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Chicken restaurant in Toronto embroiled in battle with landlord has officially closed

Love Chix on Dupont, previously locked out by their landlord, has officially closed, making a quiet announcement on a local Facebook group that they'd have to move operations.

"Putting it out there that since we are moving on to our new space around the corner that we are cleaning out Love Chix," reads a post from the official Love Chix Facebook page made to Junction Triangle Community Group.

"We loved being a part of the JT community. We aren't very far away though at 33 Powerhouse street so stop by!"

The Powerhouse address is where the team's other recently opened project is located, Century Park Tavern

"We will be operating the Love Chix menu from Century Park Tavern," Love Chix chef Punit Sehgal told blogTO.

At their old space, their landlord claimed they owed $20,000 in rent, though Love Chix maintained they had "never missed a day's rent" and had been hoping to work things out.

Love Chix owner Paul Marshall says they're already on the hunt for a new location.

"We have made the decision to not look backwards," he says, "but to focus on how we can get back to our customers and continue to grow the Love Chix brand throughout the city."

"We are not the first restaurant to find themselves in this situation and we certainly won't be the last. All we can do is stay strong as an industry and keep doing what we love. Sometimes that means letting go and directing our attention to the things that propel us forward."

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