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This might just be the saddest 'dog play area' in all of Toronto

It can be challenging to balance dog ownership and condo living, which is why many new Toronto condo buildings are offering amenities geared toward pet owners, such as dog spas and pet play areas.

But one of these play areas outside of a condo building near Church and Gerrard has been getting attention for its remarkably sad conditions.

Unlikely to ever rank among the best dog parks in Toronto (if you can even call this sad little pen a park), the so-called "dog play area" outside of a condo tower at 89 McGill Street has been drawing attention for its limited size and complete lack of anything even remotely fun for dogs.

dog parks toronto

In April, dozens reacted to a Facebook post calling out this small fenced-in area, and a visit to the site confirms the sadness this space exudes.

dog parks toronto

While a sign within the small gravel-covered space reads "dog play area," the sign itself is fixed to a receptacle for disposing of dog poop bags — hinting at the space's intended use.

dog parks toronto

As for the area surrounding the space, some pretty aggressive signage warns pet owners to leash up and clean after their pets, with messaging like "pet waste transmits disease."

dog parks toronto

Another sign cautions residents and passersby that owners of unleashed dogs, or dogs caught urinating or defecating on the property, face fines of $50-$250.

dog parks toronto

The "play area" appears to be a response from the condo building's property management to irresponsible pet owners, as it was not in place when the building was completed in late 2018.

It seems the play area (let's be real — it's a fenced-in toilet) was only added sometime between 2020 and 2021.

Despite the aggressive signage and dedicated site, there was still dog poop visible just outside of the fenced-in zone at the time of our visit.

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Fareen Karim

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