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You can hike to a frozen waterfall in Ontario this winter

Even though we're in the midst of the snowy season, there are a ton of activities to do during the winter months like hitting the slopes or skating through a forest.

If you're looking for a lower impact winter activity then you're in luck because you can hike to a frozen waterfall in Ontario.

Located in Lincoln, Balls Falls Conservation Area is less than a two-hour drive south of the city towards Niagara Falls.

With five trails and over 200 acres of land, there is a lot to explore around the conservation area.

There are two trails that will be worth the trek as they lead to views of the Twenty Mile Creek pouring down the cliffs.

 The Village Trail leads you to the lower falls while the Cataract Trail winds its way up to the upper falls. 

The other trails wind through the park with interactive exhibits and displays about the Niagara Escarpments.

From the original Ball family home to a church, you'll pass by local landmarks.

Due to restrictions, heritage buildings and tours remain closed until further notice.

Make sure to wear some sturdy footwear when hiking as the trails can become slippery during the winter.

If you're looking for another frozen hiking adventure, Westminister Ponds in London will take you on a hike through a forest to a frozen lake.

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Kaleb Dortono

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