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Little AAA / Barbecue

1276 Queen St. East 647.347.2677 Website
Little AAA

Little AAA is AAA Bar's younger sibling in Leslieville. Taking over what was last Caribbean joint The Hummingbird, this spot is definitely smaller than the one at Adelaide and Jarvis...

The Thirsty Duck / Pub Food

972 Queen St. East 416.463.2303 Website
The Thirsty Duck

The Thirsty Duck is named for a Halifax bar that owners Joey Skeir and Cherie Stinson used to frequent. The new public house in Leslieville sits just doors down from...

Bac Ky / Vietnamese

567 King St. West 416.599.7468 Website
Bac Ky

Bac Ky is a Vietnamese canteen/health bar on King West, taking over the space formerly occupied by short-lived The Greek. Its name is a derogatory term for people from northern...

La Carnita (John St.) / Mexican

106 John St. 647.348.1166 Website
La Carnita (John St.)

La Carnita has dubbed its third location LC Central to distinguish itself from its predecessors on College St. and Queen East. It's the latest expansion from Andrew Richmond and Amin...

UPstairs Lounge / Pub Food

97 Front St. West 416.869.3300 Website
UPstairs Lounge

UPstairs Lounge can be found, as its name indicates, on the upper floor of the Union Pearson Express stop located inside the SkyWalk of Union Station. Like the UP Express...

Sid's Deli / Deli

160 McCaul St. 416.260.5156 Website
Sid's Deli

Sid's Deli is named for Sid Starkman - the late president of Chicago 58 Foods, a Toronto institution famous for its Jewish style salami, hot dogs and cured meats. The...

Dooney's / Sandwiches

866 Bloor St. West 416.535.2345 Website

Dooney's was first established in 1982 at Bloor and Borden streets, and was once a hub for Toronto's literati including the likes of Ian Adams, Margaret Atwood, and Jane Jacobs....

Rickshaw Bar / Asian

685 Queen St. West 647.352.1227 Website
Rickshaw Bar

Rickshaw Bar can be found on Queen just west of Bathurst, in what used to be Lot St. It has kept the previous restaurant's copper pipe light fixtures as well...

Denny's Toronto / Brunch

121 Dundas St. West 416.599.6161 Website
Denny's Toronto

Denny's Toronto needs no introduction. Once a novelty enjoyed on trips south of the border (or to Niagara Falls), the American chain has expanded into the GTA in recent years...

Smoke's Burritorie / Burritos

218 Adelaide St. West Website
Smoke's Burritorie

Smoke's Burritorie has followed hot on the heels of the brand's Weinerie, opening its first-ever location (with many more to follow) just below Smoke's Poutinerie's original location. This basement spot...

Sweet Jesus / Ice Cream

106 John St. 647.348.2266 Website
Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus occupies a corner unit squished between Union Juice and the third outpost of La Carnita (which can also be found on College and Queen East). Follow the trail...

The Old Laurel / Pub Food

300 College St. 647.707.4707 Website
The Old Laurel

The Old Laurel has taken over the two storey College Street address that was formerly Rancho Relaxo. It's a new collaboration from Donnie Blais (who continues to run the Rancho...

Corks & Platters / Eclectic

2220 Queen St. East 416.706.6668 Website
Corks & Platters

Corks & Platters is a small wine bar in the Beaches with a homey, DIY vibe. Occupying what was formerly a carpet store, the space seats about 18 people, with...

The Grover / Pub Food

676 Kingston Road 416.691.9200 Website
The Grover

The Grover is a pub in the Upper Beaches that's been around since 1982. It's come under new ownership and updated its look, refreshing everything from its signage and back...

Fancy Pig / Sandwiches

285 Augusta Ave. 647.575.4495 Website
Fancy Pig

Fancy Pig has replaced the short-lived salad bar next to Romeo's Juice Bar in Kensington Market. It's the newest endeavour from Mike Tucker and Ted Zacharopoulos of Scratch Kitchen, who...

Lola's Gelato / Gelato

16 Brookers Lane 416.351.8148 Website
Lola's Gelato

Lola's Gelato is located on the ground floor of a condo building in south Etobicoke, a location ideal for those in need of an espresso pick-me-up or breakfast cookie baked...

Cellar Door Restaurant / Italian

3003 Lake Shore Blvd. W 416.253.0303 Website
Cellar Door Restaurant

Cellar Door is not your typical Italian-Canadian restaurant. Owner and head-chef Robert Rubino honed his skills in kitchens around the world, and he's now serving up handmade pastas and...

Abruzzo Pizza / Pizza

9010 Yonge St. 905.881.8222 Website
Abruzzo Pizza

Abruzzo Pizza has been one of Richmond Hill's top pizza producers since opening back in 1981. A solid 34 years of tossing pies means owners Sergio and Vince run a...

West City Snackbar / Pub Food

430 Horner Ave. 647.348.1400 Website
West City Snackbar

West City Snack Bar offers hearty portions that are hardly snack-sized. With a small menu devoted to comfort food classics, West City makes an ideal lunch or quick dinner spot. The...

Goodlake / Brunch

2976 Lake Shore Blvd. West 416.253.4404 Website

Goodlake is a pretty restaurant in New Toronto that's already built a good reputation for brunch and bistro-style dinner service. With its dark, wood-paneled walls and homey decor, this casual,...

Fresh East / Sandwiches

334 Yonge St. 416.979.5500 Website
Fresh East

Fresh East is the newest offshoot of Paramount Fine Foods and the first of several planned Toronto locations. The halal certified sandwich shop occupies a tiny storefront on Yonge Street...

Union Juice (John St.) / Juice Bar

106 John St. 647.846.7510 Website
Union Juice (John St.)

Union Juice at John and Adelaide is much bigger than its first location in the Annex. Found on the ground floor of the Pinnacle on Adelaide condo, this site is...

Descendant Pizza / Pizza

1168 Queen St. East 647.347.1168 Website
Descendant Pizza

Descendant Pizza charts out unchartered territory as the city's first Detroit-style pizzeria. A former chef at Pizzeria Libretto and Danforth Pizza House, Christopher Getchell brought the concept to Toronto, which...

Wooffles & Cream / Ice Cream

8360 Kennedy Rd. Markham ON 647.281.0487 Website
Wooffles & Cream

Wooffles & Cream is a food stall located in a predominately Chinese mall at Kennedy Rd and Highway 7 in Markham. The concept here is unique, serving up a selection...

Unionville Gelato Co. / Gelato

139 Main Street Unionville, Markham, Ontario L3R 2G6 905.604.3994 Website
Unionville Gelato Co.

Unionville Gelato Co. is a much needed addition to historic Main St. in Unionville, which was sorely lacking a solid ice cream/gelato shop. Located in the Mill off Main St....

Veggie D'Light / Vegetarian

160 Baldwin St. 647.352.7581 Website
Veggie D'Light

Veggie D'Light inhabits a retail storefront on Baldwin near Spadina where Hot Beans used to be. Apparently Ross Corder (former Hot Beans owner, now of Porter House) made it a...

Yutaka / Sushi

157 Dundas St. West 416.596.6877 Website

Yutaka can be found among the growing number of Japanese establishments along Dundas St. between University and Chestnut. Occupying a large space that was previously Garden Restaurant, this Japanese eatery...

Hansik / Korean

1101 Finch Avenue 416.650.1212 Website

Hansik is an unassuming Korean restaurant along the North York Finch corridor. Combining traditional and modern takes on Korean cooking, Hansik's menu features classics like pork ribs and chicken galbi...

Gud to Go / Juice Bar

1054 Eglinton Ave. West 647.230.3699 Website
Gud to Go

Gud to Go is one of the newest cold-pressed juice bars to pop up Toronto. However, the brother and sister duo behind this Eglinton West shop have been serving the...

Ashdale Brunch and Espresso / Brunch

1560 Queen St. East 647.479.8170 Website
Ashdale Brunch and Espresso

Ashdale Brunch and Espresso is a welcome addition, even if Leslieville is already blessed with some great breakfast and brunch spots. Located at the northeast corner of Ashdale Ave. and...

Raca Cafe & Bar / Italian

1704 Queen St. West 416.901.9951 Website
Raca Cafe & Bar

Raca Cafe & Bar has taken over the short-lived Ze Ze Food & Drink in Parkdale. Named after owner/chef Ivana Raca, this restaurant is a reflection of everything she is....

Alo / French

163 Spadina Ave. 416.260.2222 Website

Alo Restaurant is on the third floor of the building that houses Hero Burger at the southeast corner of Spadina and Queen. It's the newest endeavour from chef Patrick Kriss...

On a Bun / Sandwiches

841 Queen St. West 416.362.2867 Website
On a Bun

On a Bun is a rapidly expanding chain of Italian-style sandwich shops around the Golden Horseshoe. Its only downtown location is at Queen and Niagara. There are also outposts in...

Otto's Berlin Doner / Sandwiches

256 Augusta Avenue 647.347.7713 Website
Otto's Berlin Doner

Otto's Berlin Doner is a sandwich shop in Kensington Market that specializes in German street foods. It's owned and operated by Nancy Chen, Konrad Droeske, Thomas Masmejean, and Matt Eckensweiler...

Masheel Bistro / Korean

598 College St. 647.348.5333 Website
Masheel Bistro

Masheel Bistro occupies a narrow storefront on College St. that was formerly Pho Huong. It's a Korean restaurant from first time restaurateur Seyoung Kim, that is serving up an eclectic...

KaKa All You Can Eat / Sushi

3235 Highway 7 East, Markham ON 905.604.5023 Website
KaKa All You Can Eat

KaKa All You Can Eat offers one of the best AYCE sushi experiences I've ever had - just don't let the price tag scare you away. The Markham restaurant costs more...

Eative / Gelato

228 Augusta Ave. 416.890.9079 Website

Eative is a frozen treats shop that makes instant sorbets ($4/$4.65) and gelato ($5/$5.65) with liquid nitrogen. Owner John Yan is not the first in Toronto to do this -...

Smoke's Weinerie / Poutine

457 Spadina Ave. Website
Smoke's Weinerie

Smoke's Weinerie is an offshoot of Smoke's Eaterie, which also includes Smoke's Poutinerie, and the soon-to-be Smoke's Burritorie. (No, despite what it sounds like, this is not a Dr. Seuss...

Miss Thing's / Asian

1279 Queen St. West 416.516.8677 Website
Miss Thing's

Miss Thing's is a pan-Asian, Polynesian-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar in Parkdale that was previously Wrongbar. Owner Nav Sangha felt it was time for a transition after seven years of...

Swan by Rose and Sons / Brunch

892 Queen St. West 416.532.0452 Website
Swan by Rose and Sons

Swan by Rose and Sons is the latest instance of an old Toronto restaurant reincarnated. Now under the ownership of Anthony Rose, the West Queen West diner is fully refurbished...

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Recent Comments

  • The Thirsty Duck NO! Garlic fingers are most definitely not "garlic toast cut up into fingers". Closest Upper Canadian garlic finger hack that I have found is at Pizza Pizza (believe it or...
  • Commisso Brothers & Racco Italian Bakery lame. You might want to get in front on a mirror and say "fuck off, Im a dick and a 9 year old".
  • La Carnita (John St.) Agree with the positive ones. I don't know about other people's experience but I came to this location a few weeks ago when it opened, service was great, had a...
  • Little AAA Any other employees/relatives/cousins or friends who want to jump in and snark at comments here? Defensive snarkniness in these types of public forums actually turn me off of trying new...
  • Old School Nah, you definitely did charge us, chicken was 18, the meal I ordered was 15. You said you were planning on adjusting the bill, but you never offered, you merely...
  • Little AAA Ms Texas isnt. Ms Teen Texas isnt.
  • La Carnita (Queen East) COMPLETE slap in the face 'service' hope they enjoyed their tip which was er NOT sent a message and will not return
  • La Carnita (John St.) The Home Of The Brave is the biggest purveyor of unhealthy fats this side of Taco Bell. Terrible
  • The Thirsty Duck "Unimpressed" The Roy? Hahaha...if you're up for Sysco frozen food, enjoy. Got an email the other day asking if I was coming back to The Roy...ummmm...nope. Not by a long...
  • Commisso Brothers & Racco Italian Bakery I remember back in the day driving down with my boys in the iroc z's and mustangs, after the races we'd hit this place up. those were the days.
  • Fancy Pig 'The Chuck Norris' - I find it funny that the owners have used someone elses fame to try and kickstart their shitty business.
  • Little AAA Everyone in Texas is obese or fat
  • Fancy Pig I just read their bio thingy. I think they should have waited "3 days" before they started walking around like they owned Kensington market. LOSERS.
  • Fancy Pig This place sucks. The owner is a loser moron who thinks its OK to go around threatening / attacking other people who work in Kensington mrkt, on account that he...
  • Ashdale Brunch and Espresso What happened to the chef?
  • The Thirsty Duck HOW ABOUT GARLIC TOES?
  • Noodle on Finch I was so excited to try this place for so long. The service was super fast, however when I brought the food home I had to throw it all out....
  • La Carnita (John St.) I had the most amazing experience here! I had been to the college location in the past but not often as its out of my way and so hard to...
  • Little AAA Looks DISGUSTING
  • Little AAA Hands down best roti in Toronto.
  • Little AAA Fall of the Bone is not a traditional Texas way of smoking Ribs.. If that is what you prefer then this place is not for you but it is what...
  • Little AAA Sausage is on the regular menu at both locations: and you will notice Burnt Ends are not on the menu.... Not sure what you are talking about? The Owners...
  • Little AAA Why do people comment on profiles of restaurants they've never been to? Thanks for your generic thoughts on BBQ, I'm sure everyone really appreciates your review based on the photos....
  • Little AAA I went to Triple A a long time ago and the service I had wasn't too great (just didnt' seem friendly/polite) but I will definitely give it another chance at...
  • Little AAA One thing I notice about a lot of ribs in Canada is that they don't cook them long enough, and they are kind of tough. The ones in this photo...
  • Little AAA I think AFT and AAA should combine forces (AAAAFT?) to make the citys preeminent BBQ joint. Both do insanely good BBQ and can only imagine how good this supernova of meat...
  • Little AAA Considering this place touts itself as a Central Texas barbecue joint, you should have actually tried the regular brisket, which is the true hallmark of Central Texas barbecue, along with...
  • Little AAA Can't wait to check this out, as I'm a regular at the Adelaide and Jarvis location. I love the owners, always super friendly and chatty. Not a meat eater, but...
  • Little AAA If Little AAA is half as fun as any given night is at AAA, then this will be a very welcomed spot. The original AAA has to be the least pretentious...
  • Little AAA Why you mad, Joe? AAA is great. Good food, even if the portions can be small. But it's a great place if you're just looking to drink and watch a...

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