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Someone in Toronto is renting out a tiny mattress on their stairs as an Airbnb

An Airbnb listing in Toronto has people in the city chattering about how ridiculous our housing market is for absolutely everyone right now, whether you're trying to own, rent long-term, or stay for a shorter period.

The shocking listing, which has a price of approximately $70-$115 per night before fees depending on the date booked, is for a "room" in Regent Park, but there's no way that anyone who sees it could possibly argue that it constitutes proper accommodations.

Photos of the unit shared to local Facebook and Reddit groups show a mattress crammed into a small landing at the top of some stairs, advertised as a "sleeping terrace" that is a mere 213 cm long and 90 cm wide — only slightly longer than a single bed, and 6.5 cm more narrow.

While the host admits the sleeping space has "very limited area" and "two steps to climb up like a bunk bed in a train," they note the benefit of a "wonderful view of outside" that you can apparently see from the bed, though the window looks to be a few feet over on the wall, down a few stairs.

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The unbelievable listing was shared in the local Facebook group Weird Toronto, along with other social media platforms.

The view depicted looks over an outdoor terrace and isn't bad, but definitely isn't the picturesque vista of the downtown skyline that visitors often seek. Given that it is also the main (and really, sole) selling point, it is quite anticlimactic.

Some perks of the listing include the fact that "all beddings are available" to guests, and also what appears to be a few hooks and coathangers dangling from the banister next to the pillow, capable of holding approximately four items of clothing during your stay.

All in all, possibly the bleakest rental listing ever seen in Toronto, but given the incomprehensibly high (and rising) cost of living and the feeling that the city is really going downhill, nothing is surprising anymore.

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Işın Iris Unlu in Weird Toronto

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