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20 new pizza joints in Toronto you need to try at least once

The number of pizza joints in Toronto has exploded in the past year with the increased demand for affordable takeout and delivery. From ghost kitchens to Windsor-style pies there's something on this list for every pizza lover.

Here are new pizza joints in Toronto you need to try at least once.


Bloorcourt now plays host to this source for Sicilian-Levantine pizza with options like sfincione (a traditional classic with breadcrumbs and anchovies) and shawarma pies.

Ambassador Pizza Co.

Toronto now has this destination for Windsor-style pizza in Bloordale Village, where pies are liberally topped with canned mushrooms.

Detroit Pizzeria

This new resource for Detroit-style pizza in the Annex does rectangular pies that take about 20 to 25 minutes to make, and are topped with anything from wild mushrooms to pepperoni to Korean fried chicken.

Conspiracy Pizza

Now operating out of a food hall near Eglinton and Laird, this newly opened location of a favourite serves pizzas topped with BBQ meats like pulled pork and brisket.

pizza toronto

You're guaranteed to find creative toppings at Conspiracy.

Pizzeria da Mario

Kensington just got this new pizza place serving red and white pies as well as calzones, or you can customize your own pizza. Choose from toppings like gorgonzola, pancetta, shiitake mushrooms and spicy salami.

Pizzeria Badiali

This joint on residential Dovercourt north of Queen serves New-York-style slices out of a charming corner location. Options like pepperoni, margherita, classic cheese and marinara keep it simple.

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New York style pizza at Pizzeria Badiali comes as a whole pie or by the slice.

Biga Pies

Located in Est Restaurant in Riverside, this project does natural wine and Neapolitan-style pizza for pickup only, and makes just 20 pies a day. Here, you'll might find fancy pizzas topped with, say, a dried scallop sauce, dried pork, cured pork and sea urchin.


This sourdough pizza project does pop-ups out of Gerrard St. Bakery and takes inspiration from San Francisco, Rome, Sicily and Detroit. You can order online for Saturday pickup.

One Night Only

This recently opened shop in the Danforth area was born out of a pizza party tradition and a porch pizza project. Expect options like spicy potato, mushroom and spicy pepperoni.

pizza toronto

You better order early if you want to snag one of One Night Only's coveted pies.


Vaughan and North York can now get their hands on Detroit-style pizza from this project, which serves eight-slice 10 x 14 pies. Order pizzas like their mushroom truffle or newly introduced Big Mac pie online.

Mac's Pizza

Currently operating out of Seoul Shakers, whole pies are available for pickup or delivery from this secretive project, or you can walk in to grab slices. A tight selection of options includes iconic pepperoni, cheese and margherita.

Bello Pizza

Bloor West Village recently welcomed this joint that puts toppings like fior di latte, oyster mushrooms and prosciutto on their pizzas. Try the Ciaoabunga with smoked duck, pickled scotch bonnets and vanilla compressed pineapple, or the Super Greens with black kale, dandelion, pistachio and honey.

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Line ups are the norm outside Bello for its coveted pies.

Pie Eyed Pizza

This concept provides the solution for when you can't decided between round or rectangular Detroit-style pizza. Run out of Craft Beer Market, the chain operates this pizza project out of their bars across the country.

Aces Pizza

Detroit-style pizza that comes in varieties like cheeseburger, pepperoni and Korean fried chicken is now available from this concept being operated by the same people behind pubs Dublin Calling and The Porch.

Za Cafe Pizzeria & Bar

The Financial District is showing signs of life with the opening of this new restaurant serving Neapolitan-style pizza with options for toppings like duck prosciutto, black truffle paste, jerk shrimp and deep-fried eggplant.

pizza toronto

Za Cafe has brought a good new option for pizza to the downtown core.

Burattino Pizza

This location of an LA-based chain has arrived in Toronto, and they brought their ultra-crunchy California-style pizza with them. They're known for their "120 pepperoni" which is supposed to actually be topped with 120 pepperonis.

Nicky P's Pizza Palace

Originating out of an east Toronto backyard, this pop-up that travels around serves pizzas like their "Roni Danza," classic margherita, or a mushroom option with shiitakes, creminis, shallots and garlic.

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20 new pizza joints in Toronto you need to try at least once

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