Gold ice cream toronto

You can now eat gold-covered ice cream in Toronto

Novelty ice cream is going from goth to glam in Toronto this summer with the arrival of 24K gold-covered soft serve at dessert shops around the city.

All that glitters is not gold, it's true, but apparently all that's gold is not harmful to the human digestive system.

Eative Film Cafe Restaurant in Kensington Market just announced that it will officially be selling "Japanese Matcha Gold Ice cream" as of Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET.

"The ice-cream is wrapped in a thin layer of pure gold and looks so decadent, you will not be able to resist," reads a post on the restaurant's Instagram page.

"The first 10 customers to come will get to try it free and will be posted on our Instagram showing them enjoying our 24k golden treat."

Matcha Tea & Dessert announced similarly late last week that it would soon be serving 24K gold ice cream at its location in Markham.

Recent posts from customers there show that edible gold leaf sheets are hand-wrapped around freshly swirled soft serve to create the pretty treat.

The process looks time-consuming, which might explain why a single ice cream cone costs $12. That, and the fact that it is literally covered in gold.

Like the charcoal ice cream trend that swept Toronto last summer (thanks in large part to goth ice creamery iHalo Krunch), gold ice cream originated in Asia but comes to us only after reaching peak popularity in New York and Los Angeles.

Dietician Alexandra Oppenheimer told Food & Wine last year that gold can be safe to consume in reasonable quantities, but cautioned that edible gold is not the same as gold used for our jewelry, which "can be toxic and dangerous if consumed."

Edible gold must 23 to 24 carats and the leaf must be made up of 90 per cent pure gold. The other 10 per cent can consist of another safe-to-consume metal like pure silver.

Hey, last year we were all lining up to eat rocks.

Metal might not be a nutritional improvement, but it certainly is far shinier than charcoal.

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Nicholas Chum

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