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Doug Ford's daughter Krista is spreading more of her thoughts on the pandemic

As everyone across Ontario wonders where Doug Ford is hiding, his eldest daughter Krista Haynes (née Ford) is probably the most visible in the Ford family right now. And now she's back to her same old anti-vax schtick with another questionable Instagram post.

We've already seen Krista (or Qrista, as her detractors call her in a nod to QAnon-style theories) go on several rants about the perceived tyranny Ontario is being put through, ironically under the leadership of her father, and it seems she just isn't quitting.

After her police officer husband lost his badge for failing to get vaccinated, Krista's latest post to IG stories takes a shot at the province's COVID-19 portal, which says that "due to technical difficulties, case numbers and cases by vaccination status data is not currently available."

But Krista attached her own "translation" to the screenshot, where she tells her followers that "due to the vaccinated getting and spreading covid at alarming rates, which we could have expected if we listened to other medical professional and had grown up discussions about experimental vaccines, we cannot show you the data."

krista fordHaynes — pioneer of the sweaty anti-vax cardio rant and proponent of science denial theories — tells her followers that she's "all about doing what makes you feel safe," saying that "if you want all the shots, you should have the right to take them. You should also have the exact same right not to take them."

But here's the thing: People already have the right not to take the vaccines, just like restaurants and stores have the right to not accept the business of people who aren't vaccinated and put other patrons at unnecessary risk.

Rights are a double-edged sword, and nobody is denying anyone the right to stay unvaxxed and voluntarily divided from society.

Krista isn't just complaining about vaccines and public health restrictions, though; She also has over-the-counter pain medication in her sights.

Her latest crusade (or krusade if we use Ford family naming conventions) is to save us from the dangers of…. Tylenol?

Ford compares acetaminophen — a drug used for roughly a century and a half — to comfort food, telling her followers that the medicine can extend illness by double without citing any sources.

She also compares it to comfort food, saying that the drug "makes you happy," but "kills you slowly."

Still, it looks like Krista has a long list of supplements and pills she's willing to take based on another post showing her daily health regime.

Though some commenters mention that she's missing key "supplements" like unicorn tail and eye of newt, it's sarcasm that might be lost in translation.

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