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FLETCHER cancels Toronto show due to quarantine protocols and fans are upset

There's nothing worse buying tickets to see your favourite artist,  waiting for months, sometimes years, to see them perform, to then ultimately see the concert cancelled.

During Ontario's pandemic capacity restrictions, a ton of fans were disappointed to hear their favourite artist wouldn't be stopping in the city, but now that these restrictions have been lifted, concerts have been full steam ahead.

Unfortunately for fans of singer FLETCHER, she has made the decision to cancel both her Toronto and Montreal shows due to quarantine protocols, and fans are upset.

The singer wrote that she was sad to cancel the Canadian dates due to quarantine protocols but has promised to make it up to her fans.

Fans have expressed their disappointment.

One fan even wrote how they had their hotel booked for the show since they're coming from out of town.

Someone even said how they were travelling from Boston to see her in Toronto and Montreal.

Another wrote how heartbroken they are that all the shows she had tickets for keep getting cancelled.

Most fans have been expressing their love and support to the singer, saying how the situation is not in her control.

With others sending her love and to get better.

Although some travel restrictions have been lifted while crossing the U.S.-Canada border, the singer has made a note in her statement that due to quarantine protocols she cannot perform.

The new rules state that unvaccinated travellers will need a test on arrival, again after eight days, and must also quarantine for 14 days. Unvaccinated foreign nationals will not be permitted to enter Canada unless they meet one of the few exemptions.

The singer and her team wouldn't be able to enter Canada the same day and performer due to the 14 day quarantine so ultimately had to cancel her shows.

FLETCHER was scheduled to perform a sold-out show in Toronto on March 27 at the Pheonix Concert Theatre but this show has now been cancelled.

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