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The top 15 soft serve ice cream in Toronto

Soft serve ice cream in Toronto is like holding a handheld beacon of summer. No matter what your flavour preference, there are so many options in the city you can get everything from the basic vanilla kind to the most ridiculously decked out cones.

Here are my picks for the top soft serve ice cream in Toronto.

Kiss The Tiramisu

A tiny Kensington transplant from Korea, this chain specializes in soft serve in fancy gilded goblets, which you can take home with you to reminisce on the layers of mascarpone and signature coffee sauce you just devoured.


This Japanese bakery in Kensington sells Japanese matcha gold ice cream, making it the prettiest and most unnecessarily luxurious soft serve in Toronto. Wrapped in a layer of 24K gold, this cone is almost too decadent to eat.

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iHalo Krunch

With a freshly opened flagship location on West Queen West, this ice creamery has been on a nonstop roll since it first brought its black on black ice cream to the city. It’s charcoal ice cream is probably the most Instagrammed coffee in the city to date.

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El Habanero & Churrobar

This Cuban restaurant in Scarborough brings us soft serve with chunky additions like whole chocolate chip cookies and brownies with single glazed churros stuck right in the middle. 

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Butter Baker

Now that it's summer, the narrow corridor of this patisserie by Dundas and Bay offers soft serve made of dairy-free strawberry purée and Tahiti vanilla, scooped into waffle cones baked fresh in-house. 

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While better known for their macarons, this confectionary carries epic soft serves decorated with candy – and of course a few pieces of their famous macarons – at their Rosedale, Yorkdale and Scarborough Town Centre locations. 

Portland Variety

Keeping simple, this corner coffee shop on King West is swirling up no-frills cups of soft serve. No need to overkill when its accompanied by a one of the best cookies in the city from its sister bakery Le Gourmand.  

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What's better than soft serve after a meal of sausages and beer? There's four flavours at this King West restaurant, all delicious. Try caramel and pistachio twirl for something rich and nutty; for something adventurous there's the salted maple rosemary. 

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Pablo Cheese Tart

Matcha cheese is as delicious as it sounds, and you can find at this Japanese bakery in Little Japan, just off of Dundas and Bay. You can also get regular cheese soft serve; both options are airy, delicious and served in waffle cones.

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Hollywood Cone

This indulgent dessert spot on West Queen West makes their soft serve with real milk fat in flavours like cheesecake and oreo, decked out with your choice of toppings like Crispy Crunch, sour gummy bears and Reese’s pieces.

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Eva’s Original Chimneys

The expertly rolled chimney cones at this Annex bakery are baked on Slovenian ovens before being filled with towers of sweet fillings, icing and toppings like s’mores or brownies.

Sweet Jesus

One of the first shops to start Toronto’s obsession with ice cream, Sweet Jesus now has over five locations in the city and counting. Their soft serves are the epitome of decked out: expect all sorts of crunchy, gooey, colourful things adorning your cone.

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These matcha specialists at Yonge and Dundas offer their special stone-ground green tea soft serve in a variety of combos. Grab a sundae or float to satisfy those your matcha cravings.

Tom’s Dairy Freeze

This soft serve institution is as classic as it gets. Opening the windows of its takeout station every spring in Etobicoke, Tom’s has been making their minimally decorated soft serve from real cream since 1969.

La Diperie

Another brand that keeps it simple, this Danforth ice creamery (with a new spot across from Trinity Bellwoods) only has one kind of soft serve: the vanilla kind. Then follow the dips, which come in flavours like chocolate and chilli chocolate, followed by toppings like cookie crumble.

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