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Popular Toronto subway patties returning after bakery fire

A Toronto bakery known for making beef patties popular at some of the city's busiest subway stations was forced to stop making their best-selling item following a fire at their headquarters.

The Scarborough location of Fahmee Bakery where they used to make their patties is now closed, but they've recently posted to social media that they'll finally be resurrecting their patties in a new location.

They'll be sold from the same space where their patties went on special for $1 during the opening: 222 Lansdowne

This location opened in 2021 when patties were still available, before the devastating fire of spring 2022.

We haven't been able to taste Fahmee's flaky patty goodness in the past number of months except for a limited-time pop-up which they sold off a reserve of patties that had been stored off-site.

"We are making the patties in a ghost bakery. Lansdowne will be the only place we will be selling it right now," Faiz Abdella of Fahmee tells blogTO.

"Hopefully, by the end of October we will be able to make enough for our major customers: Bathurst station, Allwyn's, and Roywoods. We are just waiting on funding from Farm Credit Canada to get the equipment we need."

Fahmee has also been operating a Weston location, but it's closed temporarily for renovations.

"We are still looking for a good location in Scarborough but the market is very bad right now," says Abdella.

For now, the lucky people living close to Lansdowne's Fahmee location can get their hands on these coveted patties from Monday onward. Fahmee is also adding a stuffed patty and a pizza patty to the menu.

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Hector Vasquez

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