where was doug ford today

Ontario is angry after Doug Ford a no-show at latest provincial announcement

On Thursday afternoon, a new wave of restrictions was announced for Ontario by Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore.

Overshadowing concerns about these new semi-lockdowns (or lack thereof), it was another no-show by premier Doug Ford that has everyone talking today.

People are voicing their anger over the fact that Doug Ford was nowhere to be found during the announcement, leaving Dr. Moore to face the province alone and be the sole bearer of bad news.

One even compared it to a Canadian version of Squid Game.

Dr. Moore taking the reins for this announcement raises questions about whether Ford is using him as a shield for bad press with a provincial election around the corner.

It sure feels like the same "protect the king" approach the Ford government was accused of in early 2021.

The premier is being slammed for an apparent lack of leadership, failing to show up for maybe the most crucial announcement from his administration in months. Ford's family business venture Deco Labels and Tags even had some shade thrown its way.

Ford's absence wasn't just limited to Thursday's press conference, and along with previous no-shows, Twitter is reacting with a slew of tweets using the #WhereIsDougFord hashtag.

Even before Thursday's Ford-less announcement, people have been likening the premier's regular absences from bad news pressers to a game of Where's Waldo.

Scrolling tweets with this hashtag, you'll find some comedic gold making light of a depressing situation.

Comparing the premier to a quantum mechanics thought experiment is certainly a new one.

It's really just the latest sideshow in the Ford government's response to the pandemic.

Despite a brief period of political unity in the early days of COVID, a litany of gaffes and questionable moves by the premier have had people talking about Ontario in a less than positive light.

So where is Doug Ford right now? Many people on Twitter are claiming he is up in cottage country.

This theory is being echoed by sooo many people. Enough people that we're adding sentences just to get more links in.

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