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Doug Ford's neighbour freaked out on protesters outside his Toronto home

For the second evening in a row, Premier Doug Ford's quiet suburban street in Etobicoke was turned into a demonstration ground, with anti-vax protesters gathering in defiance of police warnings to angrily oppose Ford's newest public health restrictions in response to the Omicron threat.

The ragtag group of far-right demonstrators returned for the second leg of a planned two-day protest, but this time, they had to contend with more than just silent counter-protesters.

One video has emerged showing another resident of the typically quiet street getting into an angry shouting match with protesters, clearly fed up with the noise and traffic blockages.

But these aren't your run-of-the-mill activists, and one voice in the video even suggests chasing down the driver.

During the first protest on Sunday evening, police warned the crowd that tickets would be issued should they return the following night. Undeterred, the group re-assembled on Monday, though it is unclear if tickets were issued or charges laid.

There is at least one report of a woman being arrested and released, though this remains unconfirmed as blogTO awaits comment from the Toronto Police Service.

But here's the really funny part: For all the protesters' efforts to disrupt the everyday life of the premier and apply pressure on his policy decisions, it looks like Doug Ford isn't even home.

He might not be in Toronto at all, based on a post showing Ford out in cottage country that was apparently captured on Sunday.

Ford spokesperson Ivana Yelich acknowledged the protests while simultaneously firing a shot at the Ontario Liberal Party after Twitter account Ont. Liberal Party War Room criticized the premier's apparent trip to the cottage.

These demonstrations are ruffling feathers on both sides of the aisle, though, with most agreeing that politicians' homes should be off-limits for protesters, with public assemblies better suited to places like Queen's Park.

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