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Toronto's newest pizza joint sells out on first day open for business

As far as first days go, selling out of pizza is about as good as it gets!

Slowhand Sourdough Pizza in Riverdale recently opened up a pop up as a test run of their new business. After selling out over 50 pizzas in just three hours, it's safe to say that they seem to have passed their test.

The pizza is a blend of several styles from Rome, Sicily, Detroit, and San Francisco. Made with a naturally leavened sourdough crust, they use a process that's more similar to making bread than pizza. The result is a super light and airy crust that's unexpected from deep dish style thicker pizzas.

"We were surprised by the response as you never really know what to expect," said co-owners Dan Ewing and Brett Feeley to blogTO. "Our goal is to get a more permanent place in the east end in the coming months, as we're currently searching."

Locals seem to want that permanent location soon as Slowhand Sourdough Pizza already sold out for this weekend.

With each pizza currently costing only $10, it's no surprise that this new pizza place could barely keep products on the shelf before selling out. For a company named slowhand, they sure know how to move pizza quick!

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Slowhand Sourdough Pizza

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