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Toronto's tiniest house is so small it's almost world famous

Tucked away in St. Clair West Village is Toronto's tiniest house, affectionately known as The Little House.

Originally, the small piece of land was meant to be a laneway for the adjacent houses, but its curbs were never lowered for vehicle access. 

The gap remained unused until the early 1900s when a man named Arthur Weeden seized the opportunity to develop the seven-foot lot and construct a tiny home.

This itty bitty bungalow has a pretty modern, open concept despite its small size. Given the space constraints, its main floor comprises a living room, kitchen, and a small sleeping area with a Murphy bed. 

In 2008, The Little House gained international recognition when it was featured on The Ellen Show, spotlighting its listing price of $173,000 in the Toronto real estate market.

In the mid 2010s, Maria Lee Carta, a singer/songwriter from England, received an email forwarded with an attachment about a charming house in Toronto, known as The Little House.

Carta released a song in 2015, "Come Back To Me" inspired by The Little House, weaving a narrative of two souls finding love amidst The Little House's charm.

According to 2019 data from Statistics Canada, the median area of a single-family detached house in Ontario is 1,520 sq. ft., and the average condo size in Toronto is 840 sq. ft. 

But, The Little House is just 300 square feet, smaller than most garden suites being raised as part of the Garden Suite Program approved in 2022 in response to worsening Toronto's housing crisis

In 2020, another tiny Toronto home (only slightly bigger) hit the market for $1 million. Recent data projects significant real estate value growth in Toronto, with prices expected to increase by six percent by the end of the year, reaching nearly $1.2 million.

Detached properties are anticipated to see the most significant gains, rising seven per cent year-over-year to nearly $1.5 million. The average condo is forecasted to increase by five per cent to more than $750,000 over the same period.

How much do you think Toronto's Little House be worth on today's market?

Lead photo by

Erin Horrocks-Pope.

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