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Cops called after anti-vaxxers stage protest outside Christine Elliott's Toronto home

The anti-vax movement is getting more ambitious with conspiracy-fuelled protests, taking their latest noisy display to the Toronto home of Ontario Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Christine Elliott on Monday evening.

While the movement seems to be losing steam — the latest demonstrations attended by laughably small crowds — it also appears that the protests are growing more brazen.

Monday's protest was another sparsely-attended event, but that didn't stop the small group from making a big racket on the quiet residential street.

The protest continued late into the evening, demonstrators using tools like pots and pans to make as much noise as humanly possible, not just inconveniencing Elliott but also her neighbours.

And it looks like Monday's loud display could just be the beginning of a long series of protests; participants are trying to rile up the gullible with claims that Elliott and the province are "neglecting children and abusing them" in their push to vaccinate kids against COVID-19.

As you'd expect, Toronto Police were present on the scene of the demonstration, the irate protesters mere metres from a high-profile public official.

Police confirmed to blogTO that no arrests were made, and that "the group left the area around 10:18 p.m."

Caryma S'ad, a lawyer and vocal critic of the intertwined anti-vax and far-right movements, identifies one of the participants as Samantha DeNuzzo, saying that the personality has been "prolific with her anti-vax activities."

DeNuzzo has been a familiar face at other controversial events in the province, according to S'ad, who says "she was an organizer at the Nathan Phillips Square mass vaccination pop-up, she attended the Prime Minister's rally in Bolton that was cancelled due to safety concerns, and she's a regular fixture at city hall demonstrations across the GTA."

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