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This is why people in Toronto love waiting in line for ice cream

In Toronto, lining up for ice cream has become a beloved summer tradition. Whether you're craving a classic cone or something more innovative, there's no shortage of delicious frozen treats to be found in the city.

But why do we love lining up for ice cream so much? 

It's about the novelty and excitement

There's something about waiting in line for a highly sought-after ice cream that can make the experience all the more satisfying.

Maybe it's the anticipation of finally getting your hands on that delicious treat, or maybe it's the feeling of being part of a shared experience with others in line. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that lining up for ice cream can be a thrilling experience for many.

This might explain why there's constant lineups at places like Bang Bang on Ossington. It might just be the most hyped ice cream in the city year after year.

The sense of community

But it's not just about the excitement - there's also a sense of community that comes with lining up for ice cream.

Waiting in line with others who share your love of frozen treats can be a bonding experience, and many people in Toronto use the opportunity to strike up conversations with their fellow ice cream enthusiasts.

It's a chance to connect with others over a shared love of something sweet and refreshing.

Ed's Real Scoop might be the definition of the local neighbourhood spot. It's rare to see a warm summer evening go by without the community forming long lines in front of its stores on both the east and west sides of the city.

The quality of the ice cream

Of course, the quality of the ice cream itself is also a big draw. Toronto is home to some truly outstanding ice cream shops, with many using local and seasonal ingredients to create unique and delicious flavours.

From classic vanilla to more adventurous options like butter tart and honey and crispy bee pollen, there's no shortage of options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But with so many ice cream shops in the city, it's not always easy to know which ones are worth lining up for

All-time-favourites like Dutch Dreams and Summer's are summer-time musts but new kids on the block Churnt Up and Ruru Baked have quickly won over fans.

Will you be lining up?

Whether you're a seasoned ice cream enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, there's something special about waiting in line for a delicious frozen treat but it's not for everyone.

Just like brunch, concerts and other things in Toronto that draw long lines, some people just aren't willing to do it and even blink-or-miss-it fads like goth ice cream or gold covered versions won't convince them otherwise.

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