the blue ghost tunnel

This spooky abandoned tunnel in Ontario is an epic photoshoot destination

Hidden in Ontario's Niagara Region lies a relic of the past veiled in whispers of the supernatural – the Merritton Tunnel, better known as the Blue Ghost Tunnel. 

Constructed in 1876 as a vital artery of the third Welland Canal, this limestone marvel spans 713 feet and was built with adorning intricate stonework at its entrances.

Over the years, this tunnel has had many names – from The Grand Trunk Railway Tunnel to The Great Western Tunnel. But, it was the ghostly encounters and spectral sightings that birthed the name that has become synonymous with its intrigue.

The tale of its transformation into a paranormal hotspot traces back to the 1990s when a curious teenager named Russ stumbled upon Merritton Tunnel while seeking out the infamous Screaming Tunnel, another spooky tunnel in Niagara.

Returning repeatedly to investigate and capture its secrets on film, Russ allegedly captured a spectral anomaly – a misty apparition hovering at the tunnel's entrance, bathed in a haunting shade of blue. 

Inspired by this encounter, he christened it the "Blue Ghost Tunnel," a name that would endure, fueled by subsequent supernatural sightings and rumours of paranormal activity.

Abandoned in 1915, after only operating for four decades, the tunnel's silent chambers have spent over a century echoing the whispers of the past. 

Due to its neglect, it became a magnet for the courageous and the curious, drawn by the allure of the unknown and the promise of encountering the supernatural.

Multiple reports of voices and music have been heard through its echoing corridors, spectral presences that brush against the skin, and ghostly apparitions shrouded in a mysterious blue light. 

Though sealed and walled up in an attempt to dissuade adventurers from delving into its depths, the Blue Ghost remains a popular spot for thrill-seekers and explorers alike. Graffiti adds to its eerie ambiance, a canvas for urban artists to leave their mark.

With one of the entrances now submerged beneath the waters, deep enough that you need scuba gear to access the tunnel, claims have been made of a long-forgotten cemetery, hinting at more secrets waiting to be uncovered by those brave enough to venture below.

Whether you plan to capture its haunting beauty through a camera lens or explore its shadowed corridors in search of the unknown, the Blue Ghost Tunnel promises an experience beyond your ordinary hike just two hours from Toronto

Lead photo by

Erica Jurus - Lion Trail Magic.

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