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iQ Food Co. (First Canadian Place) / Sandwiches

100 King St. West Website
iQ Food Co. (First Canadian Place)

iQ Food Co. + Greenhouse Juice Co. have teamed up to offer the Financial District healthy options for eats at the Food Terrace on the mezzanine level of First Canadian...

Hakata Ramen / Japanese

5321 Yonge Street 416.733.3725 Website
Hakata Ramen

Hakata Shoryuken Ramen is not a Street Fighter special move, but rather a restaurant that serves up Hakata-style ramen In North York. Found a few blocks north of the North York...

Doomie's / Vegetarian

1263 Queen Street West Website

Doomie's is a vegan restaurant in Parkdale that originated in Los Angeles. It takes a brash, unapologetic stance on veganism. The ideology, exemplified by a comfort food-filled menu, is all...

Adamson Barbecue / Barbecue

176 Wicksteed Avenue 416.316.5216 Website
Adamson Barbecue

Adamson Barbecue encapsulates every romanticized expectation I have of Texas barbecue joint. That's probably because Adam Skelly modeled his lunch-only spot - located inside a Leaside-area warehouse - after the...

Yummy Cone / Pizza

7191 Yonge St. Thornhill 647.778.1111 Website
Yummy Cone

Yummy Cone is a small restaurant that serves up an interesting take on pizza - it's stuffed inside a cone. Capitalizing on a new food trend that's apparently gaining steam...

Han Shi Fang / Chinese

3250 Midland Ave. 647.350.5599 Website
Han Shi Fang

Han Shi Fang is proof that you can indeed have it all. This Scarborough restaurant is the first Toronto location of a large Chinese chain headquartered in Beijing - they...

Nanashake / Ice Cream

4750 Yonge St. 416.226.6262 Website

Nanashake may sound like a new dance move, but it's actually a little joint serving up delicious vegan soft serve desserts in North York. Located right by Sheppard subway station...

ChongQing Liuyishou Hot Pot / Chinese

650 Highway 7 East 905.762.9978
ChongQing Liuyishou Hot Pot

ChongQing Liuyishou Hot Pot is more than a long and difficult to pronounce name; it's also one of the most popular hot pot chain restaurants from China. This location is...

Royal Meats BBQ (CityPlace) / Burgers

88 Fort York Blvd 416.251.1144 Website
Royal Meats BBQ (CityPlace)

Royal Meats is an Eastern European grill in the heart of CityPlace. The restaurant is the not the first of its kind; there's an almost identical outlet near the IKEA...

Grk Ygrt / Frozen Yogurt

291 Augusta Avenue
Grk Ygrt

Grk Ygrt is where to head to in Kensington Market if you're looking for fresh and frozen yogurt. Boasting all natural, all homemade and all healthy recipes, you can choose...

Refuel Juicery / Juice Bar

2354 Yonge St. 416.486.3000 Website
Refuel Juicery

Refuel Juicery is where you'd go to fill yourself up with cold-pressed juice, smoothies and light, vegan meals. The compact take out spot on Yonge, just north of Eglinton, has...

Almighty Bao / Chinese

1212 Dundas Street West Website
Almighty Bao

Almighty Bao, like its predecessor Luther's Chicken, occupies the kitchen inside Churchill Bar. From the outside, it's no more than a menu, a banner, and a small service window. Owner Taylor...

Pho King Fabulous / Vietnamese

2411 Yonge Street 647.352.5288 Website
Pho King Fabulous

Pho King Fabulous better live up to its name, I think as I walk through the door of the Yonge and Eglinton-area Vietnamese restaurant. First-time restauranteur Kevin Hoang, who's originally from...

Cardinal Rule / Brunch

5 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.352.0202 Website
Cardinal Rule

Cardinal Rule is all about the retro diner vibe. The all-day Roncesvalles restaurant dishes out veggie, vegan, gluten free and meaty options on all three of their menus - breakfast,...

Beiruti Grand Cafe / Middle Eastern

155 Consumers Road 416.491.2227 Website
Beiruti Grand Cafe

Beiruti Grand Cafe inhabits a massive 13,000 square-foot space in a business park near Sheppard and Victoria Park. Jack Boyadjian and his family are behind the venture; They were previously...

Hakka Wow / Chinese

1433 Gerrard St. East 416.855.7331 Website
Hakka Wow

Hakka Wow is where to go in Little India for a taste of authentic Indian-Chinese (Hakka) food. From chili chickens to pakoras, there's a little bit of everything at this...

Artisan Noodle / Chinese

5421 Yonge St. 647.345.1155 Website
Artisan Noodle

Artisan Noodle is where those in the know go for Shaanxi-style (Northwestern) Chinese cuisine in North York including authentic versions of the noodles and buns the cuisine is well-known for. Owner...

Cosmic Treats / Vegetarian

207 Augusta Avenue 647.352.2207 Website
Cosmic Treats

Cosmic Treats isn't just another vegan spot in Kensington Market, this all-vegan restaurant dishes out an array of vegan comfort food. From pub-style dishes to a full ice-cream bar, Cosmic...

Rasta Pasta / Caribbean

61 Kensington Avenue 647.501.4505 Website
Rasta Pasta

Rasta Pasta derived its name from fusing traditional Italian and Caribbean dishes but it's the Jamaican side of the restaurant that has taken off as Kensington Market locals know to...

El Arepazo / Latin American

181 Augusta Ave. 647.472.1011 Website
El Arepazo

El Arepazo is where to go for a taste of traditional Venezuelan food in Kensington Market. What started as a pop-up food stand at 214 Augusta graduated into a standalone...

It's a Bao Time / Chinese

230 Commerce Valley Dr. East 905.771.8866 Website
It's a Bao Time

It's a Bao Time is more than a clever pun, it's also where locals in York Region go for handmade bao, bahn mi, and other Asian-inspired bite-sized goodness. Occupying part...

The Fat Beet / Indian

7330 Yonge Street Thornhill 905.597.8081 Website
The Fat Beet

The Fat Beet is an all day eatery at the base of a condo tower in Thornhill where Indian and Israeli cuisines meet on one menu. Expect to find thali...

Kub Khao / Thai

3561 Sheppard Ave East 416.297.8888 Website
Kub Khao

Kub Khao is a casual Thai eatery from Phanom (Patrick) Suksaen (of Jatujak) and partner with Tom Thanomphan (ex-Khao San Road). Situated on Sheppard Avenue near Birchmount Road, the 18-seat...

Federick Restaurant (Markham) / Chinese

160 New Delhi Drive 905.472.1682 Website
Federick Restaurant (Markham)

Federick is one of the pioneers of Indian-style (Hakka) Chinese cuisine in Toronto. Found in Scarborough and here, on a street named New Delhi Drive in Markham, the restaurant does...

Switzer's Airport Deli / Deli

7310 Torbram Road 905.671.0900 Website
Switzer's Airport Deli

Switzer's Airport Deli brings a distinct retro vibe to an industrial park situated right by Pearson International Airport. This Jewish-style delicatessen was part of the Switzer's chain, which include 14 restaurants...

Xawaash / Middle Eastern

130 Queen's Plate Drive 416.747.7222 Website

Xawaash is a Somali restaurant in Rexdale. It's also a popular food blog, and one husband-and-wife team run both. Abdullahi Kassim and Leila Adde started xawaash.com to teach others how...

Samosa Sweet Factory / Indian

1850 Albion Road 416.213.1165 Website
Samosa Sweet Factory

Samosa Sweet Factory, unsurprisingly, specializes in serving up vegetarian samosas as well as a variety of Indian desserts. But this Etobicoke mainstay doesn't only cater to locals at its small...

Carver / Sandwiches

101 Peter Street 647.748.1924 Website

Carver is a compact glass and concrete, standing room-only take-out restaurant that's devoted to serving up slow roasted meats. This is the first outlet from Rob Bragagnolo, the former executive...

Mermaid Fish and Grill House / Seafood

1748 Lawrence Avenue East 416.519.9868 Website
Mermaid Fish and Grill House

Mermaid Fish & Grill House surprised me when I walked through the front door. I wasn't sure what to expect, but a counter filled with fresh fish and seafood greeted...

C'est What / Pub Food

67 Front St. East 416.867.9499 Website
C'est What

C'est What is a brewpub that's been a fixture in the St. Lawrence Market area for three decades. Found in the cellar of a historic building, the pub is split...

The Real McCoy / Pizza

1033 Markham Road 416.439.6804
The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy is a Scarborough institution that's been cranking out burgers, fries and pizza for the past 48 years. The tiny space looks like a time capsule with team photos...

Allwyn's Bakery / Caribbean

81 Underhill Drive 647.847.4698
Allwyn's Bakery

Allwyn's Bakery may not look like much from the outside, but this takeout spot, found in an unassuming North York-area strip plaza, doles out delicious and budget-friendly meals. Allwyn's moved locations...

AAamazing Salad / Vegetarian

160 Baldwin St. Unit 2 647.361.2614 Website
AAamazing Salad

AAamazing Salad has set up shop on Baldwin Street where the Witches Brew used to be. It's an eatery that's new to Kensington Market, but has actually been in business...

Carens Rosedale / French

1118 Yonge St. 647.352.8111 Website
Carens Rosedale

Carens Rosedale started as a companion location to Carens Wine and Cheese in Yorkville but a few months after opening, owner Karen Walters decided to focus solely on this Rosedale...

Knuckle Sandwich / Sandwiches

969 Coxwell Avenue 647.748.7999 Website
Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich in East York packs a serious punch with its hearty menu dedicated to poutine, salads, soup and of course, a selection of massive sandwiches. Co-owners, and longtime friends,...

Wvrst / Eastern European

609 King St. West 416.703.7775 Website

Wvrst hasn't changed too much since Aldo Lanzillotta opened it back in 2011 - sausages, craft beer and fries are still its raison d'etre. And this second-floor space on King...

The Baro / Vegetarian

424 Queen St W 647.345.2276 Website
The Baro

The Baro Chopped Salad Shoppe joins a slew of fast casual eateries at Queen and Spadina. It's a lighter alternative to the fried chicken bao and jarge style burgers that...

Nine Cube Hot Pot / Chinese

3229 Highway 7 East Markham ON 905.604.3866
Nine Cube Hot Pot

Nine Cube Hot Pot takes this style of dining to another level. Located in the First Markham Place complex, this small restaurant provides a four-pot and even an eponymous 9-grid...

Batch / Pub Food

75 Victoria St. 416.238.1484 Website

Batch from Creemore Springs is a brewpub that's taken over the Victoria Street address formerly home to the Beer Academy. There's a lot going on inside. Entering from the main...

Athlete's Kitchen / Juice Bar

171 East Liberty St. Unit 131 416.516.0101 Website
Athlete's Kitchen

Athlete's Kitchen started out as meal prep service before debuting a retail location in Liberty Village. The take-out food counter joins similarly health-focused eateries in the neighbourhood including Oats &...

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Recent Comments

  • Edulis Restaurant although the food was nice...I will not be back. The experience is not worth the cost! I've had tasting menus in Chicago that blow this place out of the water. Thankfully...
  • SIP Wine Bar SIP is amazing and I have no idea why the rating on this site is so low - I have been to all other places in town too many to...
  • Last Temptation Please stay true to Vietnam food Viets ... and add kara okay on some days for singing but a family style event!!! Cheers
  • Tibet Cafe So its short on looks eh ... and makes it up in flavour ... must be speaking of Mrs... ummmm ... nether regions of them guys ... ummmm whatever...
  • V Restaurant I cannot wait to arrive here ... at V ... hope that you succeed at sheel shocking my mouth with powerful peri peri sauce!!! Much success wished upon your res...
  • Akram's Shoppe The food at Akrams was better before renovations and so was that stain causing hot sauce ... and plus by now you should be serving laban and other great drinks...
  • Amadeu's Restaurant Some of the best service in Toronto and a good, clean, posh home feeling inside this restaurant ... wayyyyyy better than any commercial fast food resto and Ama do this...
  • Butchukoy Planning to bring an inspirational/OPM concert in your areas... interested in sponsorships? Please feel free to contact the Producer @ 647-767-1190.
  • Greenhouse Juice Co. I'm so happy to try this Juice. Raw juice guru customer service is really terrible (except for one guy) but the nutritionist Kyla is so rude, and they miss deliveries,...
  • Marron The results aare ambiguous yet it seems that Dr. Wibstock thinks darknet markets could do more good than damage.
  • Rickshaw Bar Phenomenal. There is no other words necessary. Cocktails were enjoyable and EVERYTHING on the menu is unbelievably delicious. We had tacos, the cauliflower, flatbreads, scallops and both special... including the fish....
  • Gerry's I ordered a cake that was not to my satisfaction, spoke with Gerry and he immediately offered a refund and/or a new cake. I chose a new cake...
  • Ceylon Flavor If you need real sinhalese food i will recommend Araliya @ 832 Markham road tel 647 707 7160 or web araliyafood.ca.
  • Araliya Takeout and Catering Today we got shrimp and spinach biryani and fish biryani from this place for our gathering. It was really good tasting bit extra spicy.
  • Ka Chi (Koreatown) Yum! Great soups! Great on the wallet too
  • Pizza Thick Honestly the worst pizza I've ever had. Shockingly bad. I think it's hilarious that the owner thinks we should go to him privately. No, that's not how the hyper-competitive food...
  • Pizza Thick I do not blame the owners of this establishment for getting upset at all by some of the foolish comments here. No one over the age of four should ever...
  • Skyline Restaurant it is the best place to eat for sandwiches and i loved this place and i recommend it to all.
  • Caffino Shamless plug here but i just drafted a blog about the Top Unique Wedding Venues in Toronto from a photographers perspective for weddingvibe.com. I have caffino on the top...
  • Nazareth Please dont close down!!!! This is literally the best food on the planet.
  • The Duke I being going there for forty year.i really like the owe. But the staff some of them got to go.bar tender forgets to add booze to your drinks.boucser is rude...
  • Bar Raval A complete ripoff
  • Bar Raval A complete ripoff!
  • Pizza Thick Was going to abstain from commenting but the owner chimed wayyyy to aggressively. Tried the pizza. It was gross and the toppings were thoughtlessly clumped on in massive piles on...
  • Ciao Roma I love how people keep referring to the fact that this is a waste of time considering it is outside the Toronto limits by being in Vaughan....for a person located...
  • La Carnita (John St.) LMAO went here and service was awful. food is okay, whoever is saying the got good service is lying, all the servers look like they hate their lives. Seemed stressed...
  • The Grover My kids go to the school down the street, but I've never ventured in due to the previous rep the place had. With this review, maybe we'll try it...
  • Pizza Thick Looks fantastic. Finally someone slinging a different style of pizza than the garbage thin-crust that passes at a lot of places in this city. "Carb bombs"? Well yeah. It's pizza....
  • Fresh Everyone i know who has eaten there has gotten sick at some point. Probably due to improper washing of their vegetables, untrained staff etc... Place is all hype....
  • Descendant Pizza I was born and grew up in Windsor. I lived in Windsor till I was 20 and have been in Toronto for only 13 years. I have no...

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