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Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things just showed up at an ice cream joint in Toronto

Mike Wheeler may not have worked at the ice cream joint in Netflix series Stranger Things, but the guy who plays him did grab some frozen treats in Toronto.

Maybe after all the references to satanic rituals in the latest season of the hit show, Finn Wolfhard felt like he needed a little Sweet Jesus in his life.

The joint is known for making tricked-out soft serve cones with toppings like cotton candy and red velvet cake.

While Sweet Jesus has closed a lot of its Toronto locations, Wolfhard stopped by the one left downtown on John St. There are still other locations in Ontario.

The ice cream spot posted a photo on June 6 of Wolfhard posing with staff behind the counter, everyone giving a thumbs up, but it's not confirmed in the social media post when exactly it was taken.

"Here's a cute picture of him and the Sweet Jesus Crew," reads the caption.

People commented on the post saying things like, "What no way," "Amazing," "OMG," and "I love him."

The 19-year-old actor is actually Canadian, originally from Vancouver. In addition to Stranger Things, he also starred in It and Ghosbusters: Afterlife.

There are lots of other great ice cream places for Wolfhard to check out the next time he's out and about in Toronto, so if you're hoping to spot the celeb maybe hang out in a place where he might go for some delicious soft serve.

Lead photo by

Sweet Jesus

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