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KaKa All You Can Eat / Sushi

3235 Highway 7 East, Markham ON 905.604.5023 Website
KaKa All You Can Eat

KaKa All You Can Eat offers one of the best AYCE sushi experiences I've ever had - just don't let the price tag scare you away. The Markham restaurant costs more...

Eative / Gelato

228 Augusta Ave. 416.890.9079 Website

Eative is a frozen treats shop that makes instant sorbets ($4/$4.65) and gelato ($5/$5.65) with liquid nitrogen. Owner John Yan is not the first in Toronto to do this -...

Smoke's Weinerie / Poutine

457 Spadina Ave. Website
Smoke's Weinerie

Smoke's Weinerie is an offshoot of Smoke's Eaterie, which also includes Smoke's Poutinerie, and the soon-to-be Smoke's Burritorie. (No, despite what it sounds like, this is not a Dr. Seuss...

Miss Thing's / Asian

1279 Queen St. West 416.516.8677 Website
Miss Thing's

Miss Thing's is a pan-Asian, Polynesian-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar in Parkdale that was previously Wrongbar. Owner Nav Sangha felt it was time for a transition after seven years of...

Swan by Rose and Sons / Brunch

892 Queen St. West 416.532.0452 Website
Swan by Rose and Sons

Swan by Rose and Sons is the latest instance of an old Toronto restaurant reincarnated. Now under the ownership of Anthony Rose, the West Queen West diner is fully refurbished...

Lansdowne Brewery / Pub Food

303 Lansdowne Ave. 416.588.1641 Website
Lansdowne Brewery

Lansdowne Brewery has been a long time coming, but it's finally here. This brewpub beside Xpace can be found on a not-too-happening stretch of Lansdowne between College and Dundas West,...

Flock / Churrasquiera

330 Adelaide St. West 647.483.5625 Website

Flock is a fast food counter devoted to chicken and salad at Adelaide and Peter. It's the latest joint from Cory Vitiello of The Harbord Room, and the quick service,...

Bean and Baker Malt Shop / Ice Cream

326 Harbord St. 416.536.7632 Website
Bean and Baker Malt Shop

Bean and Baker Malt Shop is bringing back the mom'n'pop soda fountain to the city. Taking over the space that was previously the Bickford Flexitarian (and Linuxcaffe before that) at...

Wenona Lodge / Pub Food

1069 Bloor St. West 647.344.6444 Website
Wenona Lodge

Wenona Lodge is latest beer bar from the folks behind Tallboys and new team members Faye Balis and Vic Beard. It's named for a former resort situated on Sparrow Lake...

Trinity Common / Barbecue

303 Augusta Ave. 647.346.3030 Website
Trinity Common

Trinity Common occupies the Kensington Market address that was formerly Waterfalls Indian Tapas. It's owned and operated by the Shepherds (Mike, Lisa, and Don) and partner Alan Walker, all of...

Grinning Face / Gelato

540 Parliament Street 416.920.4444 Website
Grinning Face

Grinning Face is a non-dairy gelato shop in Cabbagetown beside Café Olya on Parliament. The shop specializes in artisanal gelato made from scratch using handmade coconut milk and natural, fresh...

Oh My Lard / Barbecue

707 Dundas St. W Website
Oh My Lard

Oh My Lard is a BBQ joint occupying one of the upcycled shipping containers that make up Market 707 at Scadding Court on Dundas West. Opening a BBQ spot has...

Apiecalypse Now! (Bloor St.) / Pizza

735 Bloor St. West 416.516.4555 Website
Apiecalypse Now! (Bloor St.)

Apiecalypse Now! left Mirvish Village, not because of some foreboding premonition, but for the greener pastures of Christie Pits. Doh! Since they've expanded operations to be one of the first...

Aka Teppan / Japanese

394 Bloor St. West 905.604.4880 Website
Aka Teppan

Aka Teppan brings DIY teppanyaki to the Annex. Meats come sizzling on an extremely hot teppan plate, and your task is to mix it with rice, vegetables and a selection...

Broncos / Sandwiches

127 Strachan Avenue 647.748.4800 Website

Broncos is a slider bar located on Strachan where Politica used to be. It's owned and operated by the team behind Branca, and helmed by Chef Kanida Chey. The place has...

Mascot Brewery / Pub Food

31 Mercer St. 416.979.0131 Website
Mascot Brewery

Mascot Brewery and Beer Garden occupies the rooftop above Odd Thomas on Mercer St. It's positioned perfectly to attract condo dwellers, Jays fans and clubs goers, but unlike its chic...

Origination Noodle House / Chinese

421 Dundas St. W 416.345.8729
Origination Noodle House

Origination Noodle House is a restaurant specializing in cuisine from the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan that borders Tibet, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Located below Dim Sum King in what...

Booyah / Ice Cream

16 Vaughan Rd. 647.347.2001 Website

Booyah occupies a retail storefront on Vaughan Road just a few doors down from Dutch Dreams, and it couldn't be more different from its neighbour. Owned and operated by the Mincer...

Abokichi / Japanese

258 Dupont St. 416.513.1333 Website

Abokichi, which means, "fortunate avocado" in Japanese, started off as a stall at a couple of farmers' markets a few years ago and has now taken over the tiny space...

A3 Napoli / Italian

589 College St. 416.588.6000 Website
A3 Napoli

A3 Napoli is slinging regional Italian street foods along College St. aiming to attract foot traffic in Little Italy with a menu of handheld delights that can be easily enjoy...

Crate / Eclectic

1402 Queen St. East 647.352.1402 Website

Crate was named as such to evoke images of rustic slatted wooden cases carrying fresh produce. This semi-subterranean space beside Queen Margherita Pizza in Leslieville that was formerly Rakia Bar...

Baguette & Co. / Sandwiches

1643 Dupont Street 647.344.1933 Website
Baguette & Co.

Baguette & Co. brings sustainable, ethical, and accessible food to the Junction Triangle without sacrificing quality. Not an easy feat, but co-owners Lynn Kwon and her husband make it look...

Market 707 / Eclectic

707 Dundas St W 416.392.0335 Website
Market 707

Market 707, the open air pedestrian mall populated by up-cycled shipping containers, is one of Toronto's top spots for street eats. Lining the perimeter of Scadding Court Community Centre, it's...

Sweet Olenka's (Kensington Market) / Ice Cream

225A Augusta Ave. 416.521.7444 Website
Sweet Olenka's (Kensington Market)

Sweet Olenka's now boasts a third location, this time in Kensington Market. In time for warmer weather, the shop is stocked with Olenka's signature ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches,...

Kasa Moto / Japanese

115 Yorkville Ave. 647.348.7000 Website
Kasa Moto

Kasa Moto is a sprawling Japanese restaurant in Yorkville from the Chase Hospitality Group. Like its sister restaurants, Little Fin, and, Colette, it's an upmarket, seafood-centric dining experience - only...

Crave Healthy Habits (Richmond-Adelaide Centre) / Vegetarian

120 Adelaide St. W. 416.855.3322 Website
Crave Healthy Habits (Richmond-Adelaide Centre)

Crave Healthy Habits now has a much larger breakfast and lunch takeout counter on the concourse level of the Richmond-Adelaide Centre, a significant step up from its small start-up King...

Old School / Brunch

800 Dundas St. W 416.815.8790
Old School

Old School is mash-up of all things Americana; diner style breakfasts, malt shop inspired desserts, and Southern style smokehouse fare are all in its wheelhouse. Taking over the former Dundas...

Paisano's / Italian

116 Willowdale Avenue 416.222.5487 Website

Paisano's has been slinging sauce and flipping pies since just before the last Stanley Cup Parade passed through our city, first opening in the tony Bayview Village mall before shifting...

Barque Butcher Bar / Barbecue

287 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.532.7700 Website
Barque Butcher Bar

Barque Butcher Bar sits a couple doors down from the original smokehouse on Roncy. It's an all day kind of joint that operates as a barbecue-centric butcher by day and...

The Craft Brasserie / Pub Food

107 Atlantic Ave. 416.535.2337 Website
The Craft Brasserie

The Craft Brasserie & Grille occupies the sunken corner lot at Atlantic and Snooker in Liberty Village. It joins a pocket of pubs and beer halls in the neighbourhood including...

Stelvio / Italian

354 Queen St. West 416.205.1001 Website

Stelvio, a restaurant specializing in northern Italian cuisine from the Lombardia region of Italy, has taken over the space formerly occupied by the BQM Diner on Queen West. From the...

Marky's BBQ Smokehouse / Barbecue

383 Jane St. 647.748.4227 Website
Marky's BBQ Smokehouse

Marky's BBQ Smokehouse has taken over the Mad Mexican's previous address on Jane St. in Baby Point. Going it alone now, Marcus De Simone, a.k.a. Marky (of the now defunct...

Scoop Shop / Ice Cream

808 Dundas St. W 416.738.4953 Website
Scoop Shop

Scoop Shop on Dundas West is the bricks and mortar retail outlet for Sweet Sammies Ice Cream Sandwich Co., a pop-up vendor owned by Sanober Motiwala who has been fixture...

Concession Road / French

760 St. Clair Ave West 416.658.0460 Website
Concession Road

Concession Road on St. Clair West is the newest endeavour from Harsh Chawla and Derek Valleau, the duo behind Pukka. It's a boundary-pushing French restaurant where haute cuisine is peppered...

Little Schmiddy's Hot Meat House / Brunch

584 Parliament St. 416.961.1600 Website
Little Schmiddy's Hot Meat House

Little Shmiddy's Hot Meat House is a Cabbagetown spot that offers, as you might expect, a variety of meats. If Shmiddy's menu just featured locally sourced and hormone-free proteins that...

McRamyun / Korean

1 Baldwin St. 647.345.5765 Website

McRamyun can be found occupying the space at the corner of Baldwin and McCaul that used to be Yakitori Bar in Baldwin Village. Although the place doesn't look too different...

Kabuki Sushi Lounge / Sushi

4 O'Neill Rd. 416.222.0118 Website
Kabuki Sushi Lounge

Kabuki Sushi Lounge at the Shops at Don Mills is all about sleek finishings, dark hardwood and high ceilings. TVs tuned to CP24, sports and Japanese anime give the place...

Smash Juice Bar / Juice Bar

36 Toronto St. 416.216.7070 Website
Smash Juice Bar

Smash Juice Bar is the all-raw, all-vegan, all-organic offshoot of Rose City Kitchen. Open since spring 2015, the juice-focused takeaway spot is shares a space with the lunch counter and...

La Saucisserie / Pub Food

229 Ossington Ave. 647.348.8989 Website
La Saucisserie

La Saucisserie has taken over the former address of Yours Truly on Ossington immediately south of Dundas. It's a concept, much like Wvrst, devoted to beer and sausages, but it's...

Belmonte Raw (PATH) / Juice Bar

130 King St. West Website
Belmonte Raw (PATH)

Belmonte Raw in the PATH is the second location for the Leslieville-based raw eatery and juicery. The takeout spot is tucked under under the Exchange Tower, once a frequent delivery...

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  • Vesta Lunch Vesta Lunch (474 Dupont St.) Inspected on: July 22, 2015 Inspection finding: Yellow (Conditional) Number of infractions: 5 (Minor: 1, Significant: 4) Crucial infractions include: N/A
  • Miss Thing's Wondering the same thing as James... QUESTLOVE is scheduled to play wrongbar on August 8th... I think they're both still open!
  • KaKa All You Can Eat Not the best name for a restaurant...
  • KaKa All You Can Eat not sure how it's a 'better value' if it takes me 70 minutes to get there. you sound like someone with a neckbeard with no value for your time.
  • BQM Ossington Ok burger, nothing to get all excited about... Fries were puny and burnt. I guess if you're there for the beer as most people were, you don't mind the rest. How did this...
  • KaKa All You Can Eat Definitely getting a better value than other AYCE places.
  • KaKa All You Can Eat Is this located in First Markham Place?
  • KaKa All You Can Eat I ate here a few weeks ago at the request of a friend. The scallops are real, but most likely of the frozen cheap variety. The pressed/torched sushi is...
  • KaKa All You Can Eat yo, i'd eat some kaka
  • KaKa All You Can Eat ops, i meant to say, when i called in to reserve a seat, they informed me that all tables were booked 3 days in advance. Therefore i couldn't reserve...
  • KaKa All You Can Eat i tried to go there yesterday, (a monday) booked out 3 days ago. So.. i suggest booking a table a good few days in advanced, or, if you are just 2...
  • Oh My Lard Been here a couple times now , love the place one of my faves, quick fresh bbq with great service. I love the pulled pork and the corn is off...
  • a la Carte at the Gardiner Bistro Hallo, sehr interessanter Beitrag, siehe auch REALASH ist unbestrittene Nummer 1 in der Welt der Wimper Conditioner - von echten Frauen, von den Dermatologen getestet, von Bloggern aus der ganzen...
  • Sukhothai I am so angry at Sukhothai on Wellington’s service. I arrived at the same time as another customer. We were both seated next to each other at the bar. We...
  • KaKa All You Can Eat Looks amazing for sure! Please open a location in Toronto!!
  • KaKa All You Can Eat What a great article! Putting aside the interesting choice for a name, I would definitely like to try this place. I love all the photos and the descriptions that go...
  • Cocina Economica @lolanda: Was it "shut down" as in closed for good, or were they just not open? I haven't been able to find information regarding their hours.
  • KaKa All You Can Eat Scallops were 100% real. None of that fake crab stuff posing as scallops. Though I didn't try any of the crab menu items so not sure on that front.
  • KaKa All You Can Eat That looks really good. I have to check it out. It's not that much more than Spoon + Fork $25.99 AYCE (which is decent for Toronto).
  • KaKa All You Can Eat *Typo $20 for 4 of them.
  • KaKa All You Can Eat Were the "tempura scallops" actually scallops or imitation crab meat? Actual tempura scallops cost a lot. I've had them before at a Japanese place at about $10 for 4 of...
  • Timothy's Pub The best cob salad anywhere
  • Miss Thing's This place looks good. I wonder if they have poke on their menu. We ate that everyday in Hawaii.
  • Dailo Wow, so aggressive..!! I appreciate the actual reviews, good or bad, but the unnecessary ignorance (white people wallets!? wtf). I was looking for something new in this...
  • Maple Leaf Dairy Too bad product is not made with 100% dairy. Should not be called ice cream. That's why it's cheap!
  • Smoke's Weinerie In terms of spelling, wiener is a variant on the spelling of weiner, but both are recognized as correct by Merriam-Webster dictionary. Google is your friend!
  • Oddseoul They are always ready to help the borrowers as per their need because they don\'t make any delay for them. She wants potential buyers to save at least 20% for...
  • Lady Marmalade Their eggs benny are to die for! Love that they have an actual eggs benedict menu. Line was long, but at one point it quickly grew short and the 4...
  • Raijin Ramen "Signs and symptoms may start within hours after eating the contaminated food" ~ Mayo Clinic http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/food-poisoning/basics/symptoms/con-20031705
  • The Greek Grill Went once. Cafeteria-style service. Indifferent staff. Nothing we wanted was available. Place was empty. No wonder.

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