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The top 10 viral videos from Toronto this year

Toronto had a big year for raw, direct-from-the-streets viral video content. People around the city pulled out their phones en masse throughout 2017 to catch dozens of moments you probably wouldn't believe without seeing, from jaw-dropping fights to four-legged criminals and beyond.

Here are my favourite viral videos from Toronto in 2017.

The Pizza Pizza fight video

An intense but ridiculous late night brawl broke among 10 or so intoxicated people at a Pizza Pizza near Queen and Broadview this summer. Lucky for the world, it was captured on camera and shared very widely.

Squirrel steals chocolate bars from convenience store

A tiny bandit was caught on camera in January of 2017 robbing a west-end convenience store. Like so many mischievous Toronto animals before it, the black squirrel went viral after his adorable crime spree, which resulted in the loss of an estimated 40 chocolate bars.

Driver reverses on the Gardiner

Many people were legitimately horrified after watching video footage of a motorist driving backwards, very slowly, into oncoming west-bound traffic on one of Toronto's biggest freeways. It was the middle of the night, but still. That's a dangerous (and illegal) move.

The No Frills parking lot brawl

Things got wild outside a No Frills store in Scarborough this July when an argument over a parking space escalated into a full-on fist fight. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Prince Harry and the popcorn-stealing Toddler

According to YouTube, the most-viewed video to come out of Toronto this year was footage from the Invictus Games. It features the handsome Prince Harry inadvertently sharing his popcorn with a little girl.

The TTC mop water fight video

This short clip of a young women getting TTC mop bucket water dumped over her head on a subway platform in Scarborough was the talk of the town back in September thanks to a share from World Star Hip Hop.

The Views Are Different Here

A City of Toronto tourism video was released to widespread praise in March of 2017, mostly because of how well it captured our city's beauty and coolness. The campaign promoted Toronto as vibrant urban centre – not a hokey Canadian stereotype – and for this, it went viral.

The robot dancing cop

Last February, a Durham Regional Police Service officer proved that he can both fight crime and dance like a pro after responding to a call about a suspected gang fight at UOIT in Oshawa. The resulting dance battle was viewed over a million times in just a few days on Facebook.

Disgruntled woman blocks a TTC bus

Last month, a woman made headlines by walking in front of two Toronto buses to protest TTC overcrowding during an extreme cold weather alert. The woman was filmed by a passenger on one of the buses, which were forced to drive very slowly behind the protestor.

Ceiling raccoon at Pearson Airport

Oh hi there, little friend. A baby raccoon sparked a cellphone paparazzi swarm this May when he peeked out of a ceiling in the baggage claim area of Pearson. The only thing that could've made the scene better is if it happened ahead of a Porter flight. Get it?

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