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Trailer for Man From Toronto exclusively features people who can't pronounce Toronto

After more than two years of setbacks, switch-ups, local street closures and tons of movie buff hype, Netflix has finally released a trailer for its highly-anticipated film The Man From Toronto  — complete with a release date!

The Man From Toronto is scheduled for release via Netflix in just a few weeks, on June 24, 2022.

Starring Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco, Ellen Barkin and a whole bunch of other people not from Toronto, the movie began filming in October of 2020 after a requisite two-week quarantine period for out-of-country cast and crew members.

We've seen plenty of spots in and around Toronto transform into film sets (temporarily) since then, from the Brampton GO station to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's famous atrium on Front Street.

Today, the spoils of all that hard work were revealed (alongside a whole bunch of regrettable hard "t" sounds) with the release of the movie's official trailer

"Hey Toronto, you ready to go back to work?" says Barkin at the beginning of the trailer, no doubt inspiring chills among happy remote employees who've been called back to the office in recent months.

Backed by an absolute banger of an old DMX track (1999's "What's My Name,") the trailer depicts a typical big budget comedy-action buddy film; Bumbling vacationer Kevin Hart meets suave spy Woody Harrelson and many explosions occur.

Netflix and Sony clearly spent a lot of money on brand-name talent, action scenes and blockbuster special effects, but it appears as though a local dialect coach wasn't in the budget. Not a good one, anyway.

In every single instance where the word "Toronto" is spoken in the trailer for the film (and there are at least a dozen,) the second "T" is pronounced. Hard. As locals well know, this is a major no-no, and a dead giveaway that someone is not, in fact, from Toronto. It's "Tur-AH-nno," not "Toe-RON-toe."

Fortunately for Netflix, most people in Canada don't even know how to correctly pronounce the country's economic capital. I can almost guarantee that few people in the States will notice or care either.

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