Art and Office Supplies / Design Stores

555 Bloor Street West 416.588.7718 Website
Midoco Art and Office Supplies

Midoco may not be on the shortlist of go-to art supply stores for some of the more serious artists in the city, but for students and hobbyists it's the type...

Miles Nadal JCC / Fitness Clubs

750 Spadina Avenue 416.924.6211 Website
Miles Nadal JCC

The Miles Nadal JCC offers over 75 classes a week, a gravity studio and an indoor running track and pool. This newly renovated spot offers modern design, and staff so...

Monsieur Barber Shop & Spa / Fashion Stores

415 Bloor St. West 416.929.8555 Website
Monsieur Barber Shop & Spa

Monsieur Barber Shop & Spa opened quietly in the Annex about five months ago just steps from the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. Co-owner Al Rubaie tells me he was...

MoRoCo Chocolat / Grocery Stores

215 Madison Avenue 416.929.2424 Website
MoRoCo Chocolat

MoRoCo Chocolat used to be in Yorkville where they did full service sit-down meals like brunch and high tea, but have since narrowed their focus at this location to just...

Mr. Tonkatsu / Restaurants

520 Bloor St. West 416.537.9000 Website
Mr. Tonkatsu

Mr. Tonkatsu pretty much spells out what you're going to get right before you even walk in the door. The recently-opened Bloor and Bathurst eatery specializes in tonkatsu - Japanese-style...

Nancy's Cheese / Grocery Stores

260 Dupont Street 647.343.0315 Website
Nancy's Cheese

I was almost alarmed the first time I laid eyes on Nancy's Cheese, squinting through a snowstorm from the other side of the street. "Is that a cheese shop?!" I...

Napoli Centrale / Restaurants

964 Bathurst St. 416.901.6791 Website
Napoli Centrale

Napoli Centrale is the latest entrant in Toronto's competitive Neapolitan pizza scene, having opened its doors to the public at the beginning of this month. Despite some appealing qualities this...

Ned's Cafe / Restaurants

150 Charles Street West 416.585.4521
Ned's Cafe

Ned's Café is a coffee shop and dining hall at the University of Toronto. They serve fresh hot food, pre-made sandwiches and caffeine - lots and lots of caffeine. Mostly...

Nella Cucina / Design Stores

876 Bathurst Street 416.922.9055 Website
Nella Cucina

Nella Cucina offers high quality kitchen equipment for the professional or at-home chef, and also offers cooking classes on its store's second floor....

Neurotica (Annex) / Services

587 Markham St. 416.603.7796 Website
Neurotica (Annex)

Neurotica, the longstanding Queen West record shop, has returned to life in a new neighbourhood. Whether you're situated on the cusp of neighbourhood gentrification or finding a niche in a...

New Generation Grill Fusion / Restaurants

486 Bloor St West 416.516.8883 Website
New Generation Grill Fusion

New Generation Grill Fusion is the sister restaurant to the popular New Generation sushi restaurant further east on Bloor. The menu here is less focused on the usual nigiri, maki...

New Generation Sushi / Restaurants

493 Bloor Street West 416.963.8861
New Generation Sushi

Months after a kitchen fire shut down New Generation Sushi, this late night sushi spot in the Annex is not only BACK, but busier than ever. I've been...

Noah's Natural Foods / Grocery Stores

322 Bloor Street West 416.968.7930 Website
Noah's Natural Foods

Noah's Natural Foods has four locations in the GTA including this one in the Annex. Although their prices are higher then most other health food stores, they have a great...

Noka / Restaurants

513 Bloor Street West 647.351.1188 Website

Noka is a newly opened sushi spot in the Annex found right next to Sushi on Bloor. Formerly Sushi 101, this location seems to bank on the line-ups and overflow...

Noodle Bowl / Restaurants

348 Bloor Street West 416.963.9595
Noodle Bowl

Noodle Bowl has a whole range of noodle dishes spanning the cuisines of Southeast Asia. It's decent food and a good bet for those who are looking for a filling...

Nue / Fashion Stores

374 Bloor St. West 416.901.5882

Nue has opened up in the Annex, a place virtually barren of clothing stores, but thirty-somethings, cute moms, and those looking for nice work-wear now have a reason to visit. Ever...

One Love Vegetarian Cafe / Restaurants

854 Bathurst St. 416.535.5683
One Love Vegetarian Cafe

One Love Vegetarian Cafe adds to my belief that we're pretty spoiled for choice in Toronto when it comes to vegetarian/vegan food. With everywhere from Cafe 668 to Rawlicious offering...

Palm Sunday / Fashion Stores

384 Harbord St. 416.588.4526 Website
Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the result of a beautiful transformation. The salon had a previous life as the Saloon until owners and stylists Kat Marcus and Ronnie Dag decided last year...

Papa Ceo / Restaurants

654 Spadina Avenue 416.961.2222 Website
Papa Ceo

Annex Pizza joint Papa Ceo is a favourite among UofT students. Choose from options like the Tina Turner, Godfather and Sofia Loren....

Parentbooks / Bookstores

201 Harbord St. 416.537.8334 Website

Parentbooks goes beyond Dr Seuss and books about Grumpy Birds and has a thorough inventory of titles for kids, their parents, councellors, therapists, educators and others connected with the kids...

Paupers Pub / Restaurants

539 Bloor Street West 416.530.1331 Website
Paupers Pub

2 story pub features rooftop and side patios, live entertainment, darts, excellent draft beers and great specials....

Peaks and Rafters / Design Stores

585 Dupont Street 647.350.3500 Website
Peaks and Rafters

Peaks and Rafters is a furniture and home decor design line with a location in Port Carling as well as this one in Toronto. They're a full-service company that will...

Piano Piano / Restaurants

88 Harbord St. 416.929.7788 Website
Piano Piano

Piano Piano is Chef Victor Barry's casual Italian restaurant, which replaced his high-end Splendido earlier this year. The well received menu boasts pizza, pasta and family-style feasts. (Photo by ...

Pig Out BBQ / Restaurants

650 Spadina Avenue 416.792.6120 Website
Pig Out BBQ

Pig Out BBQ on Spadina is a budget barbecue joint that dishes out a whole lot of soul. Find pulled pork sandwiches for $6 on the regular menu while daily...

Pimlico / Design Stores

789 Dupont Street 416.538.4462 Website

Pimlico is a clean, well-lit space that appeared on Dupont Street recently. Carrying a selection of mostly Canadian- designed housewares, this tiny shop is already attracting interior designers and design...

Pita-Q (Bloor and Spadina) / Restaurants

750 Spadina Avenue 416.515.7820
Pita-Q (Bloor and Spadina)

Pita-Q at Bloor and Spadina is just one Annex answer to cheap, filling shawarma. Cheap deserves another mention. Two can eat here for under $10, making Pita-Q particularly popular with...

Pizza Gigi / Restaurants

189 Harbord Street 416.535.4444
Pizza Gigi

Pizza Gigi has been serving pizza to UofT students and Annex residents for more than 30 years....

Pizzaiolo / Restaurants

454 Bloor St 416.532.7222 Website

Pizzaiolo's deep-dish pizza is some of the most satisfying in the city. Pies are doughy and crispy on top with a spicy bottom, toppings right out to the edges and...

Playa Cabana / Restaurants

111 Dupont St. 416.929.3911
Playa Cabana

Playa Cabana sits on a quiet residential stretch of Dupont Street just east of Davenport, and is one of the more recent arrivals to the Mexican restaurant scene in Toronto....

Playa Cabana Hacienda / Restaurants

14 Dupont St 647.352.6030 Website
Playa Cabana Hacienda

Playa Cabana Hacienda is now open just down the street from original (and perpetually packed) Dupont location. The new spot from chef/owner Dave Sidhu takes over from the converted two...

Posies / Design Stores

590 Markham Street 416.588.9061 Website

Posies owner Karina Lemke is becoming well known for her work on Rich Bride Poor Bride, which means Posies has a(n even) larger than average wedding portfolio. Located on...

Poutineville Toronto / Restaurants

296 Brunswick Ave. 647.349.2345 Website
Poutineville Toronto

Poutineville has arrived in the Annex. This Montreal import specializing in that unhealthily irresistible French-Canadian combo of fries, cheese curds and gravy is taking things to another level. The main...

Prenup Pub / Restaurants

191 College St. 416.506.4040 Website
Prenup Pub

Prenup Pub, located on the outskirts of the U of T campus is a cozy little pub that offers a wide selection of beer - both draft and on tap....

Puedmag Custom Ink / Services

404 Bloor St W. 3rd Floor 416.519.7019 Website
Puedmag Custom Ink

Puedmag Custom Ink is a tattoo shop that might be one of the best places in Toronto to get realistic-style tattoos. Co-owner Luis Fernando Puedmag Vinueza recently racked up awards at...

Queen Video (Bloor St.) / Services

480 Bloor Street 416.588.5767
Queen Video (Bloor St.)

Queen Video remains the reigning monarch of Toronto's indie video scene, thanks to an astronomically large library, and an empire that has grown to encompass Queen West, Annex and Little...

Rapido / Cafes

1089 Bathurst St 416.535.3500

Rapido, according to rumours I'd heard, has homemade olives. The newish café at Bathurst and Dupont is so close to my house that I would have given it a try...

Rasa / Restaurants

196 Robert St. 647.350.8221 Website

Rasa opened in Harbord Village this past June and has settled comfortably into the neighbourhood over these last few months. Occupying a subterranean space that was formerly Momo's and Momo's...

Real Thailand / Restaurants

350 Bloor Street West 416.924.7444 Website
Real Thailand

Real Thailand, near the corner of Bloor and Spadina, has been creating a huge range of chicken, fish and meat Thai dishes since 2000. ...

Real Thailand (Bloor) / Restaurants

570 Bloor St West 416.924.7444 Website
Real Thailand (Bloor)

Real Thailand serves up classic Thai fare in the Annex The menu features favourites like khao soi, pad thai and stir fried spicy tofu....

Red Fish Blue Fish Creative Cafe / Cafes

73 Harbord St. 416.960.2233 Website
Red Fish Blue Fish Creative Cafe

Red Fish Blue Fish Creative Cafe is a new spot in the Annex that is exactly as it sounds: a haven for mamas and their babies. The space, located in...

Remenyi House of Music / Services

210 Bloor Street 416.961.3111 Website
Remenyi House of Music

The Remenyi House of Music stares the Royal Conservatory of Music in the face across Bloor Street, so it's no surprise that it caters to a more classically-oriented customer, with...

Ring Music / Services

90 Harbord St 416.924.3571 Website
Ring Music

Ring Music offers a concise guitar shopping experience for serious players impatient with endless walls of instruments. The chaff-free selection is boiled down to the basics - playable models by...

Risque / Fashion Stores

404 Bloor Street West 416.960.3325

Risque is a women's clothing store on Bloor in the Annex that carries a stylish selection of dresses and tops....

River Tai Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

92 Harbord St. 416.925.6305
River Tai Chinese Restaurant

River Tai Chinese Restaurant has been the local family-run Harbord Village Szechuan and Cantonese food joint since 1993. It's usually quiet and relatively empty in there, so it's a good...

Rose and Sons / Restaurants

178 Dupont St 647.748.3287 Website
Rose and Sons

Rose and Sons opened its doors a mere two weeks ago, taking over the People's Foods space that served as an Annex staple for decades. And though it's still in...

Rose Emporium / Design Stores

204 Dupont Street 416.922.9909 Website
Rose Emporium

The Rose Emporium at Dupont and Huron imports strictly roses, so they're able to offer competitive prices for the most romantic gifts. They do same day deliveries and custom arrangements,...

Roti Cuisine of India / Restaurants

308 Dupont Street 416.968.9366
Roti Cuisine of India

Roti Cuisine of India is a new addition to the Annex serving up a long list of vegetarian and meat rotis. Prices start at around $7. For Toronto roti fans,...

Sakura Japanese Cuisine / Restaurants

394 Bloor St. West 647.350.1688
Sakura Japanese Cuisine

Sakura Japanese Cuisine brings something to the Annex that isn't not in short supply of - sushi. The AYCE dinner menu runs about $20....

Salt & Pepper / Cafes

287 Davenport Road 416.924.0715 Website
Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper has gone from concept catering to a fully fledged cafe at Davenport and Bedford Road in the Annex. A fully fledged cafe, that is, with just six...

Sarah's Shawarma and Falafel / Restaurants

487 Bloor St W 416.975.9986
Sarah's Shawarma and Falafel

Sarah's on Bloor is a long-standing taste favourite of mine. I would not recommend eating there every day as the final product is rather greasy, but the falafel combination...

Schmaltz Appetizing / Grocery Stores

414 Dupont St. 647.350.4261 Website
Schmaltz Appetizing

Schmaltz is an appetizing store, a source for Jewish delicacies traditionally consumed with bagels. It's the lesser known cousin to the deli, if you will. Found in an out-building behind...

Secrets from Your Sister / Fashion Stores

560 Bloor Street West 416.538.1234 Website
Secrets from Your Sister

Secrets From Your Sister, when it opened 10 years ago, simultaneously updated, expanded and dramatically improved the experience and selection when buying a bra in Toronto. It's only getting better, and...

Seekers Books / Bookstores

509 Bloor Street West 416.925.1982
Seekers Books

Located in the Annex underneath Kilgour's Bar, Seekers speciality is New Age books, including those on mysticism, meditation, Eastern philosophy and the Occult. For those who identify as thoroughly...

Serra / Restaurants

378 Bloor Street West 416.922.6999 Website

A busy Italian eatery in the Annex, Serra features a variety of sandwiches, pasta and pizza....

Shas Yoga & Pilates / Fitness Clubs

329 St George Street #3 647.477.2374 Website
Shas Yoga & Pilates

Shas Yoga & Pilates occupies a clinical space on the Annex/Yorkville border. Small classes and individual attention mean no slacking - Lisa is technique-focused and wants to make sure you're...

Sichuan Secret Restobar / Restaurants

585 Bloor Street West 416.539.9009 Website
Sichuan Secret Restobar

Sichuan Secret Restobar has all their bases covered. They serve up Chinese cuisine (dim sum, seafood, chicken and duck), all in a cozy atmosphere....

Skirt / Fashion Stores

476 Bloor St. West 416.533.3139

Skirt is a boutique clothing store catering to the "young and trendy" in the Annex. "Our clothes are geared toward urban, young women," the sales clerk tells me. "University-age." The store,...

Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company / Restaurants

605 Bloor St. W 647.351.7945 Website
Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company

Sky Blue Sky is the name of Wilco's sixth album. It's also the name of a cozy sandwich shop on Bloor Street West, right in the heart of Koreatown. When...

Smoke's Poutinerie (Annex) / Restaurants

490 Bloor St. West 416.588.2873 Website
Smoke's Poutinerie (Annex)

Smoke's Poutinerie has arrived in the Annex, perhaps where it has always belonged. Locals seem to agree as already this much-loved poutine spot has line-ups out the door....

South Hill Home / Design Stores

200 Dupont Street 416.924.7224 Website
South Hill Home

South Hill Home stocks both classic and contemporary furniture in their large storefront on Dupont. ...

Southern Accent / Restaurants

595 Markham St. 416.536.3211 Website
Southern Accent

Southern Accent in Mirvish Village serves up some of Toronto's best cajun cooking. Mains include rare finds like voodoo pasta and cracker catfish but save room for scrumptious sides such...

Spin Shack / Services

960 Bathurst Street 416.538.2453 Website
Spin Shack

The Spin Shack, partner of Bateman's Bicycles, promotes fitness in both winter and summer. Located in the Annex, The Spin Shack hosts spinning classes for up to 20 from November...

Spynga / Fitness Clubs

1415 Bathurst Street #302 416.588.7796 Website

Spynga = Spinning + Yoga. An unlikely pair, maybe? Surprisingly, the hybrid makes perfect sense. Peppy co-owner Casey drills me through intense military-style spinning ("Sit! Lift! Sit!") then brings...

Stubbe Chocolate / Grocery Stores

653 Dupont Street 416.923.0956 Website
Stubbe Chocolate

Stubbe Chocolate offers a range of truffles, cakes and other chocolate delicacies. They also offer chocolate workshops for adults and children. ...

Sugary Swirls / Baked Goods

1087 Bathurst St. 416.303.3183 Website
Sugary Swirls

Sugary Swirls, a new bakery on Bathurst, is the realization of owner Sonia Esteves' long-held dream of running a bakeshop. After a life-changing experience with breast cancer, Esteves finally decided...

Super-Jet International Coffee Shop / Cafes

346 Dupont St. Website
Super-Jet International Coffee Shop

Super-Jet International Coffee Shop opened a few weeks ago along the Annex's northern edge on Dupont Street just west of Spadina. When I arrive on a particularly sunny and...

Sushi Couture / Restaurants

456 Bloor St. West 416.538.8618
Sushi Couture

Sushi Couture adds a little bit of upscale sushi to the Annex. This isn't your standard Sushi on Bloor raw fish. A former chef of Japango on Elizabeth St. brings...

Sushi Maido / Restaurants

362 Bloor St West 416.961.7702
Sushi Maido

Sushi Maido offers everything from teriyaki to sushi. Most menu items ring in under the $10 mark, so it's extremely budget friendly. ...

Sushi on Bloor / Restaurants

525 Bloor Street West 416.516.3456 Website
Sushi on Bloor

Sushi On Bloor is an Annex institution that has fed hungry students and neighbourhood locals for many years. This is the restaurant's second location - it moved down the street...

Suspect Video / Services

605 Markham Street 416.588.6674 Website
Suspect Video

Suspect Video is Toronto's original genre emporium. Since its founding, in 1991, Suspect has accumulated a hugely extensive and wildly eclectic inventory that caters to most every taste, though classic...

Sweet Fantasies / Restaurants

398 Bloor St. West 416.968.8816
Sweet Fantasies

Sweet Fantasies is easy to miss in the Annex save for the throng of people in front enjoying their double scoop of ice cream. Serving ice cream and gelato, the...

Sweet Pete's (Annex) / Services

517 Bloor St. West 416.533.4225 Website
Sweet Pete's (Annex)

Sweet Pete's has expanded with a second location in the heart of the Annex. They sell a large range of bikes and offer repairs and tune-ups as well. More info...

Tattoo People / Services

1077 Bathurst St. 647.850.5977 Website
Tattoo People

Tattoo People is an airy, bright new tattoo parlour at Bathurst and Dupont specializing in various Asian design work. There are two locations already in Busan and Seoul, South Korea,...

Teara Lab / Restaurants

181 College St. 647.351.6680 Website
Teara Lab

Teara Lab is a new restaurant from the minds that brought you KaKa All You Can Eat. Sitting prettily in the space formerly occupied by Burrito Planet, it's the first...

Ten Editions / Bookstores

698 Spadina Ave. 416.964.3803 Website
Ten Editions

Ten Editions, located on Spadina on the border of the U of T campus, is that romantic ideal of a used bookshop. It's crammed to the gills with dusty paperbacks...

Ten Thousand Villages / Design Stores

474 Bloor Street West 416.533.8476 Website
Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages in the Annex sells handcrafted design accessories from around the world. You'll find the shelves lined with necklaces, placemats, mugs, scarves and more. ...

Thai Basil / Restaurants

467 Bloor St West 416.840.9988
Thai Basil

Open for a few months now, Thai Basil on Bloor (just west of Spadina) appears to be making good use of a beautiful storefront once inhabited by the now defunct...

Thai Spring Roll / Restaurants

525 Bloor St. West 416.588.8424 Website
Thai Spring Roll

Thai Spring Roll is a decent Thai option in the Annex, especially after they gave themselves a bit of an upgrade with a fancy new blue sign. ...

The Bedford Academy / Restaurants

36 Prince Arthur Avenue 416.921.4600 Website
The Bedford Academy

The Bedford Academy is a popular Annex watering hole on Prince Arthur with a secluded patio and decent pub grub....

The Beguiling / Bookstores

601 Markham St 416.533.9168 Website
The Beguiling

If you're a comic fan in Toronto, chances are good that you already know about The Beguiling Books & Art, which The Toronto Star refers to as "Toronto's most discerning...

The Bike Joint / Services

290 Harbord Street 416.532.6392 Website
The Bike Joint

The Bike Joint is where you go when your beater bike needs fixing. Don't get me wrong, the store can handle all sorts of bikes, but it really comes into...

The Central / Bars

603 Markham Street 416.913.4586 Website
The Central

The Central has a little bit of everything....from two patios (including a sunny second story one), live music and a restaurant, this Mirvish Village bar offers lots of reasons to...

The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop / Restaurants

455 Spadina Ave 647.502.1291 Website
The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop

The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop at Spadina and College won't fool you for a second into thinking it's members only. With a cutesy bright and communal aesthetic, this clubhouse is stacked...

The Coffee Lab / Cafes

333 Bloor St. W Website
The Coffee Lab

The Coffee Lab might be the smallest coffee bar in the city. Occupying 52 square feet inside the Annex's Willow Books, it starts serving caffeine in the morning long before...

The Common (Annex) / Cafes

408 Bloor St. West
The Common (Annex)

The Common has a new Annex location - at Bloor and Brunswick, a few doors down from By The Way Cafe and just across the street from Future Bakery. The...

The Dirty Bird (Annex) / Restaurants

527 Bloor St. W. 647.347.3695 Website
The Dirty Bird (Annex)

The Dirty Bird has opened a second location in The Annex and it's sharing a space with the Yogurty's next to Lee's Palace. Commendably, this new joint will be open...

The Exchange / Restaurants

95 St. George St. 416.595.5925 Website
The Exchange

The Exchange is also known as the Rotman Cafe, since it's the cafeteria for U of T's Rotman School of Management. Located on the ground floor in the school's South...

The Fry / Restaurants

524 Bloor St West 647.352.0999 Website
The Fry

The Fry has sprouted a few locations in Toronto. On Bloor Street in the Annex you'll find the kitchen cooking up a chicken-centric menu that boasts everything from classic fried...

The Original Gyro Grill / Restaurants

4 Walmer Rd. 416.923.0700 Website
The Original Gyro Grill

The Original Gyro Grill definitely isn't the first gyro place in town, but it does make some pretty original (as in unique) ones for fair prices. It has gangsta-themed pork...

The Pour House / Restaurants

182 Dupont St 416.967.7687 Website
The Pour House

The Pour House is a popular Irish pub in the Annex that serves up a range of Irish beers and typical pub grub like nachos, chicken wings and calamari. They...

The Puck Sports Bar and Grill / Restaurants

362 Bloor St W 416.901.7825 Website
The Puck Sports Bar and Grill

The Puck Sports Bar and Grill sits at the corner of Bloor and Walmer, right across from the side entrance to the Spadina subway station. This corner seems to alternate...

The Ten Spot (Annex) / Fashion Stores

497 Bloor St. W. 647.693.7405 Website
The Ten Spot (Annex)

The Ten Spot has opened a new location in the Annex and this rapidly growing franchise with a hip and irreverent vibe shows no signs of slowing down. Its aim...

The Tiffin Box / Restaurants

938 Bathurst St. 647.349.7900
The Tiffin Box

The Tiffin Box on Bathurst just north of Bloor is an inviting nook despite its somewhat rough looking appearance. The two month old room consists of just a handful of...

Theodore 1922 / Fashion Stores

374 Bloor Street West 416.850.0175 Website
Theodore 1922

Theodore 1922 has faced some negative criticism on this site in the past. But it seems the reign of David, the former owner who commenters below accused of classless service...

Things Japanese / Design Stores

128 Harbord St. 416.967.9797 Website
Things Japanese

Things Japanese is a decor and gift shop in Harbord Village that sells authentic products from the Land of the Rising Sun. Tableware, tea sets, chopsticks, stationary, kimono, ikebana supplies...

Tokyo Sushi (Annex) / Restaurants

362 Bloor St. West 416.961.7702
Tokyo Sushi (Annex)

Tokyo Sushi in the Annex is not related to the other Tokyo Sushi restaurants in Toronto. And that's a shame. This one ends up being just another cheap sushi option...

Toose Art Supplies / Design Stores

229 College Street 416.348.0793 Website
Toose Art Supplies

For lazy UofT students, Toose Art Supplies is the ideal location to stock up on paints, pastels, paper and other art, architectural and graphic supplies. Yep, it's located right across...

Top Sushi / Restaurants

185 College Street 416.786.1111
Top Sushi

Top Sushi is an Annex sushi outpost with an extensive menu. The restaurant serves up a variety of maki, sushi, ramen and other Japanese staples. The lunch specials here ring...

Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast / Hotels

57 Chicora Ave 416.921.3533 Website
Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast

Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast offers a touch of class. Fine china breakfasts, and austere surroundings make this less of a homely affair than you'll find elsewhere. Guests often claim...

Toronto's Spanish Bookstore / Bookstores

872 Bathurst St. 416.533.4000 Website
Toronto's Spanish Bookstore

Toronto's Spanish Bookstore has a massive selection of books for Spanish speakers (readers) or those attempting to learn the language. They sell the books at their Bathurst St. storefront as...

Tosho Knife Arts / Design Stores

602 Markham St 647.722.6329 Website
Tosho Knife Arts

Tosho Knife Arts is probably one of the worst places to visit in Toronto with a clumsy coworker or toddler in tow. That's because the Mirvish Village latest addition proudly...

Trainers Fitness Center / Fitness Clubs

754 Bathurst Street 416.536.7444 Website
Trainers Fitness Center

Trainers Fitness may not have the frills of other downtown Toronto fitness clubs. There are no steam rooms. No towel service. The classes are basic and the showers are communal....

Tranzac Club / Bars

292 Brunswick Avenue 416.923.8137 Website
Tranzac Club

The Tranzac, a bar just south of Bloor on Brunswick, is a favourite of Toronto's indie musicians. It also doubles as a watering hole and live performance venue....

Trove / Fashion Stores

791 Bathurst Street 416.516.1258 Website

Trove stocks chic yet wearable clothing, shoes, boots, purses, jewellery, hosiery and shawls from a wide range of local and international designers. They also have a great selection of greeting...

Tutti Fruitti / Grocery Stores

402 Bloor St W 416.929.1693
Tutti Fruitti

Tutti Fruitti might be closing up shop at Yonge and College, but the Annex location remains to satisfy our collective sweet tooth. The shop is a kaleidoscope of colours with...

Twice Found / Design Stores

608 Markham Street 416.534.3904 Website
Twice Found

International 20th century decorative and functional ceramics, glass, wood, and vintage jewellery....

Universal Grill / Restaurants

1071 Shaw Street 416.588.5928 Website
Universal Grill

Universal Grill is a cherished gem at Shaw and Dupont, located amongst the surrounding residential, and somewhat industrial neighbourhood. We indulged in a leisurely Sunday brunch outing, arriving just before...

University of Toronto Art Centre / Galleries

15 King???s College Circle 416.978.1838 Website
University of Toronto Art Centre

The University of Toronto Art Centre is an art hub that offers a variety of artistic mediums with each exhibit. While some pieces in the gallery are apart of the...

Upside Apparel / Fashion Stores

209 Harbord Street 416.533.1010 Website
Upside Apparel

Upside Apparel is an Annex clothing store that sells locally designed and manufactured duds for both men and women. The clothes here are geared toward the urban cyclist, so if...

Vesta Lunch / Restaurants

474 Dupont Street 416.537.4318
Vesta Lunch

Vesta Lunch, located at Bathurst and Dupont, has built its reputation on all-day breakfasts ($6.75) and late night souvlaki sandwiches ($7). Open since 1955, the narrow lunch counter is open...

Victory Cafe / Restaurants

581 Markham Street 416.516.5787 Website
Victory Cafe

Much like its eclectic Mirvish Village neighbours, Victory Cafe likes to wear a lot of different hats. Cafe, pub, art bar, restaurant, you name it, Victory seems to morph...

Vidya Institute / Fitness Clubs

232 Christie Street 416.537.6993 Website
Vidya Institute

Vidya Institute is a classic yoga studio offering an array of classes, from pre-to-post natal classes, hatha and yoga for stress management. They also offer yoga teacher training programs....

Vinny's Panini / Restaurants

787 Dupont Street 416.531.9454
Vinny's Panini

Vinny's Panini is the type of no fuss, no muss, and unquestioningly authentic place die-hard panino fans pray for. Opened 6 years ago because Vinny Pennella knew his mom...

Vintage Grounds / Fashion Stores

760 Bathurst St 416.820.7477
Vintage Grounds

Vintage Grounds is the newly named, newly designed, newly street-level incarnation of the former Vantage Ground. Owner Lily wanted to move her Annex shop up from its basement space below...

Vintage Video / Services

640 Markham Street 416.538.9927 Website
Vintage Video

Vintage Video is a video rental store specializing in films from from the past. You'll find its shelves stocked with British imports, historical dramas, and John Wayne flicks. It also...

Vive Fitness / Fitness Clubs

807 Bathurst St. 416.901.8483 Website
Vive Fitness

Vive Fitness is a new, no-contract, no-enrollment-fee gym right beside Bathurst subway station. Located on the second level of the building, it's open 24/7 and offers group, circuit, strength, cardio,...

Volta Espresso / Cafes

866 Bathurst St. 647.520.9219 Website
Volta Espresso

Volta Espresso is a pocket cafe specializing in strong coffee. Since leaving Jet Fuel Coffee, 23-year-old owners Omar Makhlouf and Raf Wehbe opened their first coffee shop with the intent...

Weird Things / Galleries

998 Bathurst Street 416.538.9067 Website
Weird Things

Weird Things Antique Shop & Clubhouse is tucked away on a less frequently traveled stretch of Bathurst just south of Dupont. The gallery slash oddities shop slash anything-goes venue launched...

Wild Fire Grill (Harbord) / Restaurants

81 Harbord St
Wild Fire Grill (Harbord)

Wild Fire Grill (Harbord) at Harbord and Spadina is a Mediterranean restaurant that makes shawarma and gyro sandwiches. At the lunch rush you might be waiting in line with a...

Willow Books / Bookstores

333 Bloor St. W. 416.534.2665 Website
Willow Books

Willow Books is an unassuming kind of place you frequently walk by (it's right beside the Bata Shoe Museum), assuming it's not worth looking into. That would be a terrible...

Wonder Chicken / Restaurants

96 Harbord Street 647.342.9001 Website
Wonder Chicken

Wonder Chicken is a Harbord Village restaurant specializing in Taiwanese fare. Its menu is stacked with dishes like braised pork belly, Taiwanese sausage and - of course - chicken. ...

Wu Xing Martial Arts / Fitness Clubs

374 Dupont St., 2nd floor 416.972.9652 Website
Wu Xing Martial Arts

Wu Xing Martial Arts moved from its former location on St. Nicholas St. by Yonge and Wellesley to this spacious, natural light-filled Annex studio three years ago. In addition to...

Yasu / Restaurants

81 Harbord St. 416.477.2361 Website

Yasu is a tiny sushi restaurant on Harbord that only takes reservations. That's right, no walk-ins. Get ready for an intimate dining experience at a set menu (omakase) of $80...

Yoyo's Yogurt Cafe / Restaurants

417 Bloor St. West 647.346.2917 Website
Yoyo's Yogurt Cafe

Yoyo's Yogurt Cafe has placed itself right in the line of frozen treat fire. It's a few doors down from Greg's, just a couple blocks away from Sweet Fantasies, and...

Yuki Japanese Ya / Restaurants

320 Bloor Street West 647.435.8313
Yuki Japanese Ya

Yuki Japanese Ya takes over from Rolu, another Japanese restaurant that used to be in this spot....

Yunaghi / Restaurants

538 Manning Ave 416.588.7862 Website

Yunaghi serves up Japanese food on Manning Street in the Annex. Located where the old Ice Bistro used to be, this place is headed by Chef Tetsuya Shimizu. His culinary...

Za Pizzeria / Restaurants

402 Bloor St. W 647.345.9292 Website
Za Pizzeria

Za Pizzeria is a pizza parlour in the Annex slinging an entirely novel new type of pizza; BBQ pizza. Primarily a take out counter and delivery service, the joint is...

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