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The top 10 soft serve ice cream in Toronto

Soft serve ice cream in Toronto is a must have when temperatures begin to rise. Lucky enough, supreme swirls and frosty peaks are suddenly everywhere and being given some major upgrades with wild flavours and outrageous toppings.

Here are my picks for the top places for soft serve ice cream in Toronto.

Hollywood Cone

Epic shakes and titantic eighteen-inch-long sundaes aren't the only reasons to visit this West Queen West ice cream shop. They also top their creamy vanilla soft serve with a variety of candies and chocolates.

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Eva's Original Chimneys

Gone are the days of chasing down this Toronto food truck for a doughnut cone filled with soft serve. They now boast a shop in the Annex and a larger than life menu featuring over a dozen cone flavour options.

Bar Ape

Here's another food truck turned brick and mortar. Unlike their miniature gelato truck this St. Clair West shop has a rotating menu of soft serve available in flavours like guava, passion fruit and strawberry.

Bunner's Bake Shop

On the hunt for vegan soft serve in Toronto? Look no further than this bakery in Kensington Market. Please note soft serve cones are not available at their Junction location.

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Sweet Jesus

This ice cream parlour with various locations around Toronto arguably has some of the best soft serve in the city. While you can order soft serve straight up i'd opt for pimping out your cone in one of their wild and wacky flavours.

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Satisfy cravings for matcha soft serve at this Japanese chain in Little Tokyo. Other flavours available include houjicha and plain old vanilla.

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Tom's Dairy Freeze

This Etobicoke ice cream shop opened in 1969 and has retained its old school charm. It's only opened during the warmer months and features soft serve swirls, dipped cones and candy toppings.

Roselle Desserts

You can't scroll through your Instagram feed without coming across one of the soft serve offerings from this Corktown bakery. Their most popular is their Earl Grey flavour but they change it up from time to time.

Kekou Gelato

There's no plain vanilla soft serve at this Queen West shop. Instead, you'll find flavours like jasmine tea, almond tofu, tangy yogurt and passion fruit poured into cups and cones.

La Diperie

The Montreal import with a location on the Danforth only does vanilla soft serve but don't fret. There's over a dozen dips to choose from as well as tons of toppings to take your cone to the next level.

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Jesse Milns at Eva's Original Chimneys.

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