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Patty joint that supplies many TTC subway stations closes its last location

The Toronto bakery that's best known for supplying many subway stations with its Jamaican patties has officially shuttered its final customer-facing storefront.

A devastating two-alarm fire destroyed Fahmee Bakery's commercial kitchen in Scarborough, and its subsequent closure halted the bakery's 40-plus years of patty production.

It's been a challenging period for Fahmee owner Faiz Abdella, who shared in an emotional video at the beginning of this year the state of the business.

"In five years I've opened a store, closed a store, opened two more stores and lost a store to a fire and have given up a restaurant to a family. I'm now down to one restaurant," he said candidly to the camera back in January.

Despite working out of a ghost kitchen and the business' remaining locations, plus the efforts of another restaurant who had kicked in to provide assistance, Fahmee closed its final location on Lansdowne after almost four years in operation.

According to Fahmee Bakery's Instagram account, its last day was Easter Sunday.

blogTO has learned that Fahmee's former storefronts have been subleased to black-owned businesses that he avidly supports.

The location on 1971 Weston Road has now become Carols, which Abdella shares is "bringing an old school Grenadian pot to a modern world."

Meanwhile, Mateos Munchies calls 222 Lansdowne Avenue home and is operated by Shannae, "a young Black Entrepreneur… [who] has been operating from her basement for the last couple years making real comfort food."

Abdella describes the fare as "Real sweet, savoury, guilty pleasures. Food your kids would eat if you allowed them to have free reign over there food options. And you would to if wasn't for your New Year's resolution."

(The business is named after her son, Mateo, who she cooks with on occasion.)

Although down storefronts, Fahmee is not out. Abdella shares with blogTO his next steps.

"For me, I will focus on making patties wholesale. The great thing is though, Shannae is selling my patties and so is Carols who took over [the] Weston [location]. So not all is lost! Just a better transition for me and two other black families who took over!"

Here's hoping that we'll see Fahmee's patties populating restaurant and subway station snack counters the way they once did again.

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Hector Vasquez

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