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Owner of famed Toronto patty bakery shares an emotional video about a devastating year

The owner of one of Toronto's favourite (and arguably the best) patty shop has publicly shared a very emotional video describing the state of business affairs after a year of hardship.

Faiz Abdella of Fahmee Bakery shared a video on the business’ Instagram page chronicling the state of Fahmee's business and how 2022 was the "worst year" of his life.

Sitting on the floor of an empty apartment and speaking candidly to the camera, Abdella opens the video by telling his followers what is going on.

"In seven months I lost almost everything, I'm almost penniless,” he says.

The saga started with the devastating two-alarm fire that occurred at the Scarborough location, near Brimley Road and Finch Avenue, in May. It was particularly disastrous as this was the place where all the patties were handmade and baked, shipping to retailers and subway stations.

"That's where we made everything. And it just can't recover."

Around that time, Abdella had announced that the location would close permanently on social media, after 42 years of Jamaican patty production. A new location was announced shortly after. 

The video continues with Abdella addressing a common misconception of the business' ownership, confirming that he has been the sole owner and CEO for the last five years - since he was just 19 years old.

"In five years I've opened a store, closed a store, opened two more stores and lost a store to a fire and have given up a restaurant to a family. I’m now down to one restaurant," he tells the camera.

He details the hardships of the last half-decade, working gruelling hours and weekends, losing families, friends and love, plus working with employees and staff who didn't have his or the business' best interests at heart.

"I've given up a lot of things for a dream I feel like I can't even see anymore," he says.

He also speaks about being young and in the world of business, with people taking advantage of him and exploiting his age.

"So, me, right now, losing the apartment, losing the cars, losing almost everything is the culmination of years of me being naive and young in business, and me trusting the wrong people. I won't make that mistake again. Ever."

It's almost impossible to not feel moved by the video, with Abdella bravely opening up his heart and mind, in a solemn mood. But he is adamant that he doesn't want pity or charity.

The eight-minute video ends with Abdella speaking about his renewed hope and determination to make Fahmee Bakery a "homestay" with hopes of patties sold and enjoyed across the world.

"Twenty-twenty-two was probably the worst year of my life. I'm going to make sure it's the last of bad years. From now moving forward, I'm back on the path and goal to make Fahmee Bakery - or the patties anyways, a worldwide success."

The comments on the video were flooded with words of support and love, applauding Abdella's openness and bravery. 

"Sending you positive vibes on this next part of your journey. Fahmee Patties forever!" read just one of many comments. 

We love you, Faiz and Fahmee Bakery! 

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez

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