i scream for ice cream

Toronto just got a new hard-to-get ice cream with flavours you can't find anywhere else

Secret pop-up ice cream companies have seemed to be on the rise this summer and Toronto just got another one. 

I Scream: For Ice Cream is a Toronto-based ice cream business with unique flavours like coconut curry with raisins, maple candied bacon, and smoked tea & curried ginger. 

Founder and ice cream creator, Ashae Jean-Baptiste makes small-batch ice cream pints and calls her approach "culinary experimenting."

"People love it, it is really different and I think people have been really brave honesty - I wasn't sure how the coconut curry flavour would sell because it is so odd but people who try it love it."

Jean-Baptiste took a Culinary Management program at George Brown College then went on to work at various restaurants and the catering company Pegasus Hospitality Group. Then COVID struck and she had a lot more time to experiment with flavours and recipes. 

Last summer, Jean-Baptiste brought her homemade curried ginger and smoked tea ice cream flavour to a dinner party. Upon her friends trying the unique and bold flavour, they insisted that she start her own business.  

She began selling her homemade, small-batch ice cream flavours in October and is now gaining more momentum as the summer months are here. 

Since the ice cream flavours have savoury undertones, it can even be used as a "palette cleanser or in a soup to add a pop of flavour." 

Jean-Baptiste is constantly thinking of new sweet and savoury flavours to incorporate. Some to look forward are the nostalgic favourite, Dunkaroos, as well as a pistachio flavour.  

"I use premium ingredients and make everything that goes into the ice cream from scratch because I want it to taste the best, and everything is just made with a lot of love," explains Jean-Baptiste. 

She also does custom flavours for restaurants. Some collaborations are currently underway and will be revealed on her Instagram page soon. Hint - one flavour will include hot sauce.

All Ice cream pints are $12 and can be purchased on the website and through uasnack which is on Skipthedishes, DoorDash and UberEats. 

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I Scream for Ice Cream

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