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Someone made a fake Tim Hortons menu with pad thai and people have other ideas

Tim Hortons has been adding a lot of zany stuff to their menu lately, and it seems like it gave someone with crafty video editing skills a hiliarious idea to add a fake pad thai menu item to the menu digitally.

A video by Jamie Lightfoot that's now been viewed over 200,000 times on TikTok has a caption reading "what will they do next?" and shows an image of pad thai priced at $9.49.

The video looks very realistic, but a quick browse through Lightfoot's other videos shows he's an editing wiz and the images aren't to be trusted. Tim Hortons confirmed with blogTO that the video was fake and edited.

Tim Hortons recently added pizza to their menu in another move that seems outside of their wheelhouse, in addition to past experiments with cereal, maple syrup and candy

Whether or not Tim's would ever actually serve pad Thai is still up in the air but the way the chain has been selling all kinds of wacky items has inspired people to leave comments on the video of other potential menu additions.

"Up next 'chicken pad thai wrap,'" commented one person.

"They will start selling biryani," said someone else.

Another person pondered, "No way is this real? What's next? Tim Horton's Poke Bowls?"

Other people suggested sushi, oxtail and beef patties as other possible jokey options Timmies could be considering next.

"I have a TikTok account dedicated to tricking people," Lightfoot tells blogTO.

"After seeing the Tim Hortons pizza that was actually in trial, I knew I could VFX almost anything onto the menu board and people would believe it. If you look closely under the plant icon it says 'blah blah.'"

He's planning on creating a follow-up video on how he did the compositing and superimposing for his post.

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Jamie Lightfoot

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