Innerkip Quarry

Innerkip Quarry in Ontario is a hidden gem with an underwater world to explore

Innerkip Quarry at Trout Lake is a hidden gem of a swimming hole, featuring crystal-clear water for swimming, fishing, cliff jumping, and scuba diving, with a whole secret underwater world you can explore.

Located an hour and a half drive from Toronto, the serene quarry just northeast of Woodstock is the perfect day trip destination for beating the heat, and you can even stay overnight in one of over 100 campsites that are located on the grounds.

The original quarry was abandoned over 50 years ago, but was since filled with spring-fed water and had a variety of attractions added to the grounds.

Dive into the water from an elevated diving board, or jump off the surrounding rocks into 30-foot-deep water.

Under water, they've added an "underground waterpark", complete with with planes, sunken ships, old cars, and school buses you can swim around or scuba dive to.

Divers can spot a few species of fish living in the lake, including perch, pike, trout, and sunfish.

Around the quarry, there's also a children's playground and washroom facility with showers. If you get hungry, grab a treat at the on-site snack bar.

Ontario also has a number of other gorgeous natural swimming holes to check out this summer, including this one with a sandy beach, or this one with a new inflatable water park to bounce around on.

The quarry is now open daily from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. until October 15. Tickets to enter are priced at $12 per person for a weekday visit, or $15 for weekends and holidays.

A campsite reservation costs $25 per person per night, and you can find additional info about add-ons on their website.

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Jeff Kaczmarek

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