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8 haunted places you can visit near Toronto

Haunted places near Toronto are a whole new level of scary. Why do you think so many horror movies are set in the middle of nowhere? In Toronto, you know there's always a busy street or neighbourhood nearby. At these locations, not so much.

Here's a round-up of haunted places you can visit near Toronto.

Salem Cemetery

This Ajax-Pickering cemetery is open for anyone to visit and, as its name might suggest, it's a pretty spooky place. Rumour has it that laughing and screaming, as well as the growls of phantom dogs, can sometimes be heard coming from the cemetery and the woods nearby.

Dundurn Castle

One of Hamilton's top historical sites, this castle is said to be haunted by men who were hung across the street for treason, and by cholera patients who were once kept in sheds nearby.

Merritton Tunnel

This tunnel in Thorold, Ont. was built in 1876, with many tragic accidents happening in the process. A child was reportedly crushed under a rock and two trains once collided at its entrance. The tunnel is reportedly now haunted by 107 people who died during its construction.

The Jester's Court

This is still a functioning bar and restaurant in Port Perry. It just happens to be haunted, according to staff. Among the spirits believed to live here are an old woman who throws salt and pepper shakers and a dress-wearing ghost who gives bear hugs from behind.

Heintzman House

In Markham, you can find one of the oldest homes in the GTA. It's got some ghosts, but apparently they're pretty chill. The spirit of Colonel Cruikshank, the place's first owner, has been spotted looking out over the foyer with an annoyed expression on his face. So too has a coachman.

Ringwood Manor

This stately manor in Whitby can be seen while cruising the 401 east of Toronto. It cropped up during the railway rush in the late 1800's, but has since been foreclosed, abandoned, burnt and restored. Apparently a maid who was beaten to death in a small room on the second floor haunts the place.

Cherry Hill House

Legend has it that a young George Silverthorn got married in this Mississauga house after striking it rich in California. They say, on his wedding day, he went to answer a knock on the door and never returned. Now the door is said to open and shut on its own when he's mentioned.

Screaming Tunnel

This is an abandoned, unfinished, early 20th-century rail tunnel off Warner Road in Niagara Falls. The space is thought to be haunted by a young girl whose father burned her to death in the tunnel, over a hundred years ago.

Lead photo by Alex Meoko of Dundurn Castle.

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