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Doug Ford's daughter shares anti-vax message and Ontario residents aren't having it

When Ontario Premier Doug Ford's four daughters aren't cutting his hair with dog clippers, opening (and renaming) cookie shops or demanding that he open nail and hair salons, they're... spreading anti-vax messages on social media?

This is the case for his eldest, Krista, who took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a leaflet she received in the mail that encouraged recipients to get immunized against COVID-19.

"This is what I got in the mail today, so I'm going to read it to y'all," the former Lingerie Football League player said in an IG story after the long weekend.

She then proceeded to read the flyer aloud, making deliberate and over-the-top faces after lines such as "the vaccines are safe" and suggesting that "they" should be sending people bibles instead.

"The vaccines cannot give you COVID-19," she reads at some point, adding that one "might want to fact-check that."

She then posted a boomerang of her shaking her head "no" while holding the flyer, hashtagging #mybodymychoice over top.

Though the 30-year-old has a private account with fewer than 4,500 followers — the bio of which reads "Faith + Freedom," "Police Wife" and includes a bible citation — the video was quite predictably leaked onto other social media platforms, where she was widely criticized given her father's position and fervent vaccine advocacy.

"Yes, normally we would try to shy away from bringing up something shitty that a politician's kid has done, but in this case his daughter is promoting some dangerous and unfounded conspiracies about vaccines," a Reddit moderator wrote on an extremely lengthy thread on the video.

"'Vaccines do not give you COVID-19,''Might want to fact check that.' How can she be so confident that it's incorrect when fact checking would prove that it is correct?" another user added.

Others in the comments touched on Krista's history of "dumb comments," such as when she tweeted the lovely advice "don't dress like a whore" to women fearing for their safety while walking home alone in 2012.

"This makes my blood boil. She is ignorant and has done no 'fact checking' before telling thousands of followers so confidently that the vaccine is not safe," one person aptly chimed.

"She is an insult to all healthcare workers, people that lost their jobs during the pandemic, people that have gotten COVID and struggle to get back to normal, all those that have passed and their family members left to mourn them."

Then there were responses like the following: "Tl;dr — she's really fucking stupid."

With tons of chatter about the IG story on Reddit, Twitter and more, residents will have to wait and see if her father ends up having to respond to the controversy she's stirred up.

Lead photo by

@krista.haynes via screen recordings on Reddit and Twitter

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