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Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things just surprised staff on a Toronto patio

We've all been heading to patios to unwind lately, but a star from Stranger Things stopped by a Toronto restaurant's outdoor dining area recently, surprising the staff there.

Future Bistro is known as a casual spot for beer and comfort food, but their patio got the star treatment this past weekend.

Vancouver-born Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on the Stranger Things series on Netflix, came in for a visit. He took a selfie with grinning staff, which the restaurant posted to their social media.

The star came by on June 25 for a late lunch on the patio, which lasted about an hour.

"The staff said he's a very nice young man and his family was lovely. As they were about to leave a staff member asked if they could take a picture and he pleasantly suggested taking a group selfie. They leaned over a patio table and he took a picture with their camera. It was a very quick interaction and it was only one picture," Simi of Future tells blogTO.

"Saturday was hot and humid and it was very busy throughout the day. It's hot on the patio, inside the restaurant and in the kitchen. As you know we always keep our garage doors open during summer. I posted this picture because it was a great picture of our staff members. They work hard and it's so nice to see their lovely smiles. I have a great team. This quick interaction really brightens their day."

She says staff also spotted members of French rock band La Femme at Future earlier in the month when they came by before a show at Lee's Palace, though there are no photos of that.

It's not the first time Wolfhard has cheerfully posed with staff at a Toronto spot: he was also recently spotted grabbing ice cream at Sweet Jesus. Considering he's from Canada, maybe it's not so weird that he's been spotted in Toronto.

So technically, there have been much "stranger things" that have happened other than seeing Wolfhard around town, but it's still nice to see his smiling face at a local hangout.

"Future's is a place for everyone and we are grateful for this meeting place for the community," says Simi.

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Future Bistro

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