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Toronto's newest pizza joint only makes 20 pies a day and they're selling out

Sometimes it's more about quality than quantity. At least that's the case for Sean MacDonald, the owner of ēst restaurant and the brand new Biga Pies which has caught the attention of pizza lovers across the city due to its extremely limited quantities.

With his restaurant closed during lockdown, MacDonald took on a project of learning to make the perfect pizza dough. The result was a naturally leavened pizza, made with a sourdough starter fed with organic red fife flour grown in Ontario and then fermented for 48 hours.

MacDonald then began selling the pizzas out of ēst restaurant but before long he couldn't keep up with the demand of people looking to try Toronto's newest pie. Because of that, a limit of only 20 pizzas per day was set to ensure that there's no drop in quality.

"It all happened so fast and kinda fell into place with starting Biga, so I wanted to start small with this project," MacDonald told blogTO. 

"I wanted to be able to focus on each pizza that we made and make sure they are as perfect as possible. It's also the max amount of pizzas we can produce in one day with the equipment and space we have at ēst."

It should be a surprise to no one that the pizzas started consistently selling out, leading MacDonald to begin looking for a permanent location for Biga Pies, one that could help increase pizza production.

Currently, a number of small spaces are being considered for a permanent location.

While the dough creation may seem complicated, the toppings are classic and simple with Biga currently offering only a selection between a margherita or prosciutto pizza, both selling for $22 each.

"As I've gotten older I realize that simplicity and quality is always the best with food," MacDonald explained. 

"The perfect ingredients matched with perfect technique served simply is the type of food I love the most, both eating and cooking. I wanted two simple pizza flavours that are classic and very tasty, done to the best of our abilities."

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