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Bakery that makes Toronto subway station patties is permanently closing

The Toronto bakery that's known for making the best patties you'll ever get from a subway station has announced they are permanently closing.

Fahmee Bakery's original Scarborough location fell victim to a brutal fire recently, and while no one was injured the store has been closed indefinitely ever since.

Unfortunately, it's this location that actually produced their famous patties for 40 years, so one of Toronto's favourite subway snacks has been a casualty of the incident.

"We have made the hard choice to close our Scarborough location permanently," reads a social media post announcing the location won't be reopening.

"I know a lot of people were disappointed when they couldn't get a hand on the best patty in the city."

"It's just been so damaged that the time it takes to fix it along with the couple years left of our lease, it just did not seem feasible," Faiz Abdella of Fahmee tells blogTO.

Now, however, there's a chance to snap up their patties one last time before they're gone. Fahmee has announced they have a reserve of patties that were stored offsite and they're going to be selling them off at a pop-up at Scarborough Town Centre this weekend.

"We hope to make patties again but it will take some time," says Abdella. "It's a big project to make patties and we made thousands a day, so we can't just go anywhere."

In the meantime, Fahmee actually recently opened Weston and Lansdowne locations where you can still get great Caribbean food. As for the old Scarborough space, Abdella says change was on the way for it no matter what.

"From what I know they are trying to build townhouses within the next few years so the whole plaza is changing eventually," says Abdella.

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