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Doug Ford's daughter just went on another anti-vax rant on social media

As hard as Premier Doug Ford has been trying to encourage all eligible Ontarians to get inoculated against COVID-19, he apparently fails to convince those closest to him — such as his eldest daughter, Krista, who continues to spread anti-vax rhetoric online.

Following Monday's federal election, the 30-year-old — whose Instagram bio describes her as a police wife who "loves Jesus + Freedom" — posted a lengthy diatribe to her 4.4k followers condemning vaccine passports and vaccination against the virus in general.

Though her account is private, it was shared by other public accounts who support her message.

"As we could have all expected, the Liberal government won last night with a minority, just wasting our tax dollars like they absolutely love to do and stripping our freedoms away one day at a time. So just remember to thank a Liberal when we go down the new world order," Krista said in a video on Tuesday morning as she walked on a treadmill.

She then proceeded to talk about how the Canadian government apparently "does not want to release any of their research" on COVID-19, about vaccine and mask efficacy (or lack thereof, in her opinion), and about how natural immunity trumps vaccine immunity (for those who would prefer to suffer through the illness and potentially die).

She also questioned why deaths in Sept. 2021 are surpassing deaths in Sept. 2020 despite far more people being vaccinated, which is indeed the case in Ontario amid more aggressive variants of concern and a more generous iteration of reopening than this time last year.

"Is anyone questioning anything or are you just going to line up to get your booster shots in a few months?" she continued, going on to urge people not to comply with mask mandates or, ostensibly, any other pandemic directives.

"You think it's just going to be movie theatres, restaurants, gyms? That's the first step... They are going to take it all."

The younger Ford added that she sees the vaccine passport as a natural progression from earlier lockdown restrictions, making it partially the public's fault for following them.

"If only we didn't cover our faces, we wouldn't be here today. But we are so compliant with what the government says... and we all know that while we are bitching about this, something bigger is going on in the background," she said.

"It's not going to be two doses and done, it's going to be boosters for life, and every booster that you take is going to weaken your natural immunity to fight off the viruses. Just stop, stop complying."

In typical millennial style, she ended the five-and-a-half-minute-long video by thanking viewers for coming to her TED talk, which has been one of a few rants she's gon on about the health crisis, and for which she herself admits she's "been called crazy" for in the past.

Early last month, Krista took to Instagram once again to insinuate that vaccines weren't safe, that they can infect recipients with COVID-19, and that the government should be sending people bibles instead of informational pamphlets urging that they get immunized.

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