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Krista Ford's Toronto cop hubby had his badge revoked and people are reacting

A month after Doug Ford's eldest daughter Krista went on a sweaty anti-vax rant over her Toronto cop husband being suspended for failing to adhere to the police service's vaccination mandate, Sergeant Dave 'Juggernaut' Haynes of 31 Division has turned in his badge.

As usual, Krista and Dave are framing this as another injustice against the vaccine-hesitant, thought many would argue that the end of Haynes' 20-year career on the force seems more like something the now-former sergeant did to himself.

Posted under his IG handle "htrain8," the muscle bro and ex-law enforcement officer shared news of his canning with a long post that may have been co-penned by his excessive tribal tattoos, full of talk about "honour" and "integrity."

Haynes says of his revoked badge on Thursday, "In 20 years I have never used this to get any favours or anything for free or request any special treatment. It has stayed in my pocket for 20 years every day by my side."

"Today, the Toronto Police Service revoked my credentials as part of the unpaid leave of absence they have placed us on. I thought it would [be] harder to give these back than it was, as it occurred to me... you don't need a badge to have honour, lead and do the right thing, all that takes is a little courage and something called integrity."

"Integrity - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. 'he is known to be a man of integrity.' Be safe and look after each other. I hope each and everyone [sic] of you find what you need to look after yourselves and your loved ones."

There have been a range of reactions to the news from both the pro-and anti-vaccine camps.

Some think the police force is much better off with anti-vaxxers sidelined, with cops' job description of 'to serve and protect' expected to cover protection from virus exposure.

The farewell post's apparent plea for sympathy is falling flat for some.

Some are even celebrating Haynes' removal.

And it seems that all of this drama has affected the once-close relationship between Doug Ford and his eldest daughter. Along with the other Ford daughters, she was a no-show in the premier's Christmas card after appearing in it in previous years.

The Toronto Star reports that Krista and her husband's public stance against vaccines and public health restrictions have been "personally painful" to the premier.

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