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Someone in Toronto is renting out a tent in their living room for $950 a month

Trying to find a place to call home in Toronto's pricey rental market can be a daunting task for prospective tenants— especially if you're trying to scope out a space that's within your budget range, close to transit connection points, and doesn't totally compromise your privacy. 

Scrolling through Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, or even community rental groups, renters in Toronto are bound to come across at least a few alarming listings with each search, as landlords in the city continue to look for ways to transform unconventional spaces into "living areas" for profit. 

When it comes to questionable rental listings, this latest Facebook Marketplace ad might just take the cake. For a staggering $950 per month, you can live in a tent in the middle of an apartment in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood. 

"Fresh and amazing new offer! Tent for rent in extra large living room. Exclusive privacy from other roommates. The tent is a strong, brand new and king size tent with sleeping bags included," the sketchy listing reads.

Despite its less-than-desirable layout, the listing comes with a number of stipulations for renters, including a commitment to a one-year lease, credit check and background check, two references, as well as first and last month's rent deposit. 

The ad also notes that the space is "perfect for students or singles" and that the "other roommates are hard working, clean, quiet, social professionals and students." 

The bizarre listing was quickly reshared across social media, with some commenters questioning its legitimacy while others stressed that the ad and similar examples should be quickly reported by those who find them. 

"People like this should be charged," one person wrote under an Instagram post about the listing. 

Unfortunately, with Toronto's average rent for a one-bedroom apartment now surpassing $2,400, head-scratching listings have become the norm when browsing through the city's rental market. 

This month, another landlord in Toronto's Rexdale neighbourhood was slammed for offering up half of their own personal bed for an undisclosed rent price.

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