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Realtor's braggy ad about listing Doug Ford's Toronto house backfires hilariously

Many have felt the urge to boast about their careers, but for one Toronto realtor, bragging about their latest high-profile client seems to have landed them in hot water.

Sure, listing Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Etobicoke home is a big deal and probably should have made for an interesting dinner conversation topic, but real estate agent Monica Thapar instead took things a bit further, packing mailboxes around the city with flyers proudly announcing that "we just listed Premier Doug Ford's home in Princess Anne Manor!"

The flyer really lays on the Doug Ford connection thick, showing a picture of Doug and Karla Ford signing paperwork and a rushed-looking Photoshop job of Monica Thapar wearing a shirt reading "Agent to the Premier!" and waving a Canadian maple leaf.

I get why they cartoonified a shirt Thapar probably doesn't own, but why they also chose to draw on fake hair for her is a baffling choice that I felt necessary to highlight.

Adding to the pamphlet's cheap aesthetic, they have actually managed to find a font that outdoes the reigning monarch of tacky, the legendarily bad comic sans, for the obnoxious claim of "Moving Ontario!"

This advertising strategy seems to have backfired on Thapar almost immediately, as Ford's executive director of media relations, Ivana Yelich, confirmed to the Toronto Star that the ad was not authorized by the premier, who instructed Thapar to stop the ad campaign.

This is not the first time Thapar has used Doug Ford's name and image in her advertising, paying for a bus advertisement in 2021 that credited the premier with Ontario's pandemic recovery.

As the house has not yet been listed on MLS, an asking price is not yet available, though its property tax assessment value of $1.84 million is a substantial increase over the $535,000 value when purchased in 1988.

The homes of the premier and other prominent politicians have been the site of numerous demonstrations in the past year, as Ford and members of his cabinet faced noise-making displays from anti-vaccine and anti-mandate protesters.

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